How To Start Your Projects Right. A Complete Guide To Project Initiation

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The beginning of a project: the calm before the storm or a manic rush to get things sorted ready for the core work to start? Whichever way it happens, the start of a project is critical to its future success. From estimating and scoping, to assigning resource, defining requirements, briefing in your team, the all important first meeting with the client—there’s a minefield of tasks out there which can shape how your project develops. You have to set the tone for success.

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How To Easily Make A Project Initiation Document

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Why bother going to the trouble of creating a Project Initiation Document? You’ve received sign-off from your client, completed your planning, secured your resources and now you want to get started on your project. You could simply start assigning tasks to the team and hit the ground running, and get ahead of schedule. But while it may seem this is a good idea, a project Initiation document, or PID is crucial to starting a project...
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RACI Made Simple. How To Create A Responsibility Assignment Matrix That Actually Works

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You hear the term RACI, and inwardly groan. Far from the slightly exciting sounding acronym, it can often become a bit of a beast to create, with headaches caused by trying to work out who should be given which role for every task or deliverable. The RACI chart (also known as RACI matrix or diagram) should be there to make your life easier as a Project Manager, but can be the elephant in the room...
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How To Keep Your Project On Track With Project Status Reports

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A Project Status Report is just that. The current status of your project. It’s an important communication tool used by Producers and Project Managers to inform clients, team-members and stakeholders what’s up. While there are many different formats of project status reports, there are even more ways to make them overwhelming, annoying and ultimately - unread by your clients and team. What we’ll talk about in this article is: What the critical elements of a...
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Project Manager Responsibilities: Here’s What You Should Really Be Doing

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So you’re a Project Manager.  You’ve landed a great job at a digital advertising agency (or maybe you’re in the digital arm of your corporation’s marketing team, or you’re working on projects for a non-profit, or you’re working on website projects for an educational institution) and you’re all set for your first project!  Now it’s time to show everyone what you’re made of.  Now’s also the time that many project managers start to wonder
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How To Run A Sprint Retrospective That Actually Leads To Change

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Everything you need to know about Sprint Retrospectives; Learn what a sprint retrospective is, the difference between sprint retrospectives and sprint reviews, plus discover 5 quick sprint retrospective ideas that will transform your next sprint retrospective meeting!

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How To Create A Project Communication Plan (with Free template)

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I used to think project communication plans were a waste of time for projects that weren’t huge in scale, but that all changed a few years ago. Today I’m sharing my story of why communication plan matter, so you don’t make the same mistakes I did. I’ll show you how to create your own project communication plan for your projects and why they’re so important to successful project management. Plus, I created a free project...
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