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Live Mentorship

Transitioning To A Post-PM Role

Thursday, October 20th

Not every Digital Project Manager wants to lead projects forever. Shocking, I know. In fact, given the different specialists and business areas we get exposed to in our role, you’d be forgiven for starting to daydream about absconding into a totally different craft.

But beyond the daydreaming, how can you as a DPM put this plan into action and start laying the groundwork for transitioning into a role outside of project management?

If you’ve been pondering how your career path might take you outside of project management, this session is for you. We’ve brought together a panel of our members to share their experiences and answer your questions about how they took their project management background into areas such as product, operations, strategy, and independent consulting.

Not convinced? Well, first meet our panelists:

  • Allie Thorpe (Digital Project Manager & Account Manager)
  • Barbara Zerbe (Project & Change Management Consultant and former COO)
  • Erin Fogel (Co-Founder / Co-Owner at DevCollaborative LLC)
  • Mackenzie Dysart (Product Manager at Connected and DPM Expert)

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