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Get Promoted And Grow In Your Project Manager Career

PM—and especially digital PM—is still a young industry. It’s hard to know what to aim for in your career as a project manager.

Join Suze Haworth, freelance Project Director with 14 years of experience in the PM game, is bringing a workshop packed with career-changing advice, so don’t miss it. You’ll learn the different levels of PM roles, salary info, factors that impact how much $ you make, books and training that can make a real difference in your work, and skill areas to focus on to grow your career.



Suze Haworth is a digital project director in London. She has over 14 years experience working in agencies, moving through the ranks from her early days in account management before seeing the light, and realizing her true calling for project management. She now leads teams on all sorts of digital and web builds, ranging from social campaigns and digital media to large and complex websites. Suze has managed projects for clients like the BBC, WaterAid, Channel 4, Esso, Lipton Tea, SEAT and Mozilla, to name just a few. She is a certified Scrum Master, a regular conference speaker, and can also be found posting blogs online.

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