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Career Planning for Digital Project Managers

Got questions about your career? Maybe you’re wondering

  • How do I move up to the next level?
  • What skills should I put on my resume and how can I build those skills?
  • What should I definitely mention in an interview
  • What should I not mention?!
  • What can PMs do beyond managing projects?

Our resident DPM Expert on Career Planning, Pam Butkowski, held an AMA to answer your questions about Career Planning.



Pam Butkowski
Vice President of Delivery Management

Pam is a serial PMO builder who has spent her entire career in the agency and consulting world. She is currently the Vice President of Delivery Management for Hero Digital and has previously built and led teams for organizations such as Wunderman Thompson, Nerdery, and AIM Consulting. She is also a self-professed process junkie who has been successfully designing and implementing agile ways of working in an agency setting. If you’re looking to talk about team leadership, jam on agile methods, or geek out about process improvement, Pam is an ocean of knowledge on all that and more!

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