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Facilitation Workshop for PM’s

Wednesday, July 20th

When done right, solid facilitation techniques can be a turning point in project cohesion and take something that looks a bit unruly, into tidy and organized chaos.


Join us as we dive into a workshop focused on facilitation skills in the Miro environment, learn how to drive group discussions, advance project goals, encourage ideas and chart out a course to ensure project success.

In this one hour session we will:

  • Have some fun building sweet potatoes and practicing Miro skills
  • Understand the context of aligning stakeholders based on the Project Management GameBoard
  • Practice using the Project Priority Triangle to gather expectations from clients
  • Learn how to use a PICK chart to sort out priorities in your project

Attendees will take away:

  • Techniques to get client expectations clearly articulated
  • Facilitation tips and tricks
  • A virtual collaboration experience in Miro


Annie MacLeod
Virtual User Group Leader

I have over 30 years of experience working in project management. Currently, I work as a Project Management Coach and Mentor, improving project performance and PM confidence for clients by using the Project Management GameBoard. I am also the founder of Business Improvement Consulting Services (BICS Inc.) where I built a successful remote PM consulting practice across numerous industries and in support of multiple project roles. Competencies: project management, facilitation, remote collaboration.

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