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Creating a Love-In: Solving Difficult Team Dynamics

Thursday, August 25th

In this talk with DPM Expert, Emily Luijbregts, we’ll be diving deep into the challenges of having difficult team dynamics. We’ll take a look at understanding the core problem you may be facing within your team, ways we can address this problem and when to ask for help.

But how do we know if there is a problem? Let’s look at a couple methods you can implement to spot issues proactively and address them before chaos ensues.

To round out the talk, we’ll discuss creating a healthy mindset and culture amongst your team to create a positive environment from the get-go.


Emily Luijbregts

Emily has been working in project management for over 13 years. In this time, she has worked using a variety of project management methodologies and has been a strategic project manager, facilitator, and Scrum master. She is also an avid coach and trainer, who wants to ensure the development of the next generation of project professionals through training, knowledge sharing and team building.