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Make Your Projects & Agencies More Profitable

You want to make your projects profitable—but how? What data do you need? What should you measure? What can you realistically change?

Learn the secrets to profitable projects and agencies from Nicole Tiefensee, an Agile Product Manager and Co-Founder of, a capacity planning and forecasting tool for agencies. She’ll go over the common pitfalls that prevent (or distract) you from running a profitable business and provide a realistic approach to help PMs make plan and manage projects so they turn a healthy profit!



Nicole Tiefensee is the co-founder of, a resource planning and forecasting platform. Before Runn, Nicole worked as a digital project manager and Agile coach for almost 15 years. She's a true globetrotter and has led digital projects and coached agile teams in agencies, start-ups, and big corporations all around the world.

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