Case Studies

Case Study: Switching from Waterfall to Duration & Price Contracts

Executive Summary

Switching your contracts from waterfall to duration and price can completely change how you manage a project. No longer will you have to manage exact hours and exact timelines, but rather puts focus on communication and completing the highest priority work for the client. When you are delivering the highest priority work for the client, this leads to greater client satisfaction, and less debate around what needs to be delivered from a contractual standpoint. Put simply, Duration & Price contracts prioritize client collaboration above contract negotiation and leads to great results.

  • Type of Client Company: Financial
  • Type of project: Application
  • Cost range: $500,000 - $900,000
  • Timeline: 1 year
  • Methodologies: Agile/Scrum
  • Team size: 5 - 7 (varying durations and allocations)
  • Team makeup:
    • 2 FTE Developers
    • .5 FTE Test Engineer
    • .25 FTE Designer
    • .25 FTE Product Strategist
    • .25 FTE Product Manager
Main Goal

Create a customized software solution to meet the unique business needs of a financial company, which is difficult using off-the-shelf solutions.

Main Challenge

Untangle complex business logic from many existing software solutions that has never been written down and has just been tacked on to over time.

We Started With A Prototyping & Validation Engagement

We’ve all seen the look. You have a potential client come through the doors for an initial engagement. They’re not sure what they need yet, but they know they need something different. In this case, our client knew that they needed to either completely rehaul their existing system to accommodate their growing business needs, or come up with an entirely new solution to replace the existing system.

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Tucker Sauer-Pivonka

Tucker Sauer-Pivonka

Tucker Sauer-Pivonka is a Product Manager at Crema, working with funded startup and enterprise clients to prototype, test, and build their web and mobile applications. When he's not in the office, he can often be found hitting up some hiking trails with his husband and two dogs, working on his new house or figuring out plans for a fun vacation.