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Whimsical illustration of teams collaborating on a team working agreement
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Mini Course: Co-Creating Team Working Agreements

What you’ll learn

  • What a Team Working Agreement is and when to use it
  • The structure and components of a Team Working Agreement
  • Tools and activities for identifying the values and vision of the team
  • How to use a Team Working Agreement to reinforce team culture
  • How to navigate challenges with your agreement

Sometimes a team needs an anchor point to breeze past the Storming and Norming stages of team development and get swiftly to the Performing stage so that your project can start firing on all cylinders.

But what that catalyst is isn’t always that clear.

Sure, a Project Charter sets a strong foundation, but it can be a bit wooden, formal, and passed down from the powers that be.

Isn’t there a straightforward way for the team to build those foundations for itself without sacrificing already scarce resources like time and budget?

The solution is a Team Working Agreement — a lightweight set of values that are created by your team, for your team.

In this session, SAFe agilist Christina Sookram shares her proven method for removing friction from a team by having them create a shared vision and a shared set of values. Then, she dives deeper into how to use this to foster high performance and also how to navigate some of the challenges you’ll face along the way.

By the end of the session, you’ll be armed with the tools and strategies to run a team working agreement co-creation session with your team, a strong understanding of how to effectively synthesize and structure your team working agreement effectively, and the confidence to stand behind your team values in the way you lead your projects.

So if you’ve got a team that’s still figuring itself out or is getting weighed down with team culture clashes, this session is for you.

Bonus Resources

When a project charter is too formal and stuffy for your project, but you still need to establish a unified way of working with your team, reach for this Team Working Agreement.

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