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22 Best Project Manager Gifts Ideas For Any Budget

Searching for the best project manager gifts or some good gift ideas for managers?

Here’s what every project manager wants for the holidays: happy teams, happy clients, and projects that finish on time. That’s the best gift for managers, hands down.

However, that’s a pretty tall order, so here’s a list of project manager gift ideas. Some are project management themed, but many are good work gifts in general—gifts for team members at work, gifts for office managers or even your desk mates.


What To Get Your Managers For Christmas?

Here’s a summary of my list of gift ideas for project managers included in this post:

  1. Curved monitor
  2. Apple Watch Series 5
  3. Apple iPad Pro
  4. Bluetooth headphones
  5. Varidesk
  6. Mouse and keyboard set
  7. Nespresso machine
  8. Oculus Go VR headset
  9. Yoga fitness set
  10. Bluetooth headset
  11. Cute plant holder
  12. Table clock
  13. Travel coffee mug
  14. Office organizer
  15. Non-fluorescent office light
  16. Daily and weekly planner
  17. Portable charger
  18. Book: Daring greatly by Brene Brown
  19. Desk organizer
  20. Book: Drive by Daniel H Pink
  21. Moleskin notebook
  22. Glass water bottle

Full List of Christmas Gift Ideas for Managers

I’ve organized my list of the best gifts for project managers by price range to help you out. Scroll through the gifts list managers will love below, or use these links to jump to our gift ideas for managers organized by price range.

If you’re going for team thank you gifts, a higher budget item in the $300-$500 range may be appropriate. I’ve also got a number of inexpensive gifts ideas for your management team if you’re shopping for a more personal gift that’s under $25.

  1. Project Manager Gifts $500 And Up
  2. Project Manager Gifts Under $500
  3. Project Manager Gifts Under $250
  4. Project Manager Gifts Under $100
  5. Project Manager Gifts Under $50
  6. Inexpensive Project Manager Gifts Under $25

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Project Manager Gifts $500 And Up

Because we all like to aim high, let’s start off with some high-ticket gifts for managers that they’d be more than thrilled to open up over the holidays!


Curved Monitor


Not your everyday monitor—an ultrawide, curved 21:9 monitor is a luxurious upgrade from your typical flat screen!


Apple Watch Series 5


This series of smartwatches is equipped with electrical heart sensors and GPS, and it’s swimproof—it help your PM manage their busy schedule, track their workouts, and so much more.


Apple iPad Pro


A great gift for project managers who are always on the go, this iPad Pro (with 12.9-inch Liquid Retina display, four-speaker audio, 10-hour battery life, and port for charging other devices) is a versatile gift that will come in handy during meetings time and time again.

Project Manager Gifts Under $500

Here are a few gifts for PMs that’ll make a big difference in their quality of life at work! These are especially great gifts for remote team members since they are based around working from home.


Bluetooth Headphones


Busy open office? A great pair of noise cancellation headphones can be a sanity-saver for anyone working in the digital industry. Help your project management team block out distractions in a loud office setting. Noise-cancelling headphones work well as a practical thank you gift for managers, but the make especially great gifts for construction managers who often have site noise to drown out.



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This convertible two-tier design provides space for your monitor as well as a deck for a keyboard and mouse, which can be configured into 11 different positions to help your PM keep their body and mind rejuvenated at work.

Project Manager Gifts Under $250

Highly useful gadgets and tech that’ll make life better (and/or more caffeinated) around the office.


Mouse and Keyboard Set


PMs do lots of typing and clicking around—upgrade their office with this award-winning precision MX mouse and high quality keyboard for all day typing comfort.


Nespresso Machine


Of all the thank you gifts for managers, a coffee machine is at the top. Why? Because a PM with a coffee machine on their desk is everyone’s best friend. Not only will your project manager enjoy the gift of a good cuppa joe, but they’ll also have an excuse to connect with their team members over a quick cup of espresso for friendly status updates.


Oculus Go VR Headset


For digital project managers, a VR headset can open up doors into the latest software and tech innovations, making great gifts for project managers who pride themselves in being on top of latest developments in the digital field.

Project Manager Gifts Under $100

More useful than your typical gift certificate, these PM gifts are right on the money in the 100-dollar range, and they are something they can use every day.


Yoga Fitness Set


A PM’s job can be stressful—help support your project manager’s mental and physical health with a yoga kit, and let them know that you care about their work life balance. If you’d like to get away from office gifts and work-related gifts, a yoga accessory is a smart choice. Because it’s not an office-related gift, it’s also a good gift idea for a manager leaving, a sabbatical gift, or a gift for colleague going on maternity or paternity leave.


Bluetooth Headset


This is a great gift for remote project managers—this headset comes with some cool features, like voice recognition technology, noise cancellation, and a sensor that automatically answers the phone when the headset is placed in your ear.

Project Manager Gifts Under $50

Some practical, versatile, and funny project manager gifts that won’t break the bank but still deliver on quality and charm.


Cute Plant Holder


Brighten up your PM’s desk with this cute project manager gift idea—it’s simple and provides them a breath of fresh air, even on busy days, all year round.


Table Clock


A traditional gift with a sleek modern design—this table clock is a practical and stylish gift. The silent (no ticking!) clock ensures a peaceful work environment and adds a sense of simplicity in our busy digital environments.


Funny Project Manager Mug


Enough said. If you’re looking for funny project manager gifts, this stainless steel, friction lid travel mug has you covered.


Office Organizer


Made of natural materials, this desk organizer brings a fresh feeling to any space, in more ways than one. This project manager gift idea is great way to help your PM organize their documents, supplies, books, and other items that can start to clutter up their desk.


Non-Fluorescent Office Light


Another office upgrade, this sleek lamp takes up almost no space and can be adjusted with 6 brightness levels and 3 different lighting modes to adjust to the various types of work your PM does on a daily basis.


Weekly & Daily Planner


It’s hard to go wrong with this high-quality, undated planner. The Panda Planner Pro is designed to promote happiness and productivity, with worksheets and spaces for setting goals, gratitude journaling, and more.


Portable Charger


This project manager gift more than pays for itself in utility. The slim, compact portable charger can be used to charge devices where power’s not available—it’s great for coffee shop meetings and, of course, all the worldly adventures on your PM’s bucket list.

Project Manager Gifts Under $25

Smaller gift budget? No problem—there are plenty of great gifts for project managers under $25, including some worthwhile books and high quality personal items that make for a meaningful gift.


Book: Daring Greatly


From Dr. Brené Brown (a researcher and thought leader), Daring Greatly is based on 12 years of research on vulnerability, showing how we might change our preconceived notions of vulnerability to promote more courageous acts, deeper engagement and more meaningful connections. A great book for project managers who are invested in learning the intricacies of how humans think, work, and grow!


Desk Organizer


This sweet, simple gift is a low-maintenance addition to any home or office space. Your project manager can organize their space for a 10 holes for pens, markers, business cards and phone.


Book: Drive by Daniel H Pink


A must-read book for project managers, or anyone who leads groups of people, Drive by Daniel H. Pink draws upon decades of research to illustrate a new way to think about motivation, getting to the bottom of what truly motivates the way we act in all aspects of our lives.


Moleskine Notebook


This classic gift will never go out of style. Moleskine notebooks make great project manager notebooks, as they’re a step above your typical notebook in terms of quality with their durable covers and slim design. For PMs who take a lot of meeting notes, this gift is surefire hit.


Glass Water Bottle


Project managers have dozens of conversations with multiple project stakeholders on any given day. Help them stay refreshed with a durable and stylish glass water bottle—a welcome upgrade from your tired out plastic bottle.

What’s On Your Project Manager Gift List?

We hope you’ve found a project manager gift that’s a good fit! And if not, why not give them the gift of knowledge on how to finally get the raise or promotion that’s been on their wish list for ages? Here’s our podcast on it: How To Get The Raise Or Promotion You Know You’ve Earned

Feel free to comment with your gift ideas for managers—what on your project manager gift list?

By Ben Aston

I’m Ben Aston, a digital project manager and founder of I've been in the industry for more than 20 years working in the UK at London’s top digital agencies including Dare, Wunderman, Lowe and DDB. I’ve delivered everything from film to CMS', games to advertising and eCRM to eCommerce sites. I’ve been fortunate enough to work across a wide range of great clients; automotive brands including Land Rover, Volkswagen and Honda; Utility brands including BT, British Gas and Exxon, FMCG brands such as Unilever, and consumer electronics brands including Sony. Ben's a Certified Scrum Master, PRINCE2 Practitioner and productivity nut.

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