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Erin Froud

SEO Technical Writer

My Experience

As a recent graduate from the University of Waterloo’s Arts and Business program, I am excited to start my journey into the digital project management space as an SEO Content Writer for The Digital Project Manager. As a participant in the University of Waterloo’s co-op program, I had the privilege of working as a document manager for BlackBerry and as a technical editor for Nokia. In these positions, I developed my skills for writing and editing educational content about technology, in the form of user guides and white papers at BlackBerry and educational slides and exams for Nokia’s ION Learning Services department.

Furthermore, I developed valuable time management and planning skills in university through my roles as the Arts and Life editor for the university newspaper and my involvement in various university projects, where the 9-5 work day does not exist and aligning schedules is a 24-hour adventure. I also developed an informal passion for project management, as I used Kanban boards and calendar blocking to balance my workload and ensure that my mountains of university homework were organized and handed in on-time.

I am thrilled to be formalizing my knowledge of project management and engaging more with the project management space while also continuing my love for writing educational technology content.

My areas of expertise

  • Project management technology
  • Technical content writing
  • Communication
  • Kanban
  • Time management

The technology I use:

Day-to-Day Management:

I use AirTable for managing content production, Slite for documenting work processes, Slack for internal communication, and Clockify for time tracking, as well as the Google Workspace, especially Gmail, Google Docs for draft writing, and Google Calendar for scheduling and attending meetings.

Content Management:

I use Clearscope for SEO optimization, WordPress for hosting our website and updating content, Google Analytics and Google Search Console to monitor website traffic, Salesforce Intelligence for revenue monitoring, and Ahrefs for monitoring URL ranking.

Fun and Lifestyle:

I use Spotify for music, podcasts, and to play Music League with colleagues, FitBit to track and encourage daily movement, XBox for playing games, and my Kobo e-reader to read while saving space and money (when I can’t get a book from the local library, of course!). I am also a big fan of Trello (which got me through my last year of university) and the good old Notes App for creating my hundreds of lists.


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