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Get Unstuck & Deliver Projects With Confidence

Save time by tapping into our practical training and a community of mentors.

Who is DPM Membership for?

We built DPM membership for anyone managing digital projects, so the words “project” and “manager” don’t have to be in your job title at all.

Digital project management is a toolset, skillset and mindset — and our ongoing professional development, resources and community will help you go further, faster.

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Get Certified In Digital Project Management

NEW for 2024: Get access to our renowned certificate program, Mastering Digital Project Management. Then top up your skills with on-demand mini courses and pre-recorded learning sessions.

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Boost Your Career With Masterminds

Join a close-knit group of peers that helps you work through problems, stay accountable, and give back to the profession.


Save Time With 90+ Action-Ready Templates & Samples

Glimpse into best practices and tailor your perfect project processes from our ever-growing library of project management assets shared by real digital PMs.


Connect With Hundreds Of People Who “Get it”

Jump into our Slack workspace to ask questions, get answers, and share lessons learned. We’re all about improving. Together.


Bring Thought Leadership Into Your Practice With DPM eBooks

Educate your team and elevate your practices. Build trust and understanding with your leadership team. Amplify your value.

Join 2,000+ project managers who’ve already signed up

My favorite part has been the mastermind group. We have coached each other through job changes, life changes, and all sorts of work scenarios. I've been able to connect with folks I may not have met otherwise!

Jessica Rasmussen
Director of Project Management at NewCity

The templates have been very beneficial. I tweaked them for my own needs, but to have that framework already there for you has been a HUGE benefit to help me speed up and get some smooth processes in place.

Anabeth Wilson
Project Manager at Inbound Design Studio

DPM has endless resources for almost any project management situation you can think of. DPM has not only improved my own skills, but helps us achieve our organization's values too! I highly recommend this community if you’re looking for a place to learn, discuss, and refine your PM skills.

Rachel Linonis
Director of Digital Solutions at UCLA

DPM membership is a no brainer for anybody who is running projects. Whoever knows they’ll benefit from learning best practices to work in today’s interconnected digital world in a more efficient way—a more productive way—should consider membership.

Farhan Quasem
Project Manager at Valamis

DPM Membership provides more than just a collection of tools and knowledge – it’s provided me a really valuable and supportive community that I have found to be a massive asset to my professional development.

Joshua Robhes
IT Project Manager af The Boulton Group

The Slack community has helped me a lot. I chat with other PMs to get ideas and to discuss problems and new things to try and experiment.

Demerson Neves
Project Manager at Central 1

Our DPM Experts

Get answers and insights from industry leaders and project management experts. DPM Experts are here to help guide, give direction and engage in dialogue that will help shape the path ahead for PM’s working in a digital world.

Mackenzie Dysart


Mackenzie is a PMP and CSM certified PM extraordinaire with over 9 years of experience.

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Robyn Birkedal


Robyn is a DPM with over 10 years of experience in a wide swath of digital industries.


Sally Shaughnessy


Sally has been a PM since the early 2000s with both global ad agencies and smaller startups.

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We’re A PMI Authorized Training Partner

Earn PDUs across the Talent Triangle by attending events, reading an ebook, giving a talk, or mentoring other members.

DPM Membership

Go further, faster. Join a friendly community with resources, certification and training for people who love productivity, manage digital projects and build the web.

Most people ask their employer to pay for this. Here’s how you can too!

Certification + Community
The Career Builder Membership
per year
  • Connect with 1,000+ DPMs in our exclusive Slack space
  • Interact with industry experts at live monthly virtual events
  • Access our library of 90+ templates & ebooks
  • Join a Mastermind group
  • Tap into our archives of mini courses and learning sessions
  • Get certified in digital project management

Level Up Your Project Delivery Team

Keep your team aligned and contributing at the leading edge of their craft through rewarding professional development program.