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Short: Get Your Teams to Think Critically

Critical Thinking is not an innate skill. As PM’s this is something that we can encourage others to do before, during and after a project to ensure success. During our AMA with DPM Expert, Mackenzie Dysart, she shared a few tricks she uses with her teams to guide them through the critical thinking process.

1. Ask why
2. Ask why
3. Ask why
4. Retrospectives (and psychological safety questions)
5. Grooming sessions (and wicked questions)
6. Oh yea, and ask questions!

To get the full scoop, you can view the full session here.
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Mackenzie Dysart
Product Manager, Project Management Expert, Mentor, CSM, PMP

I'm a PMP and CSM certified project manager extraordinaire with over 8 years of experience. I’m a bit of a unicorn as I actually chose to be a PM as a career path. My focus has been on digital projects but I have also worked in print and app development. My experience is on both client and agency side. I work with people who are passionate and help them deliver awesome!

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