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illustration of a remote project manager working outside for remote project management best practices
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30 min Hands On

Team Ice-Breakers: PowerPoint Karaoke

Thursday, November 17th

What You'll Get From This Session

  • Productive Discomfort
  • Improved Team Cohesion
  • A Case Of The Giggles

10 slides you’ve never seen of images that might make no sense.

A story you build and tell as you go.

Hilarity ensues, always!

PowerPoint Karaoke is a great team builder and presentation skills enhancer, perfect for a project kickoff, end of week retro, or on a Wednesday just to blow off some steam.

Watch the replay to see some of your fellow members try their hand at this magic, and grab the deck as a takeaway to try on your project team!

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Courtney Johnston

Courtney Johnston is a seasoned agency and consultancy PM who has worked on nearly every type of digital project under the sun. Her clients have included global insurance companies, large financial services organizations, and top retail brands. She takes pride in being a connector, an empathizer, a cheerleader, and a storyteller.