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Expert Series: Freelancing Journey – Freelance Foundations

Thursday, April 21st

DPM Expert Series Presents:
The New Freelance Economy: Build and Thrive as a Freelance PM
A Three-Part Series With Patrice Embry of Project Menagerie

Freelancing! The world where you pick your projects, your hours and how your days go. You have freedom, flexibility and you are your own boss and you can give yourself all the best performance reviews.

But there are challenges that come with making the leap from being a full-time PM over to the world of freelance, what do you need to know to make this happen, what skills are critical, what mindset do you need to have?

Please join The DPM and Patrice Embry of Project Menagerie as we dive into the world of PM Freelancing with a three-part series to explore the topic, build a framework, get great advice, and learn all the tips from those already in the field.

This three-part series will cover all the foundational details from setting rates, planning your work, staying productive, taxes and every other question you might have.

Register for Part 1/3: Freelance Foundations

Identify what you are going to need to get your framework set up for success, understand the pros and cons of a freelancing career and define your freelancing goals & first steps.


Patrice Embry
Freelance Project Manager and PM Consultant, Certified ScrumMaster

I'm Patrice Embry, a freelance digital project manager and Certified ScrumMaster. After 20 years in the field, I've been fortunate to work for agencies, corporations, and everything in between. My clients have spanned far and wide across verticals - pharmaceutical, finance, construction, eCommerce, race cars, you name it. My client roster includes Exxon Mobile, Merck HCP Education, Lundbeck Pharma, ACLU, Anti-Defamation League, GS1, SEI Investments, Simple Finance, and many more. I've worked on large-scale websites, mobile apps, CRM and CMS systems, even print! I'm passionate about project management philosophy - it shapes what I do every day. My website is, and you can find me on Twitter @patrice108.

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