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What is CROOW? An Overview & Tour

If you were trying to define a practice that all successful businesses develop, a very safe bet is project management. In fact, companies that adopt project management practices save 28 times more money than companies that don’t. This is because project management overcomes some of the biggest project killers, like poor communication, scope creep, and missed deadlines.

What Is CROOW?

CROOW is a powerful project management platform built with the intention to take your project from initial client request through final approval. With features like task delegation and brand asset libraries, CROOW allows for collaboration within the tool so that project information and discussions can live in one place.

CROOW was born out of necessity in 2019 when the award winning digital marketing agency Sparxoo was looking for software to keep client projects organized and on time, and the available options kept coming up short. Since that time, CROOW has been honored as a Top 50 Innovator on Fire in its hometown of Tampa Bay, and a Top 10 Innovative Company of 2021 by Mirror Review.

Who Is CROOW For?

CROOW was developed with a number of audiences in mind—creative agencies, project managers, video teams, and freelance marketers can all benefit from CROOW’s creative collaboration and project management features.

What Challenges Does CROOW Help Solve?

CROOW can help solve a variety of common project management challenges.

Challenge: Workload Forecasting

When you’re in the weeds with executing on projects, it can be difficult to take a step back and see the big picture. Do you have enough client work scheduled for the future to be sustainable? Do you have enough team members to tackle the work requests coming in?

CROOW can help you answer all of these questions via the pipeline and workload reports. By assessing team members’ productivity, you’ll be able to see how much more work you can take on, and when it’s time to onboard new team members.

CROOW Showing Pipeline And Resource Forecasting Tools Screenshot
CROOW can help you assess your business health via pipeline and workload reporting.

Challenge: Inconsistent Client Briefs

Each client operates differently, meaning you will frequently receive briefs in different formats, via different channels, sometimes with lots of details and sometimes without necessary information you need to be successful.

CROOW’s request functionality removes these inconsistencies. Request forms come in standard templates, but you can also customize the templates to ensure you get all of the information you need to start a project.

CROOW Creative Request Screen With Form Screenshot
Requests in CROOW make it easy to gather information from clients at the start of a project.

Challenge: Project Update Overload

We’ve all been in a meeting that could have been an email, and we’ve all received emails that could have been clearer. Project management inevitably requires regular progress reporting — but what if that didn’t have to mean meetings and emails flooding your schedule?

In CROOW, task statuses are managed by the individual responsible, and any project manager or stakeholder can check on progress. You can also manage your notifications so updates are sent directly to you, when you want them.

CROOW Customizable Notification Screenshot
Customizable notifications reduce unnecessary status update meetings and emails, and take relevant updates directly to you.

What’s On The CROOW Roadmap?

Since CROOW was launched in 2019, the platform has continued to evolve. In 2021, CROOW rolled out several new features, such as offering CROOW Teams free for all users

and developing a workload pipeline report for easier task management. And the product roadmap for the coming year includes some exciting updates, namely:

  • Recurring tasks
  • Additional reporting read-outs

Here’s A Breakdown Of CROOW Features

Project Organization: Workspaces & Projects

Project organization is easy in CROOW. You can create workspaces that contain projects to keep all assets organized and findable. CROOW supports both waterfall and agile project management, and permissions allow you to control who has access to what.

CROOW’s Project Dashboard Screenshot
CROOW’s project dashboard.

Project Briefing & Intake: Requests

CROOW requests help to standardize project intake. You can customize request forms, or use existing templates to quickly kick off a project.

CROOW’s Request Form Screenshot
CROOW’s request form.

Project Tasks: To-Dos

Task tracking and delegation is one of the most critical components to project management. With CROOW, it’s simple to create a new to-do, assign it to a team member, and associate it with as many projects or workspaces as you need. Then, your team will see their to-dos on their homepage, in either a calendar or list view.

CROOW’s Calendar View Screenshot
Users can view to-dos in CROOW’s calendar view.

Time Tracking

Time tracking needs to be flexible to suit different team members. Users can track time directly on to-dos, approvals, or requests, or by using time tables. Manually enter time, or use the built-in tracker.

CROOW Time Tracking Screenshot
Team members can track time in a variety of ways.

Dashboard Views: Kanban & Gantt

CROOW’s Kanban board helps showcase workflows for agile teams visually, with callouts for things like blocked work so you can quickly and easily identify a fix. The Gantt view provides a better view on multi-phased projects, so contingencies are more easily spotted across phases and timelines.

For teams, a calendar view provides quick and easy access to a weekly overview, making it easier to stay ahead of task due dates.

CROOW Kanban Work View Screenshot
CROOW’s Kanban work view.

Brand Library: Asset Management

End the vicious cycle of searching through emails and shared folders for the assets you need. CROOW allows you to create brand libraries where you can upload logos, fonts, and other assets so that your whole team has the right assets to work with.

CROOW Brand Assets Screenshot
CROOW includes a handy brand asset library.

Creative Review: Approvals

Comment directly on a project asset via CROOW’s approvals functionality. After an asset is uploaded, team members and clients can be invited to the approval process, and pin their comments directly to the area they reference.

CROOW Creative Review Approvals Screenshot
Clients and team members can add comments to designs uploaded in the approvals feature.

Business Performance: Forecasting & Reporting

Access historical, current, and future workloads across your teams with CROOW’s forecasting and reporting tools. A team health scorecard gives a high-level overview of revenue, utilization, velocity, and sales pipeline, and role and department reporting offers a deeper look at data around your individual team members’ workloads.

CROOW Team Dashboard Screenshot
Team productivity metrics in the team dashboard reporting view.

Stock Image Library: CROOWStock

Stock photography feeling a little too “woman-eating-salad-smiling”? CROOW’s stock image library has rich, original photography with a focus on diversity and artistry. From Christmas cookies to coastal views, find a plethora of options within the project management tool.


Just like’s Pro account, the CROOW Teams account offers private workspaces, multiple task views, unlimited guest sharing, customizable notifications, and advanced reporting. But unlike, CROOW also provides brand asset management, creative proofing, in-context feedback, and customizable project templates.

CROOW Form Builder Screenshot
CROOW’s form builder. Sprint Planning Screenshot’s sprint planning template.

CROOW Integrations

CROOW is meant to be an all-in-one platform, so there aren’t any third-party integrations currently listed.

CROOW Pricing

CROOW’s standard Teams plan is completely free, and includes unlimited to-dos, users, collaboration, and much more. CROOW’s Plus plan is $19 a month, and adds unlimited file size for uploads, 50GB of upload storage, and additional reporting.

For CROOW Teams Plus, you pay $19 a month per user, and get 1TB of upload storage per 3 seats, a team management admin dashboard, and all access to customizable features.

CROOW Project Management Platform: Summary

CROOW is a project management platform built for use in any industry. It integrates every aspect of project management into one place, simplifying your team’s workflow and reducing tool onboarding time.

It’s free to sign up to use CROOW’s standard project management features and plan. Their developers directly process user feedback, meaning many of the planned updates on CROOW’s roadmap come directly from user suggestions.

By David Capece

Entrepreneurial leader who founded the award-winning digital agency Sparxoo. David is making his mark as Founder and CEO of CROOW. CROOW, has been named one of the most innovative growing software companies, is a next generation platform designed to help companies unify teams, automate processes, and deliver profitable work.

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