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4 min Shorts

Short: Getting Credit for Your Work

“Document everything for yourself because if you’re not an advocate for yourself, who are you an advocate for?”

You have great ideas. You do great work. But how can you make sure that you are the one getting credit for all of your effort? Our panel weighs in on valuable tips and tricks to make sure that the improvements you bring to the table are not lost within your organization and that your leaders are aware that it is you that has delivered value time and time again.

  • Document everything
  • Be vocal – tell leaders what you want to try
  • Find your advocates
  • Create a safe space to fail
  • Don’t be afraid to innovate – ask, “what can I do differently”
  • Ask for feedback
  • Encourage others to speak up

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Pam Butkowski
VP, Delivery Management

Pam is a serial PMO builder who has spent her entire career in the agency and consulting world. She is currently the Vice President of Delivery Management for Hero Digital and has previously built and led teams for organizations such as Wunderman Thompson, Nerdery, and AIM Consulting. We’ve affectionately branded her style of leadership as “tough but fair” — an approach that sets clear expectations through transparency, but always comes from a place of caring and growth. In her own words, “I lead my teams in the way I want them to lead our clients”. She is also a self-professed process junkie who has been successfully designing and implementing agile ways of working in an agency setting. If you’re looking to talk about team leadership, jam on agile methods, or geek out about process improvement, Pam is an ocean of knowledge on all that and more!

Kamal Syan
COO, Thrillworks

As COO of Thrillworks, Kamal is responsible for the operations of the company. He brings more than 20 years of experience and leadership focused on developing and delivering digital solutions, providing outstanding client service, and driving profitable revenue growth.A veteran of digital agencies having worked at Critical Mass, Klick, and Rangle, Kamal has worked with Fortune 500 companies to transform the way digital is done. With a passion for mentorship, Kamal is active in developing talent and bringing out the best in those that work with him.

Nadia DiLorenzo
VP, Digital Production

I started working in communications in 2003, my career focus resides in planning, building and executing service design initiatives, strategy and campaigns for clients in various industries. I have a keen interest in analyzing and assessing how the digital and traditional spaces change daily, and how to implement best practices along the way. I thrive when team building , mentoring and implementing process and project rigor.

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