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What Is PrivMX? Tool Overview & Explanation Of Features

In this article I’ll walk you through the PrivMX software to help you understand what it does and the features the tool offers.

With teams forced to switch to remote work, struggling to get things done at their home office and vulnerable to hacks and data breaches, it’s high time to start thinking of privacy and data protection within our digital workspaces.

If you ever wonder who has access to your work data and worry about data leaks and the cybersecurity of your team, now there’s a solution: an all-in-one collaboration software with end-to-end encryption for digital privacy and data protection.

See, as a communication specialist, I’ve worked with many teams, testing various apps and tools, but I never considered privacy to be an issue. What changed my view were data breaches in social media that happened within the last few years. As I slowly learned about the scale and effects of these, I started to feel how much digital privacy actually matters, not only in terms of my personal life, but professional, as well. I want to feel safe in my workspace, and PrivMX gives me this sense of security, with no compromise on agility or creativity.

What’s more, it’s an all-in-one solution, keeping all the tools, data and communication in one private digital workspace, making it easier for all types of team—from remote to in-house—to start a project, organize ideas, share documents and data, stay connected and productive.


PrivMX was developed for our own use. As a software house team, we’ve tried many PM collaborative tools before, but none of the platforms gave us full control over our data on the server. Plus, they all seemed too complex, offering a lot of complicated features just to keep work simple. This paradox made us take the less is more approach. We wanted a flexible, transparent and reliable solution that respects our organic workflow and keeps all of our data safe.

In effect, we designed privacy-by-design groupware software: a clear, intuitive and lightweight workspace that fits and respects many teamwork models, improves communication and secures our most valuable assets. One of the few solutions offering high privacy standards and GDPR compliance, PrivMX is a perfect match for all teams working in R&D, Legal, Finance or Pharma. Startups, entrepreneurs and PMs looking for a clean canvas to start fresh with a new project will enjoy its simplicity and functionality, while keeping their intellectual property safe.

2-Dimensional Workspace Keeps Things Simple And Smooth

With most task management tools you need to click your way deep through to find the file or information you’re looking for. PrivMX makes it easier, as it was designed in 2 dimensions:

  • With horizontal Tools, where you access and use a built-in, real-time Chat, Files, Issues (tasks organized in to-do lists and kanban boards) and Calendars;
  • With vertical Sections, where different parts of your project are organized according to your team’s needs.

To find what you need, you can switch smoothly between the 2 perspectives and get it fast. You also get to see your project from various angles, getting a bigger picture:

PrivMX workspace Screenshot
Switch smoothly between Tools and Sections within PrivMX workspace.

This way all the data is organized in a clear, intuitive and transparent way and you’re able to access it from different directions. Plus, we obviously thought of a contextual search engine.

In order to offer the best user experience, we also thought of some tiny functionalities that come in handy on a daily basis, like hotkeys or a shortcut PrivMX menu available in the tray icon. After all, the devil’s in the details:

PrivMX placing shortcut Screenshot
PrivMX makes the best out of your operating system, e.g. by placing shortcut menu right in your tray menu.

To get a better feeling of the workspace, you can see it for yourself during a 100-days free trial!

After the trial expires, there’s a special offer for DPM readers.

Now let’s take a closer look at the tools we designed for project management.

All the Tools you need in one Workspace: no integrations needed

PrivMX is an all-in-one platform – that means your team doesn’t need to switch between many separate PM apps: one for chat, one for tasks management, a calendar and another one for editing and sharing text files and mindmaps.

Depending on what you currently need, PrivMX workspace can be your communicator, text and image editor, task management tool, enterprise calendar with deadlines and progress tracking or mind map creator. All-in-one, all encrypted on your private Team Server.

Overview of PrivMX features

Chat: so much more than just a communicator

PrivMX built-in, real-time chat lets you communicate in one-on-one conversations, ad hoc groups or within Sections. You can share feedback, use emojis, and search for data fast, but that’s not all. With PrivMX chat you also get:

  • Secure file sharing: you can share links, upload files or share existing new text notes or mind maps right in your Chat window – they will all be safe and organised so that you can always find them later. No need to scroll up through the conversation, as all uploads and documents are accessible through Files, as well.
  • Tracking progress: you can see all updates, comments and files concerning a particular task (Issue), within a dedicated chat channel, gathering all communication relating to a Section of your project.
  • Discussing tasks: to mention a task (Issue) in conversation, just use #IssueNumber. Everyone in your Section can see it, add comments and files and edit the Issue just by clicking it.
PrivMX lets you preview Screenshot
PrivMX lets you preview and edit any task mentioned in a chat conversation just by clicking its #number.
  • Creating files and tasks

You’ve certainly experienced it many times before: suddenly, talking to your team, you get this brilliant idea. It’s so awesome it seems unforgettable, so you don’t note it down, and it’s gone, just like that.

With PrivMX any idea can be turned into a text file or mind map, a task or talked over via voice chat, straight within a chat conversation – you can create a New Issue, File or start Talking right in your Chat window:

PrivMX Create a new file, task Screenshot
Create a new file, task (Issue) right within a chat window, so that no idea gets lost.
  • Starting encrypted audio calls

As an experienced PM you may know the rule – if you need more than 300 words to explain something, it’s better to talk it over! Well, now you can start an encrypted call straight within a chat window: just press TALK and start a conversation. You can talk one-on-one, have group calls or talk to everyone within a selected Section.

PrivMX encrypted voice call Screenshot
Start an encrypted voice call within a chat conversation.

Files for creation and cooperation

With PrivMX you don’t need additional text editors. You can create a text note or a mind map within the workspace, immediately attach it to a selected Issue, send to another Team Member or just save in your private space for later. No need to use an additional mind maps creator either, as there’s an advanced tool within PrivMX, with an intuitive keyboard shortcuts system. What’s more, you can link to particular tasks and files right in your mind map, creating a brand new, creative roadmap for your team!

PrivMX Business plan Screenshot
Link to selected tasks (Issues) within your PrivMX mind map editor.

To make actual collaboration easier, you can cooperate on files and view all their historical versions – with no copies or duplications.  We’ve made it easy to preview and find files fast through our search engine.

PrivMX Preview various Screenshot
Preview various types of files with one click and stat editing with a double click

What’s key here is that you can access any file from different perspectives, edit and work on it, and it’s still the same file – there are no unnecessary duplications or copies, just pure efficiency and ergonomics.

Issues: new approach to task management

PrivMX makes progress tracking and getting things done easy – you can create, assign and edit tasks, add files, comments and all necessary data with just a few clicks.

To make the tool flexible for different workstyles and project management methodologies, we put special pressure on personalization. You can adjust your settings and arrange tasks in to-do lists or kanban boards, pin and prioritize certain tasks and get different views on your progress:

PrivMX kanban Screenshot
Get different, personalized view of your tasks (Issues) as to-do lists or kanban boards.

Calendars: transparent planning and time tracking

As a Project Manager, you need a clear view of your team’s schedules, deadlines and time frames. In PrivMX each Section has its own calendars, but so do particular Team Members – apart from taking part in a team effort to plan, organize and get things done on time, every user has a private calendar to manage their own time.

You can adjust your view settings freely to see various time frames and schedule your resources, identifying and avoiding risks.

PrivMX calendars
Get different, personalized view of your Calendars to track progress and occupancy.

Sections: flexible project breakdown

Acting as Project Manager, you put a lot of effort in designing the work breakdown structure. Each project is a challenge in that matter, isn’t it? We wanted to create a project management canvas that’s universal enough for any type of project or team. So we came up with Sections.

Sections help you break down your project in reasonable parts. One Section may include a selected group of your Team Members, working on a certain topic together; it may also be an aspect of your project that you may want to keep separate from the others – it’s all up to you.

Every Section includes all the chats, files, issues and calendar information with the necessary data you need to keep separate. To see them, just switch smoothly between Tools on your top horizontal bar:

sections Screenshot
Switch smoothly between all the Tools available in every Section.

This way all your conversations, documents, tasks and deadlines are neatly organized. Plus, every Section may be accessible to a particular set of Team Members to make your teamwork and communication clean. You’re free to have general Sections for all the Team, to send public updates or birthday wishes ;)

Privacy: taking your teamwork to another level of care

With data leakage on the rise, teams should really consider the way they are sharing their data online. If your team logs into numerous apps, platforms and browser services every day, your data is simply not safe and there’s no focus.

We made sure to use all solutions enabling the security of users’ data. That’s why we use:

  • End-to-end encryption for each conversation, file, issue, comment, calendar, attachment, picture, screenshot, voice call and any piece of information stored within your PrivMX Team Server. That means it’s unreadable and undistinguishable for any system admins and hardware, including our own team. It’s all stored on zero-knowledge servers and only your Team Members have access to it.
  • Advanced member access policy – you decide which Team Members are allowed to see particular Sections, edit documents and take part in selected chat conversations. You can also invite external users – your clients, consultants, investors, etc – and grant them access to selected Sections.
  • 2-factor authentication – an additional layer of protection of your account and data. We use standard 2FA methods available via your smartphone, and we recommend it for all your Team Members.
  • GDPR compliance and servers’ hosting policy – we host PrivMX Team Servers in data centers located in the EU and compliant with EU laws and policies. Each time you create a new Team Server, you can choose the exact location of your data center. You can host your PrivMX Team Server by yourself, too.

Wrap Up: Stay Safe And Agile!

Developing PrivMX, we have never imagined such challenging times as these. Balancing life and work is a struggle nowadays, but we feel PrivMX can make it easier for all sorts of teams on a daily basis. Easier and more secure.

What we’d like for you to remember about PrivMX is that we did our best to create a project management tool that would be respectful of your time, unique workstyle and privacy. We think work should happen in a protected, well-designed and ergonomic workspace. That’s why we made PrivMX a desktop solution, not another mobile app you can open in your browser on any device.

You can start your new project within PrivMX workspace and develop it for 100 days for free, with no obligations!

After that, all DPM readers get a special discount on any pricing plan. We’d appreciate any feedback from project managers like you, so please feel free to contact us with any questions.

By Kasia Toczko

Kasia is Marketing Communications Manager at PrivMX. She’s worked as a consultant with numerous institutions, startups and organizations, helping them shape and develop internal and external communication strategies. Privacy tech enthusiast.

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