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What Is StandardFusion? Overview & Tour Of Features

What is StandardFusion? 

Discover how StandardFusion works—what problems it can help you solve and who uses it, along with a tour of its features, pricing, and integrations. 

I’ll also explain how StandardFusion compares to similar tools.

What Is StandardFusion?

StandardFusion Screenshot
Define, document, map, test, review, and report on the controls within your organization.

Manually managing projects can be tricky. Manually managing the implementation of a risk and compliance program is a whole different issue. 

StandardFusion is an end-to-end governance, risk, and compliance management platform that enables teams to proactively mitigate risk, achieve/obtain compliance and develop greater efficiency across the organization.

Tasked with implementing an information security management program that was compliant with SOC 2 and ISO 27001 for a Vancouver-based financial firm, our co-founders pieced together a basic system using Spreadsheets, SharePoint, and calendar reminders while in search of an easy to use and scalable GRC solution. After evaluating countless tools, every solution they found was unattainable for SMB’s and emerging organizations due to the cost, complexity, or a combination of both.  

Founded in 2016, StandardFusion was born out of necessity, filling the void for growing companies by creating an efficient system and giving teams the tools to achieve their business goals. Fast forward several years and we are one of the leading GRC platforms available today, working with organizations around the globe.   

Who is StandardFusion for?

The platform is built for organizations of any size and across all industries that need to manage their digital risk and information security compliance. With a GRC program, teams can satisfy compliance requirements and reduce risk to an acceptable level while measuring their ongoing improvement.  

What challenges does StandardFusion help solve?

Standard Agnostic 

Our platform is not tied to any one standard or framework. Being standard agnostic, StandardFusion can ingest any compliance framework and apply your unique controls to satisfy multiple security requirements while mitigating any associated risks. 

Scalability & Automation

As your organization grows, additional teams, stakeholders, data and frameworks are incorporated into your compliance program increasing the scope and complexity of your program. StandardFusion helps companies scale their information security and compliance programs through automating workflows, manual processes, and reporting while improving the due diligence process. 

Delivering Heightened Insight 

Up to date dashboards deliver a birds-eye view across the organization’s risk and compliance programs helping teams quickly identify gaps, prioritize effectively, and remediate any issues. Using our report generator, teams can automatically communicate their findings and provide stakeholders with analysis documents.  

What’s On The StandardFusion Roadmap?

Since StandardFusion was launched, the product has continuously evolved. New features such as a report generator, dashboards and heatmaps, and policy management capabilities have all been added. 

Looking forward, the product roadmap for the coming year includes some exciting updates. Features in the works we can share include: 

  • additional views 
  • new integrations 
  • saved report profiles

StandardFusion Features Overview

To get an idea of how StandardFusion works, here’s a tour of the main features and how they can help you develop a high-performing GRC strategy. 

1. Compliance Management

StandardFusion Compliance Management Screenshot
The StandardFusion compliance dashboard gives a snapshot of your entire compliance program.

StandardFusion simplifies regulatory compliance and centralizes management, helping minimize risk exposure and provides heightened insight with on-demand reporting and dashboards. Our platform helps teams stay current with new frameworks and regulatory updates to support organization-wide compliance with one-to-many control mappings.  

Using a centralized platform to track and map requirements, teams can bridge gaps in their compliance program. Having a clear understanding of their data enables teams to prioritize and allocate resources efficiently. With versatile auditing capabilities, you can perform both internal audits and track external audits to monitor compliance. 

2. Risk Management

StandardFusion Risk Management Screenshot
StandardFusion helps you manage your control families for a more streamlined certification process.

Our platform centralizes and simplifies risk activities in an integrated, single source of truth. Enabling teams to focus on what matters most while minimizing risk redundancies, the platform helps create a common risk language across the organization standardizing the assessment process for faster identification and easier remediation.  

Aligning risk mitigation with your organizational goals, the tool helps drive stakeholder engagement throughout the entire risk life-cycle furthering awareness and driving meaningful change.  

3. Vendor Management

StandardFusion Vendors Management Screenshot
Centralized repository of vendors, assessments, risks, and mitigations helps improve visibility across your compliance programs.

Engaging with third parties and vendors does not always go to plan: a breach of contract, security issues, or missing payments can cause your relationship to go awry. Having a vendor management system in place can minimize exposure to financial, operational, and security risks that stem from your vendors.  

StandardFusion helps you identify, track, and assess all vendors and the services they provide that are integral to your organization. Track your vendor risk level and understand how your vendors or third parties handle your data, so you can make informed decisions. To standardize your assessments and for easier management, users can create security questionnaires or use preloaded templates while distributing your assessments all within the platform. Make sure nothing falls through the cracks with recurring reviews and automated notifications. 

4. Policy Management

StandardFusion Policy Management Screenshot
Save hours of follow-up and reporting time by easily tracking employee acceptance of new policies.

From policy development to tracking acceptance, StandardFusion helps teams manage the complete policy life-cycle. Having a dynamic policy management system in place keeps your team informed of changes, organizational risks, and shares accountability across teams. 

To streamline the user experience, anything policy-related can be managed within our platform: policy documents can be edited in-app, New or edited policies can be sent for acknowledgment and tracked without ever leaving the system, saving hours of follow-up. For quick changes, the platform maintains policy versions which allow users to make minor fixes without having to carry out a formal approval.  

The tool also has built-in approval management workflows which allows management to assign approvals to the appropriate team members while maintaining an approval history for audits.  

5. Issue Management

StandardFusion Issue Management Screenshot
StandardFusion charts and ranks issues according to risk level, which included metrics like probability, impact, vulnerability, and value.

An exercise in project management, Issue management has increasingly become a point of concern for information security-conscious organizations.  

Issue registers maintain a list of action items, due dates, and the team member responsible, but they also provide a wealth of insight into the deficiencies and gaps that exist within an organization. The problem being that these registers are often siloed by department, limiting the opportunity for information sharing and improvement. 

With StandardFusion, organizations can maintain a singular issue register, cutting down on redundant activities and helping standardize remediation methods. With all the data in one location, teams have a holistic view of all the issues their organization faces, enabling them to easily prioritize and remediate issues, perform a root cause analysis, and improve processes for the future.  

6. Audit Management

StandardFusion Audit Management Screenshot
Audit your internal controls and compliance requirements to ensure your team is doing what they say they're doing, no surprises.

StandardFusion is a flexible audit management solution designed to drive efficiency across your entire audit workflow from planning to reporting. Whether your team is transitioning from paper-based and spreadsheets methods, adopting agile auditing methodologies, or maturing into an integrated risk-driven audit function, StandardFusion is designed to scale with you.  

StandardFusion vs ZenGRC

While we may share the goal of helping organizations mitigate the risks they face and achieve regulatory compliance, our respective methods of doing so are unmistakable.  

StandardFusion is a GRC program that encompasses compliance, risk, audit, vendor, and policy management, and features a full reporting engine, centralized controls, and advanced task management.

StandardFusion Integrations

StandardFusion is commonly used with a ticketing or messaging system and has multiple existing integrations including Jira, Confluence, Slack, OpenID, DUO, and Google Authenticator. We also have the option for single sign-on, integrations with UCF, and access to our API. 

StandardFusion Pricing

StandardFusion pricing starts at $750/two users/month, with multiple tiers to suit your needs as you grow.

By Nick Boariu

Nick is a product marketing professional with nine years experience managing high-growth projects. Nick believes in life-long learning and experimentation. In his current position with StandardFusion, his focus is on creating value-driven experiences for customers.

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