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What Is Overview Of Runn Resource Planning & Forecasting Software

What is Runn? Read on to discover how Runn works—who uses it, along with a tour of its key features, pricing, and integrations.

What Is Runn?

Runn is a modern resource planning and forecasting tool that gets remote teams on the same page. Designed for project-based businesses, Runn helps you get company-wide visibility across sales, projects, and the people needed to deliver them. Navigate planning, tracking, and forecasting in a real-time connected solution.

Runn was founded in 2018 by a team of entrepreneurs and ex-agency folk who were frustrated with clunky spreadsheets, lengthy resource planning meetings and not having visibility over the team’s capacity and what was coming down the pipe.

Runn was born in Wellington, New Zealand, and has grown to reach users across four continents and counting.

Who is Runn for?

Runn is built for project managers, operation leads, resourcing managers, and other people responsible for project delivery at professional services companies. Businesses powered by this software include software development shops, digital agencies, and engineering, and accounting firms.

Runn Features

To get an idea of how Runn works, here’s a tour of the main features and how they can help you manage your resources and projects.

1. Resource and capacity planning

Runn’s Planner provides a bird’s eye view of all your projects and individual team member’s allocations in one place, allowing you to easily spot overbookings and manage resource conflicts.

The tool gives you a number of charts and reports that update in real-time as you plan out your work. Get an overview of your company’s total capacity and workload, check how much resource availability you have on any given day, or drill into your utilization rates to analyze how your team’s work is split between billable and non-billable work. 

All of this data can be filtered by a role, team, or custom tags and accessed straight from the Planner.

Screenshot of Project Planner
With the Project Planner, see your projects at a glance and get live forecasts of capacity, workload, billings, and more.

 2. Financial forecasting

Compared to other resource and capacity planning tools on the market, Runn also generates easy-to-understand cost, revenue, and profitability forecasts so you can spot problems early, see where your business is going financially, and help you make better decisions.

Runn’s project performance report shows, at a glance, where your project is at in terms of budget and profitability. Flick between hours and financial data for an in-depth analysis of the health and progress of your project.

This software supports both time and materials and fixed-price pricing methods, as well as blended and custom rate cards.

Screenshot of Project Performance report
Use the Project Performance report to see how your project is tracking against your budget and timeframe.

3. Quick and easy scheduling

Runn makes it easy to put the right people on the right projects or to schedule placeholders when you have a resourcing need but don’t yet know who will be doing the work. With the scheduling tools you can:

  • Add people to a project one by one, or by multi-select
  • Quickly create 1-day, 1-week, or recurring assignments
  • Easily transfer assignments to other people or placeholders
  • See how many hours of your budget you have left and if you are over or under allocated while scheduling
  • Split your projects into distinct phases or development iterations and set corresponding milestones

Run works in real-time so you can instantly see the effects of scheduling on projects and people.

Screenshot of drag and drop functionality
Create assignments for your people with the intuitive drag and drop functionality or calendar tool.

4. Timesheeting and actuals tracking

Runn takes a different approach to timesheet management. Timesheets in this tool clearly show what was planned, so your team only needs to make adjustments when plans change.

Are you time-tracking time elsewhere? You can use Runn’s API to build out your own integrations with the timesheeting system of your choice or use Runn’s Harvest, Clockify, or WorkflowMax integration to sync your actual data.

Screenshot of Add and update timesheets in Runn
Add and update timesheets for the week or individual days.

5. Powerful reporting

Runn helps shine the light on the numbers and drive decision-making at every level—company, client, and project—with detailed reporting and robust analytics features across the app.

If you want to drill into the numbers yourself or need to provide detailed reporting for your management team or key business stakeholders, you can generate a report using the Project and People Explorer, or Variance and Utilization reports. Customize your data by searching, filtering, and selecting from a range of performance metrics, then print or export the data.

Screenshot of Filter the Project Explorer in Runn
Filter the Project Explorer by your choice of metrics for detailed reporting.
Screenshot of Runn’s People Utilization Report.
Quickly see how well team members utilized across the organization with Runn’s People Utilization Report.

Runn Integrations & API

Runn integrates with Harvest time tracking, Clockify, and WorkflowMax. The integration allows you to import your project, clients, people as well as sync your time entries. It also works well alongside project management solutions such as Jira, Asana, and Trello.  While those project management tools are great at managing the task-level details, Runn provides the big picture view, helping you align people, projects, and time across the entire company.  Runn offers a REST API to import and export data from the tools you choose to use alongside it.


Runn’s pricing plans are clear and simple:

  • Startup: Free
  • Pro: $10 per person per month

Runn offers a 14-day free trial. During your trial, you have access to all of the features and unlimited access to support resources and team. Runn also offers free on-boarding walk-throughs, so make sure you schedule a time to chat.

What’s On The Roadmap?

Since Runn was launched in 2018, the product has continued to evolve fast. The product roadmap for the coming months includes some exciting updates, namely:

  • Invoicing – Generate invoices for your clients based on your actuals for fixed-price projects and time and materials projects.
  • Retainers – Create retainer projects to plan, track, and forecast your recurring work.
  • Scenario Planning – Quickly see how winning or losing new work will affect your resourcing and the company’s bottom line.

If this overview has tempted you, try Runn today and see for yourself how easy it is to use, how to get visibility of all your projects and people, and to plan, track, and forecast in real-time.

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By Nicole Tiefensee

Nicole Tiefensee is the co-founder of, a resource planning and forecasting platform. Before Runn, Nicole worked as a digital project manager and Agile coach for almost 15 years. She's a true globetrotter and has led digital projects and coached agile teams in agencies, start-ups, and big corporations all around the world.

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