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The 9 Best Decisions These Digital Project Managers Ever Made

Think about the best decisions you’ve ever made in your digital project management career. Which ones had the biggest impact? Which ones are you most proud of?

Maybe you made a decision that changed the course of an entire project, or improved your team’s motivation or your organization’s work environment. As project managers, it’s nice to reflect on your work once in a while and give yourself a pat on the back.

In this article, we’re celebrating the best decisions made by members of our project management community. We asked our community of members and the broader project management community about their best decisions ever.

There were a range of responses—planning decisions, budget decisions, and processes decisions. Here’s our favourites, in no particular order.

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In this article

Here’s The 9 Best Decisions Project Managers Ever Made

These are quoted from responses to my question and lightly edited for clarity and length. How does your best decision stack up?

1. Re-Do Someone Else’s Project Discovery

quote graphic with text "I re-did someone else's discovery" from Jessica Norrell

“I re-did someone else’s discovery. If you are ever hired to take over a project, pause and re-do the discovery. We got one month in trying to move the project forward and realized that the discovery was not done well and we needed to reassess. Best decision ever.”

2. Team Member Interviews

quote graphic with text "I conducted 30-minute interviews with each team member to just listen" from Amy DuBois

“I conducted 30-minute interviews with each team member to just listen to what was working and what their pain points were within our project process. In these discussions I discovered a fixable common issue; the team members felt the PMs were giving them “false deadlines” while the PMs felt they were giving the team ‘wiggle room’.

We all agreed to complete transparency in deadlines with commitment to deliver on the inflexible deadlines which built trust among the PMs and team members.”

3. Involve The Team In Processes

photo of karen chong next to her quote

“I engaged the team to be an active part of developing timelines and processes, essentially letting go of some of the things that PMs are expected to solely take on. I found that my team greatly embraces a process that they largely came up with, since it was developed with their needs in mind—they were the ones who came up with it.

I was able to enhance certain areas to improve the efficiency, but having them be the originator of that process turned out great. Often, PMs are the ones who are expected to develop processes and have everyone follow. However, why not involve the users and listen to their needs while you’re doing that? If your users are already involved, you already have their buy-in.”

4. Hire More Project Managers

quote graphic with text "my single best decision was to hire more producers" from Lynette Reeves

“My single best decision was to hire more producers! Quality of projects went up significantly when they weren’t stretched so thin.”

5. Fire A Client

quote graphic with text "I parted ways with a client team that was toxic and abrasive to the team" from Galen Low

“I parted ways with a client team that was toxic and abrasive to the team.

And to hammer that home, my single worst decision was not taking the same course of action for another toxic and abrasive client later down the road.”

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7. Have Difficult Conversations

“I started having the difficult conversations! Talking to clients about budget overages can seem difficult but transparency goes a long way.”

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8. Implement Resource Management

quote graphic with text "I stopped expecting my team to work on multiple things at once" from Andy Mc

“I stopped expecting my team to work on multiple things at once. In other words, to grasp and implement resource management.”

9. Establish Rules Of Engagement

“Establish rules of engagement among the project team to build trust and alignment on goals.”

Writer’s note: I made the assumption that by “rules of engagement”, the respondent is referring to a set of shared guidelines or rules for communication, workflow, and teamwork on a project.

Why This Matters

In general, the types of decisions mentioned (decisions about project budget, project closure, project planning, processes, resources, etc.) are made on a daily basis by digital project managers, or even made multiple times a day.

While the data might not be statistically significant, it does provide a little window into the day-to-day of the lives of other project managers in the profession.

Even though digital project managers work in different industries or for different types of organizations, there are lots of commonalities in the work PMs are doing and decisions they are making.

What’s Next?

Out of the countless decisions that you’ve made in your career, which is your favourite? Which are you most proud of? Let us know in the comments!

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By Nuala Turner

Nuala is the Editor of The Digital Project Manager. She's passionate about ensuring digital project managers get the help they need with their projects and bringing readers tactical and practical content.

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