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Improve Your Workflow: 10 Best Kanban Tools of 2019 (Trello Alternative)

By 22/08/2018 3 Comments

Efficient project management is the key to running a successful business, and using the most appropriate workflow app or Kanban tool will help you do it right. Of course, everyone is familiar with Trello, but if you’re looking for an inexpensive or free Trello alternative, you need to know which ones do the job best. That’s why we’re taking a closer look at the best Trello alternative Kanban apps on the market.

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Trello is one of the best-known Kanban project management tools available today, and, because it offers a free version, it’s often the go-to choice. However, when you need a little more oomph from your Kanban tools, such as the extra functionality or integrations that don’t come with the free version, you’re going to need to pay for those power ups and added users. Before you sign up for something that doesn’t quite serve your needs, it pays to look at alternatives to Trello before making a decision on which is the best Kanban app for your needs.

Understanding Kanban

Before you go wild with your free alternative to Trello, it helps to know just what you’re using it for. For an in-depth discussion on what Kanban is, you can check out our detailed breakdown on this workflow methodology here. In brief, Kanban is a project management and workflow method that allows you to minimize multitasking, streamline your work in progress efficiency, and improve the speed and quality of the work your collaborative and self-managing team produces.

With the right Kanban board software, you can focus on your priorities, keep your team in the loop about what’s current and what’s coming up, and you can control a steady flow of work, especially in output-heavy environments like production, agencies, support and maintenance. This is a tool that helps you manage agile development, thanks to swimlanes, activity streams, charts, cards and a range of features that help you visualize and manage your workflow.

What Makes A Great Kanban Tool?

Everyone’s needs are unique, but the upside of the Kanban method is that, once you apply it, you can standardize and optimize your workflow with relative ease. That said, there are some tools that do the job better and more effectively than others, which is why we applied a few specific selection criteria when looking into the best alternatives to Trello available on the market. The criteria we used to gauge these alternatives help you select a tool that allows for optimum control over your projects, and include the kind of functionality you want to make Kanban work for you.

  • The Kanban board – organize your cards with work-in-progress limits, swimlanes, sub-columns, “to-do”, “in progress” and “done” column categories, tasks with checklists, attachments, multiple members and time tracking.
  • Kanban Cards – assign tasks with checklists and attachments, offers different views, the ability to link tasks, add task hierarchy to help define cards within cards and assign to resources, and provides Kanban card templates.
  • Analytics/reports – pull and create reports.
  • Automation/business rules/IFTTT – customize the workflow to suit your environment.
  • Integrations – whether the tool integrates easily with other project management or development tools.

Top 10 kanban tools - the best trello alternative

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10 Top Kanban Tools To Improve Your Project Workflow (The Best Trello Alternatives)

There are dozens of great Kanban tools out there—in this Kanban tool review, we take a detailed look at the following software:

  1. Clarizen Go –
  2. Paymo –
  3. Kanbanize –
  4. LeanKit –
  5. GitScrum –
  6. Blossom –
  7. MeisterTask –
  8. Trello –
  9. ZenHub –
  10. Breeze –

Here Are A Few Of The Best Kanban Tools:

Clarizen logo - scrum tools

  • 10

  • 30 days free trial.
  • From $60/user/month.

Clarizen Go –

Clarizen Go is an enterprise-grade professional services automation software solution, designed to speed up the way you do business – integrating work, content and process tightly together to enable more efficient working. Clarizen Go’s real focus is making projects happen faster with timesaving workflows. Clarizen Go is a great project management tool if you have lots of repeatable projects that require repeatable processes as the workflow automation is pretty flexible and powerful.


It covers off the PPM basics of task lists, schedules, docs and files, communications and reporting without breaking a sweat. Clarizen Go’s project planning tools are a powerful mix of functionality across the planning, executing and controlling of a project. Within planning are project workflows, a full-featured resource, schedule and task planning tools, with project and portfolio optimization so that you can easily and quickly align projects to business objectives.

For project execution, Clarizen Go enables everyone on the team to be aligned with a dashboard that enables teams to work better together and see how their contribution fits into the bigger picture – from the project timeline and milestones, to budget, project discussions, and sharing documents.

Instead of being obligated to make educated guesses, project managers can make accurate data-based decisions that align project selection and investment with big picture priorities. Changing tasks and schedules takes a few clicks, and project managers can run hypothetical scenarios to proactively see the impact of resource changes before they go live, and alert end users via their personal dashboard of any changes to their workload. Because resource scheduling is built-in, Clarizen Go delivers real-time insights into all available resources, schedules and tasks.

Clarizen Go has some really powerful integration options out the box that are worth considering if you’re have other business-critical systems already in place. You can combine the power of Clarizen Go with other enterprise tools including Jira, SharePoint, Tableau, Salesforce and Intaact, among others with a subscription to an App integration so you don’t have to play around with the API’s yourself. As well as the enterprise tool integrations possible, Clarizen Go has an App marketplace to add additional functionality into the system including helpful add-ons like active directory sync, Excel reporting integration and priority automation – many of which are free.

Clarizen Go offers a free trial and costs from $60/user/month.

Score: 10

  • 9.8

  • free for up to 1 user
  • from $9.56/user/month
  • free 15-day trial

Paymo –

Paymo is a full-featured work management solution for planning, scheduling, task management, time tracking, and invoicing.

Paymo is a user-friendly Trello alternative for teams looking to prioritize their tasks, automatically track their time, and invoice worked hours at the same time. What’s best is that everything can be done from one app, without having to switch from one tool to another, all while keeping your data in the same place.


The tool allows you to easily customize your Kanban workflow for each project and reuse it whenever needed. Find out who is responsible for a task and group activities by users to view their agenda for each project stage. Bonus: use the Meta Kanban feature to get a bird’s-eye view of all the tasks across all projects on one single board, grouped after their corresponding workflow. Useful for when you have your hands in several projects and need a quick update on their current progress.

Paymo provides a free plan for individual users that allows access to Kanban boards, simple to do list, time tracking, simple reporting, desktop and mobile apps, and file sharing. Paid plans start at $9.56/user/month.

Summary Of Paymo:

  1. The Kanban board: Pass
  2. Kanban Cards: Pass
  3. Analytics/reports: Pass
  4. Automation/business rules/IFTTT: