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No matter where you are in your PM journey, you’ll find something to help you along the way in these project management articles.

Project management is a chaotic endeavor, to say the least, and continuous learning is basically a requirement of its own at this point. You’ve got to continuously try out new techniques and upgrade your project management skills to keep completing successful projects. 

In this article, you'll find dozens of articles filled with new tactics to try, comprehensive how-to guides, and opinion pieces showing what daily life as a digital project manager is like.

Career-Focused Project Management Articles

These articles focus on project management careers, and PM careers in digital in particular. They offer updated perspectives on the PM career path and where PMs can go beyond the senior or PMO level of project management.

You’ll also find resources for keeping up with the changing world of project management, which is important for anyone trying to advance their career.

Articles About Project Documentation

There are many (many) different kinds of project documentation that you’ll need to create throughout your project’s life cycle, each with its own specific purpose. 

In these articles, you’ll discover the difference between using a project charter to align on expectations with stakeholders as opposed to a long email chain nobody’s reading, or maintaining a proper RAID log instead of an ad hoc project risk management system that only exists in your own head.

Here’s our top articles on creating project documentation (many of which includes templates):

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Project Management Methodologies Articles

The agile project management and Scrum world, along with the number of new and improved agile methodologies, is ever-growing.

Even so, the traditional waterfall methodology keeps on trucking, alongside overlooked strategies that can be useful for certain aspects of PM, like mind mapping. These articles will help you learn the ins and outs of each method, and aid in decision-making about which methodologies are best for your project and your team.

Here are our key articles on project management methodologies:

Core Project Management Concepts Articles

Confused about the jargon being thrown around on your projects, or why your role is so important to process success? These articles cover concepts used in all kinds of projects, including digital transformation, software development, healthcare, and IT projects. 

Get the definition and clarity you need, along with plenty of other helpful info that you can take into your day-to-day practices right away, improving both your project and your abilities as a project manager.

Here are some project management articles covering core concepts and plenty of examples:

Project Management Articles About Leadership & Team Management

Effective project managers know that the project team members working on their projects are humans, not just resources in service of completing the project. Here’s a few articles that will help you brush up on encouraging teamwork and keeping team members happy, motivated, and excited to work with you and work on your projects.

Give these a read:

Project Management Resource Roundups

There’s plenty of other resources out there to help you learn project management and improve your abilities, whether you’re studying for your Project Management Professional (PMP) certification or just looking for a few hacks to do your job better.

The below project management articles roundup podcasts, books, and courses that will be beneficial to your project management career journey (plus a few other fun bits).

Check out these resource roundups:

Project Management Software Articles

The Digital Project Manager team has evaluated thousands of project management software tools and summarized the information in our reviews. Find descriptions of their features, main pros and cons, pricing, and what to consider when choosing different types of PM software for managing projects, whether you’re at a startup or an enterprise organization.

Here’s our most-read lists of project management software:

Top 5 Most Popular DPM Podcast Episodes

Here’s a list of project management podcast episodes featuring top project management experts that you can browse to answer some of your harder questions and get a better idea of how PM theory can be applied to real projects. 

Here’s a list of our most popular PM podcasts to help you narrow down the choices—if you’ve only got a few hours, make sure you give these DPM favorites a listen:

If you're interested in listening to more podcasts, check out our list of productivity podcasts here.

What's Next?

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You’ll also get access to exclusive content like member events and workshops, as well as 100+ templates, samples, and examples for project documentation.

Nuala Turner
By Nuala Turner

Nuala is the Editor of The Digital Project Manager. Her background is in content strategy, content production, and managing projects. She brings a strong editorial eye and a passion for connecting with experts in the field and teasing out their stories, as well as ensuring digital project managers are winning at work and smashing projects out of the park.