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Short: Controlling a Client’s Perception of You

“If you’re out in front of issues… you’re showing yourself to be the expert. If you’re trailing issues… events dominate you. That means the client is dominating you.”

Over the years, Dean and his team at truematter have perfected the art of managing their clients. One way they do this is through controlling their perception. When your client sees you as the expert, it is easier to gain their trust and maintain control of the project.

To control perception, try to:

  • Seize the Initiative. Arrive early at the point of conflict. Early activity gives you flexibility and choices in the project.
  • Think Like a Plumber. If you think differently, you will act differently. And how you act controls perception.

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Dean Schuster
owner/partner UX strategy firm, truematter

Dean Schuster has been envisioning and creating human-centered digital products since the advent of the commercial web. He is founder and owner of the user experience strategy firm truematter, leading the team to help national and international organizations change the way they do business online. He travels all over the world to speak and teach, mentoring professionals and challenging teams to a higher standard for digital experiences. Dean is also an avid ultra-marathoner and trail racer, often found in out-of-the-way places, including Antarctica.

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