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Managing Multiple Projects

Thursday, May 26th

Rather than focusing solely on one large project, the majority of project managers are expected to juggle multiple projects, and that brings a different set of challenges – challenges that tools can’t always help with. So let’s explore a new way of working — a way that is aligned to the realities of managing all the things all the time. It’s time for practical working methods that help us layer project upon project, because repeating they way we’ve been doing it so far just might not be working. There is a better way!


Tune in to our AMA with Elizabeth Harrin to find out how you can juggle all the things, keep everything moving forward, and still leave the office on time!


Elizabeth Harrin
Education and Mentorship for Project Managers – Author, Trainer, Speaker

Elizabeth is an award-winning blogger and author of several books about project and change management, several of which are now in subsequent editions. Shortcuts to Success: Project Management in the Real World was shortlisted for the Management Book of the Year Awards in 2014. As well as mentoring, training and writing, Elizabeth speaks on the topics of stakeholder engagement, project management careers and productivity at events around the world – often via interactive online sessions but also in person. She has spoken for the APM and PMI, IPMA Young Crew and given guest lectures at universities in the UK, US and Belgium. She also contributes to a variety of other initiatives including sitting on the advisory board for the RISE Being Lean and Seen programme at Liverpool John Moores University. Read more and get in touch via Elizabeth’s website: See the blog at

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