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What Is 6clicks? Overview & Tour Of Features

What is 6clicks?

Discover how 6clicks works—what problems it can help you solve and who uses it, along with a tour of its features, pricing and integrations.

In this article, I’ll also explain how 6clicks compares to other similar tools.

What Is 6clicks?

6clicks was founded in 2019 and has offices in the United States, United Kingdom, India and Australia.

6clicks is an easy way to implement your risk and compliance program or achieve compliance with ISO 27001, SOC 2, PCI-DSS, HIPAA, NIST, FedRAMP, and many other standards.

Hundreds of businesses trust 6clicks to set up and automate their risk and compliance programs and streamline audits, vendor risk assessment, incident and risk management, and policy implementation. Users can easily import standards, laws, regulations, or templates from our massive content library; use AI-powered features to automate manual tasks; and integrate 6clicks with over 3,000 apps you know and love.

Who is 6clicks for?

6clicks has been built for businesses of all shapes and sizes and is also used by advisors with a world-class partner program and white label capability available.

What challenges does 6clicks help solve?

6clicks helps businesses get compliant really quickly with a number of well known cyber security standards such as ISO 27001, NIST CSF and many more.

What’s On the 6clicks Roadmap?

Since 6clicks was launched in 2019, the product has evolved at a remarkable rate. In 2020, 6clicks laid the foundations of core GRC functionality including audit and assessment management, risk management, issues and incident management, policy and control set definition, and compliance obligation management.  Coupled with unique advisory features in 2020 6clicks was a powerful solution for business and advisors. And the product roadmap for the rest of 2021 includes some exciting updates, namely:

  • In October 2021, we will release 6clicks Pixel Perfect, our solution to help businesses with compliance reporting—getting data out of 6clicks and into a structure and format that’s ready for review by auditors or regulators. Out of the box, we’ll have the standard reporting required for the likes of PCI-DSS ROC, FedRAMP SSP, and plenty of others.
  • Also in October, we have our continuous compliance module being released—a massive boon for businesses looking to monitor cloud environments to ensure configuration is in line with compliance—automatically scanning on schedule or demand and designed to work with major cloud services such as Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google Cloud Platform.
  • Finally, launching in November 2021, is our regulatory change management module—designed to help businesses manage the process of change associated with regulatory updates.

6clicks Features Overview

To get an idea of how 6clicks works, here’s a tour of the main features and how they can help you with risk and compliance.

1. Massive Content Library

Within 6clicks, there’s a fully-integrated library of standards, laws, regulations, control sets, assessment templates, risk libraries, playbooks, and project templates. This content will help accelerate your adoption of 6clicks, and get risk and compliance processes under control quickly.

Examples of the content within 6clicks includes:

  • PCI-DSS: requirements and assessment templates
  • ISO 27001: Annex A requirements and assessments/audit templates
  • All the policies you need to support your information security management system (ISMS)
  • Risk libraries for business continuity, ‘top 10 board risks’, project management, cyber security, compliance, legal and regulatory risk, environmental risk etc.
6clicks Marketplace Of Content Screenshot
The vast 6clicks marketplace of content.

2. Compliance Mapping powered by AI

You can use 6clicks to create linkages between provisions across different standards, laws and regulations—a way to structure and manage overlap. Hailey, our artificial intelligence engine, then supercharges this process to automatically identify the overlaps between standards with recommendations of similar provisions across multiple standards, laws, regulations or frameworks.

6clicks Compliance and Framework Screenshot
Compliance and framework mapping with 6clicks.

3. Employee Risk Awareness with 6clicks Pulse®

Use 6clicks Pulse® to increase employee’s understanding and awareness of risk. 6clicks Pulse® provides a stream of public news and alerts related to risk domains you can choose, which is then integrated into an employee social feed providing the ability for users to better understand events that are relevant and help inform decisions and behaviours to better manage risk.

Employee Awareness Of risk With 6clicks Screenshot
Increase the employee awareness of risk with 6clicks Pulse®.

4. Questionnaire and Requirements Based Audit & Assessment

Use our audit and assessment module to structure question- or requirement-based assessments for vendor risk assessment, internal audits, or to assess compliance maturity. Audit responses can be performed collaboratively and our results dashboard helps you move quickly from assessment to remediation, identifying risks and issues with ease.

6clicks Automate Internal Audit And Vendor Risk Assessment Screenshot
Automate internal audit and vendor risk assessment with 6clicks.

5. Enterprise Risk Management

6clicks includes functionality to support the full lifecycle of risk management, including risk identification, risk assessment, and risk treatment—all individually or as a team. Our award-winning mobile app (6clicks Risk Review for Teams) available on iOS or Android makes risk identification and assessment easy for anyone including boards, project or executive teams.

There are also a number of expert risk libraries in the platform you can use to focus risk review efforts on specific topics like cyber security, business continuity, pandemics, compliance risks, legal risks, regulatory risks and more.

Risk treatment, risk ratings, ownership and risk register reporting is also a breeze in 6clicks designed to ensure you can easily track and manage the lifecycle of risk in the system.

6clicks Enterprise Risk Management Screenshot
Risk management is a breeze in 6clicks.

6. Project & Incident Response Playbooks

Manage your risk and compliance projects all within 6clicks starting from scratch or using one of our pre-defined templates.  Define your own or use built-in incident response playbooks to help guide you through critical or time-sensitive events.

6clicks Project & Incident Response Playbooks Screenshot
Manage your risk and compliance projects in 6clicks.

7. Issue & Incident Management

Manage compliance- or risk-related issues and incidents all from a single user interface with the ability to define actions, workflow, and notification to support your overall remediation lifecycle.

6clicks Issue & Incident Management Screenshot
Easy issue and incident management with 6clicks.

8. 6clicks Integrations

Integrate 6clicks with over 3,000+ apps you already use and love to streamline and automate your risk and compliance processes. 6clicks Integrations ensure employees and customers continue to use tools they are familiar with, which supports easy and successful adoption of 6clicks to streamline risk and compliance processes.

Examples of the use of 6clicks integrations are:

  • Sending an SMS notification when a critical incident is raised in 6clicks
  • Post a message in a Slack or Microsoft Teams channel when a new risk is created in 6clicks
  • Trigger and approval workflow when the status of a risk in 6clicks is changed
6clicks Integrations Screenshot
Integrate 6clicks with thousands of systems your team know and love.

The 6clicks Partner Program for Consultants and Advisors

The 6clicks Partner Program has been designed for advisors that want to streamline their service delivery model and participate in revenue sharing using a white-labelled instance of the 6clicks platform.

The benefits of the 6clicks partner program are:

  • 20-40% revenue share depending on partner tier and one-off deal commissions
  • Training, certification, and enablement resources to help you market and sell 6clicks
  • Use a white-labelled instance of 6clicks to streamline service delivery

6clicks Pricing

6clicks has a range of plans available for businesses including:

  1. The startup edition for 1 user, that starts at $4,800/year
  2. The growth edition, for 5 users, at $18,000/year
  3. Our enterprise ‘all you can eat’ edition is also available for larger or federated deployments of 6clicks; customized pricing available upon request

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By Anthony Stevens

Anthony Stevens is the CEO & Co-founder of 6clicks. Prior to 6clicks, Anthony held a number of executive leadership roles for publicly listed and private businesses, including as a Partner and Chief Digital Officer at KPMG. Anthony is also the author of Chasing Digital: A Playbook for the New Economy and co-founder of several start-ups. Anthony has a Bachelor of Commerce, a Bachelor of Information Systems, and a Masters of Commercial Law from the University of Melbourne. He is also a Graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors (GAICD) and was named Young Executive of the Year in 2011 by AFR BOSS.

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