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27 min Lightning Talk

The Magic Of Collaboration (With Annie MacLeod)

Thursday, October 27th

What is the magic of collaboration for teams and decision makers?

Annie MacLeod gives us a demonstration of some key techniques to unleash the power of collaboration in your projects and with decision-makers. She also shows us how to set up these activities in Miro.

If you want to ideate with your team, get decision-makers to actually decide, or get clients on the same page as your team this is for you.

In just 20 minutes you’ll learn some Miro skills, facilitation techniques, and PM tools for collaborating!


Annie MacLeod began her project management career in the tech sector in the 80s and started her own consulting firm almost 25 years ago. More recently she has become a Miro Expert and is an evangelist for harnessing the power of collaboration in project teams. She has facilitated hundreds, if not thousands, of brainstorming and team collaboration workshops over the last 30 years and has a real passion for ensuring that her clients are successful, both personally and professionally.

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