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How To Have Tough Conversations With Tidy Outcomes

Thursday, February 17th

As PMs we are often put in the hot seat pushing back on clients or our team members to ensure project success. These conversations can be uncomfortable and/or awkward, but they don’t have to be.

Join us for this Ask Me Anything session with DPM expert and Product Manager Mackenzie Dysart for answers to your questions on handling tough conversations and questions.

This session talks about:

  • Tactics to push back on clients
  • Tough questions for your teams
  • That time Mackenzie scared an entire team of lawyers at the bank.
  • Mental prep for tough conversations


Mackenzie Dysart
Product Manager, Project Management Expert, Mentor, CSM, PMP

I'm a PMP and CSM certified project manager extraordinaire with over 8 years of experience. I’m a bit of a unicorn as I actually chose to be a PM as a career path. My focus has been on digital projects but I have also worked in print and app development. My experience is on both client and agency side. I work with people who are passionate and help them deliver awesome!

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