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DPM Case Study: Managing a Portal Build

By 20/02/2019 April 10th, 2019 No Comments

So, your client wants a portal?

Maybe you’re working with a client who has some percolating ideas. Maybe you’re trying to pitch a client on a tool you think will be valuable for them. Maybe you’re in the midst of a portal build now and want some advice.

This case study goes beyond general, introductory tips for portal builds.

Instead, it shows the practical side of managing a portal build, factoring in team and client attitudes, budgets, unexpected discoveries in QA, etc.

Here’s your chance to learn how to plan your approach, avoid the same mistakes we made, learn from our takeaways, and build a portal like a pro.

project management case study managing portal build

A Bit Of Background

We’ve been extremely lucky at our agency to work on some unique projects with exciting, high-profile clients.

One of our most notable projects recently was a portal project with a prominent electronics retailer that involved a digital transformation of their B2B shopping and order management process.

Our client provides special pricing and discounts to businesses who order large volumes of products. When we started the project, our client was managing orders through a manual offline process with their account managers. This created issues for both the business’ customers and the client’s team by creating excess work and processes that could otherwise be offloaded to an automated management system.

Steps We Took In Managing A Portal Build

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Rebecca Germond

Rebecca Germond

With a strong foundation in project management and media communications, Rebecca brings extensive experience managing interactive experiences and digital and social amplifications, including projects for CAA, Mazda, and the Government of Canada.