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4 min Shorts

Short: How to Start Freelancing as a PM

“You can wait to be fired, but I wouldn’t recommend that.”

From setting goals to making money and everything in between. In this episode of DPM Shorts, Patrice shares some amazing clipart [CLY-PART] to help illustrate the journey from 0 to freelance.

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Patrice Embry
Freelance Project Manager

I'm Patrice Embry, a freelance digital project manager and Certified ScrumMaster. After 20 years in the field, I've been fortunate to work for agencies, corporations, and everything in between. My clients have spanned far and wide across verticals - pharmaceutical, finance, construction, ecommerce, race cars, you name it. My client roster includes Exxon Mobile, Merck HCP Education, Lundbeck Pharma, ACLU, Anti-Defamation League, GS1, SEI Investments, Simple Finance, and many more. I've worked on large scale websites, mobile apps, CRM and CMS systems, even print! I'm passionate about project management philosophy - it shapes what I do every day.

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