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Expert Review: The Best Marketing Project Management Software of 2019

By 01/01/2019 8 Comments

What is the best marketing project management software to keep your agency running smoothly? Creative agencies, in-house digital teams and studios all have one thing in common – pumping out the best creative work. But how do you manage the workflow efficiently? What tools can you use to help the process and produce better work, and stop people getting all tied up with painful project administration?

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Wouldn’t it be great if you could find the perfect marketing project management software that can handle everything in your agency? The perfect marketing project management software tool is a more than just a one trick pony, it does everything, replacing the slew of other SaaS tools you rely on.

Take a moment to think about how many project management tool subscriptions you’re paying out each month. I bet you’re using time tracking tools like Toggl or Timedoctor, project management tools like Basecamp or Asana, project communication tools like Slack or Hipchat, reporting tools like, resourcing tools like Resource Guru, Hubplanner or 10,000ft, and finance tools like Quickbooks. You’re probably paying thousands of dollars a month for all your different tools – and they’re probably not all working together very well, requiring copying and pasting of the same data across different tools. It’s easy to see why just having one tool might be a good idea – but are any of them actually any good?

We decided to take a closer look to find the best creative agency project management software and agency project management tools on the market, and see which ones deliver the goods.

Criteria For The Best Marketing Project Management Software

If you’re looking for one project management tool to rule them all, you need a tool that you can use for everything – from brief to final invoice, you want everything to be contained within the same system so that you don’t need to worry about disconnected data points. To enable this holistic view of projects and process, to be included on this list, the marketing project management software that we reviewed had to cover at a minimum, the following functionality:

  • Time and expense tracking – from quoting to keeping track of hours spent on a project
  • Project management  enabled with task management and team collaboration tools
  • Reporting dashboards – easy to see where a project (and the agency) is at with budget, timelines and invoicing
  • Resource management – making sure you’re not understaffing or overstaffing one area of a project
  • Invoicing – turning project reports into invoices and estimates
  • Integrations – easily able to work with third-party applications, like accounting software

Below, we review the best marketing agency project management software that we’ve come across.

Note: if you’re looking for marketing software instead of marketing PM software, here’s a useful resource: 15+ Best Marketing Software for Your Small Business (2018).

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10 Marketing Project Management Software Tools

In this review of the best marketing PM software, we’ve taken a detailed look at these 10 tools:

  1. DoneDone –
  2. Ravetree –
  3. 10,000ft –
  4. Clarizen –
  5. Admation –
  6. Hive –
  7. VOGSY –
  8. FunctionPoint –
  9. Workfront-
  10. Projector PSA –

Here’s Some Of The Best Marketing Project Management Software:

donedone logo - marketing project management software

  • 10

  • 30-day free trial.
  • 30% off for 12 months using code earlybird until 07/31.
  • from $5/user/month.


DoneDone is the no-nonsense marketing project management app for teams that want to get things done.

Users access a sleek dashboard that displays all projects, tasks, docs, files – and most importantly – statuses and due dates. Marketing teams can keep track of ad campaigns, website projects, SEO campaigns, video creation, events, and just about anything else you can dream up. You can even create Custom Workflows and Statuses to save you time and energy while creating recurring tasks.

DoneDone screenshot - marketing project management software

You can assign and reassign tasks to anyone within a project. DoneDone also has a mobile app and pre-built integrations with other applications such as Slack and Glip.

Create projects and unlimited tasks manually in a few simple steps. Tasks can also be automatically created by external parties via DoneDone’s “Mailboxes” feature. Mailboxes automatically create tasks in DoneDone when your customers submit web forms or send emails to an email address of your choice (such as This is great for gathering external feedback.

The app has just about everything most teams need for day-to-day marketing management, yet DoneDone is still known for its simplicity. It’s robust enough to handle complex projects and simple enough that it can be used by non-technical employees.

DoneDone starts at $5//user/month. They offer a 20% discount for annual plans.

Score: 10

  • 9.0

  • Free demo and trial.
  • $29-$39/user/month.


Ravetree is a full-featured work management software platform used by agencies around the world. It includes best-in-class project management, resource planning, time & expense tracking, digital asset management, and CRM. Agencies benefit from having a single source of truth from which they can optimize their operations and easily see the big picture.

Ravetree marketing project management software tool - dashboard screenshotA full array of advanced features are offered including granular permissions roles, customizable notifications, automated alerts, project budgeting, custom fields, custom tables, powerful filtering, and much more. One thing that sets Ravetree apart is the highly intuitive interface that allows users to easily find information, whether it’s project managers, executives, or team members. Additionally, Ravetree has a 5-star customer support rating, and takes pride in being a customer focused company, as opposed to being sales-driven.

Score: 9.0