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How I Actually Use A RACI Matrix

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Hey folks,

I was setting up a RACI matrix, and I thought I’d make a quick little video to share with the community how I approach this exercise — my mindset, my tips, and my lessons learned from coming at it all wrong in the past.

This is based on the RACI Matrix template that we’ve got in our Templates library available to Pro and Career Builder Members, which also includes a very good set of samples as well as a checklist and a cheat sheet that can really help make sure you’re covering your bases.

Also, the Google Sheets version I use in the demo is linked below!


Additional Resources


Galen Low

Galen is a digital project manager with over 10 years of experience shaping and delivering human-centered digital transformation initiatives in government, healthcare, transit, and retail. He is a digital project management nerd, a cultivator of highly collaborative teams, and an impulsive sharer of knowledge. He's also the co-founder of The Digital Project Manager and host of The DPM Podcast.

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