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10 Best Enterprise Digital Asset Management Software for 2021

A free Canva plan can only get you so far—enterprise DAM takes asset and brand management + digital marketing campaigns to the next level.

Best Enterprise Digital Asset Software Shortlist – Check out 10 of the best enterprise digital asset software options for 2021.

  1. MediaValet logoMediaValet

    Best for creative & marketing teams

  2. Image Relay logoImage Relay

    Best DAM + product information management (PIM)

  3. Asset Bank logoAsset Bank

    Best for multi-brand companies

  4. Frontify logoFrontify

    Best for collaborative work

  5. hyperCMS DAM Server logohyperCMS DAM Server

    Best open source enterprise DAM

  6. IntelligenceBank logoIntelligenceBank

    Best marketing asset templates

  7. MediaBeacon logoMediaBeacon

    Best taxonomy management

  8. Swivle DAM logoSwivle DAM

    Best on-premise DAM

  9. Brandfolder logoBrandfolder

    Best digital asset management software for enterprise usability and adoption

  10. Bynder logoBynder

    Best for e-commerce enterprises

According to Brandfolder and Demand Metric’s “State of Digital Asset Management 2020,” 46% of marketers waste time downloading and uploading assets into different tools.

Enterprise digital asset management software is crucial to any company because it can help creative and marketing teams create, store, and distribute assets that are in line with the most up-to-date branding guidelines. Having a central hub for all your digital assets can help you save time while safeguarding your digital assets.

This article will tell you everything you need to know about enterprise digital asset management software and what it can do to help your business grow.

Comparison Criteria

What do I look for when I select the best enterprise digital asset management platform? Here’s a summary of my evaluation criteria:

  1. User Interface (UI): Enterprise DAM should have an interface that prioritizes easy reconciliation of thousands of digital assets with easy and powerful search, tagging, sorting/filtering, and guest (client) portals.
  2. Usability: Any enterprise-grade software will most likely have a learning curve so I picked tools that offer great training, self-help resources galore, and a responsive customer support team.
  3. Integrations: Asset management is just one process in the overall enterprise workflow experience, so I want tools that connect with ERP, CRM, product design, communication, and other business solutions.
  4. Value for Price: Enterprise DAM should have pricing plans that cater to large companies with thousands of assets and dozens of users.

Enterprise DAM: Key Features

  1. Taxonomy: Allows users to search and retrieve digital assets using advanced filtering easily.
  2. Access Permissions: Allows administrators to control permission rights to protect proprietary assets.
  3. Version control: Allows users to search for old versions of digital assets.
  4. Auto-tagging: Automatically tags digital assets according to their properties.
  5. File compatibility: All popular file types (PDF, TXT, PNG, MP4, etc.) and formats (text, video, image) should be compatible with the enterprise DAM software.
  6. Client access: Secure client portals should allow third-party partners to access up-to-date materials with appropriate safeguards and permissions.
  7. Storage scalability: Enterprise DAM requires large amounts of file storage space, which should be easily expandable as needed.
  8. Document management: Document management can be useful to upload and control brand guidelines booklets, product catalogues, and instructions manuals.

Enterprise Digital Asset Management Software for 2022 Logo Soup

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Overviews Of The 10 Best Enterprise Digital Asset Management Software

Here’s a brief description of each enterprise DAM software solution to showcase each tool’s best use case, some noteworthy features, and screenshots to give a snapshot of the interface.

  • Pricing upon request

MediaValet - Best for creative & marketing teams

MediaValet lets you centralize your digital assets: marketing material, video, content, and media.

MediaValet aims to empower sales teams to find up-to-date, relevant collateral and marketing content on any device, anywhere. They allow users to create, collaborate and preview Office documents, visuals, PDFs, videos, even 3D files within the MediaValet library. Streamline the sorting and search process with AI-driven object, text, color, and face recognition.

The searchability of assets is pristine with MediaValets auto-tagging features. Files are organized for easy retrieval by grouping them into categories and subcategories to amplify the user experience. This is why I was compelled to score them highly in the UX and Usability categories within our evaluation criteria guidelines.

MediaValet has an app for iOS, Android, and Windows. Software integrations include Wrike, Workfront, Slack, OKTA, Active Directory, WordPress. Drupal 8, Adobe Creative Cloud, Sharepoint, Office 365, Hootsuite, and more.

MediaValet offers customized pricing upon request as well as a free demo.

  • Pricing upon request

Image Relay - Best DAM + product information management (PIM)

Image Relay users can organize digital assets into collections using customizable settings.

Image Relay is a digital asset management system you can use to organize, store, retrieve and share digital production files. It has custom metadata templates for storing files according to product type, campaign, or format. Image Relay has version control, ensuring that you can view the most recent versions of any digital asset.

Image Relay bills itself as an enterprise-grade DAM with product information management capabilities like channel-specific data templates (Amazon, Shopify, Walmart), omnichannel delivery, and bulk workflow actions for version updates or new uploads. This makes them a great choice for modern product management online.

Image Relay integrates with Asana, Basecamp, Evernote, Google Drive, and WordPress, among other useful workflow apps.

Image Relay offers customized pricing and a demo upon request.

  • From $1,999/month plus set-up fees

Asset Bank - Best for multi-brand companies

Asset Bank users can use advanced filter settings to locate files easily.

Asset Bank is an enterprise DAM software that makes organizing digital assets effortless no matter how large your organization is. You can use Asset Bank to manage a global asset library of images, videos, software, and files accessible to users anywhere they are. This DAM platform uses AI to automatically generate tags for digital assets according to their content, making curating and archiving easier.

Asset Bank is the ideal digital asset management software if you need to manage the assets of several brands using one software because it supports brand and site customization. Customize all your brand portals by applying logos, color schemes, fonts, and brand names for your digital assets to make them distinguishable. Its rights management feature allows you to create different groups with varied permission settings, ensuring that proprietary information and assets are limited to individuals with proper access rights.

Asset Bank integrates WordPress, Shutterstock, Sitecore, and Brand Stencil, among others.

Asset Bank Enterprise pricing starts at $1,999/month plus set-up fees.

  • Pricing is available upon request

Frontify - Best for collaborative work

Frontify automates the feedback and approval cycle to save time and ensure that teams meet project milestones.

Frontify’s digital asset management solution simplifies uploading, storing, organizing, and sharing digital assets in a unified platform. Its asset rights management system helps ensure that asset rights are up-to-date and sends notifications before the digital rights to use a specific asset expires. As a centralized asset library, any changes on a brand asset automatically reflect wherever that asset is in use, ensuring brand consistency.

Working in a fast-paced, collaborative environment requires modern communication strategies (commenting, @-ing, emojis, customizable proofing/approval workflows)—all of which Frontify delivers. With feedback and approval automation, you can ensure that crucial digital assets receive timely approvals to keep projects on track.

Frontify integrates with Google Docs, InDesign, Adobe Creative Cloud, Getty Images, and other asset- and workflow-based apps.

Frontify pricing is available upon request.

  • Pricing upon request

hyperCMS DAM Server - Best open source enterprise DAM

hyperCMS’ open-source nature allows you to create unique solutions to your DAM system needs.

hyperCMS is a modular digital asset management software that enables you to store, organize, find, distribute, and share assets like images, audio, video, documents, and creative files. It allows you to store and manage a wide variety of file types, including jpeg, pdf, png, css, psd, and others. hyperCMS has other vital capabilities you can benefit from, including creative workflow automation, license tracking, usage tracking, and asset publishing.

If you want to do more than just store and share files using your DAM system, hyperCMS is the best digital asset management system for you because you can modify it to suit your company’s unique asset management needs. You can also make accessing and sharing rich media files convenient by manually integrating your DAM solution into social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, and YouTube.

hyperCMS pricing is available upon request and they offer a 30-day free demo.

  • Pricing upon request

IntelligenceBank - Best marketing asset templates

IntelligenceBank has pre-built templates you can use in your creative, advertising, and marketing materials.

IntelligenceBank is a digital asset management software with content management capabilities allowing you to manage digital assets throughout their entire lifecycle using a single source. It supports image and video conversion so that you can use media assets in different file types and file formats depending on the project you’re working on. IntelligenceBank has a configurable API so you can develop custom tools and features that suit your enterprise’s unique needs.

If you want a digital asset management system that can help you reduce your creative team’s production time, I recommend IntelligenceBank because of its pre-built creative marketing templates. With their marketing and sales templates, you can cut the time spent building assets from scratch and launch different campaigns across multiple channels much faster. You can also create and store your own templates to reuse as needed.

IntelligenceBank pricing is available upon request.

  • Pricing upon request

MediaBeacon - Best taxonomy management

MediaBeacon allows you to manage and sort digital assets efficiently with its taxonomy management functionality.

MediaBeacon is digital asset management for enterprises that uses metadata architecture so users can easily get at the content they need. It uses digital rights management to control access to files and catalogs using role-based permissions. MediaBeacon is scalable, ensuring your media management capabilities stay competitive as your business grows.

When managing an enormous library of digital assets, taxonomy plays a critical role, and MediaBeacon provides you with powerful taxonomy management capabilities to manage digital assets. MediaBeacon’s advanced search feature lets you retrieve assets quickly using filters, keywords, colors, and even synonyms. MediaBeacon’s taxonomy management also allows you to better understand digital assets, their properties, and lineage before deploying them.

MediaBeacon integrates with Microsoft Word, Photoshop, YouTube, Google Cloud, and other creativity and productivity tools.

MediaBeacon pricing is available upon request.

  • 14 days free trial
  • From $359/account/month

Swivle DAM - Best on-premise DAM

Swivle DAM offers version history, relevance-based search results, upload requesting, asset link sharing, and customizable notifications/alerts.

Swivle is an on-premise or cloud-based DAM that provides you with a centralized storage location for digital assets like doc, txt, pdf, png, jpg, jpeg, tiff, mp4, avi, mov, mp3, wav, and more. It has a lifecycle and rights management feature, so you always know if you still have the right to use stock photos in your collection. Swivle DAM can help you save money because designers can access a wide range of digital assets instead of recreating or repurchasing them.

Swivle offers both an on-premise for large enterprises with dedicated IT departments. This makes it standout, as many DAM systems are cloud-based/SaaS only. On-premise solutions are great because local network speed is often the fastest option, plus you can store files locally for maximum security. You also own the whole installation so you can pretty much customize anything.

Swivle pricing starts at $359/account/month, and they offer a 14-day free trial.

  • Free Demo
  • Custom pricing

Brandfolder - Best digital asset management software for enterprise usability and adoption

Centrally store, manage and distribute assets to maximize brand impact.

Brandfolder is a scalable, easy-to-use asset management and distribution platform with robust privacy controls and user-level permission settings. The platform helps marketers and creatives manage and distribute all of their brand assets, and understand how they’re performing. Some notable features include proprietary AI and ML technologies (brand intelligence) to enhance asset discoverability and pinpoint high-performing assets; the ability to organize and share unlimited files from one secure location; and customizable UX to match your brand.

Brandfolder provides a long list of integration-friendly software and features a link-up with Zapier as an option to open even more doors to other app integrations. Their recent acquisition by Smartsheet has created deep integrations with the leading collaborative work management platform to streamline asset centric workflows that are ubiquitous for marketers and creatives.

Minor issues include a few glitches with the templating feature(s), a slight learning curve due to the robust nature of the app, and the lack of deep-dive reporting and data analysis, though that has since been addressed with the Insights Data Connector which allows marketers to leverage data about their digital assets in any BigQuery compatible BI tool.

Additional integrations include Adobe Creative Suite, Canva, Figma, CRM software, Google products, Highspot, IBM, Hubspot, Hootsuite, PrintUI, Jira, Microsoft 365, Salesforce, SAML, Sketch, WordPress, Wrike, Shopify, Workfront, Marketo, and over 1000 more through a paid Zapier plan.

Brandfolder offers pricing upon request and has a free demo.

  • Pricing upon request

Bynder - Best for e-commerce enterprises

Bynder has an intuitive filter feature allowing users to find digital assets quickly.

Bynder is a SaaS DAM that lets you organize all your digital assets in one location for easier management and quick access for all users. It has a data-driven analytics feature to get useful insights about your assets and how users benefit from them. You can use Bynder to protect your brand’s reputation by restricting access permissions on sensitive digital assets.

Bynder is the best DAM solution for you if you have an e-commerce business because it allows you to manage vital digital assets, including product shots and campaign ads. It has integrations for auto-updating and auto-publishing of assets, ensuring the products on your e-commerce sites are up-to-date. Bynder’s Creative Workflow allows you to streamline requests, reviews, and approvals so your creative team can churn out marketing materials quickly.

Bynder integrates with Wrike, eGo CMS, Vimeo, and other common digital workplace apps.

Bynder pricing details are available upon request.

What is Digital Asset Management Software for Enterprises?

As you probably know, digital asset management software is a digital solution to help you collect, store, share, proof, search, and disseminate any digital asset your company may use for marketing, information, sales, and so on.

Enterprise DAM is that…but bigger! Enterprise-grade software just means that we look for tools that can accommodate huge (and ever-changing) asset libraries, hundreds or thousands of users, and dozens of distribution channels and/or client access points.

Other Options

Here’s a few more that didn’t make the top list.

  1. Paperflite – Content management software for marketing and sales.
  2. Amplifi.io – AI-powered DAM and Product Information Management (PIM).
  3. Pics.io – Digital assets hub with unlimited storage.
  4. Digizuite DAM – Scalable and comprehensive digital asset management system for growing companies.
  5. Chorus by Third Light – Unified DAM and desktop storage for marketing and creative teams.
  6. THRON – Digital asset management program for managing and distributing content from a single point.

Enterprise DAM: Go Big or Go Home

Your company’s digital assets are as important as your human resources, project management tools, and facility equipment. Enterprise digital asset management software can help you keep all assets secure and up-to-date for use anytime you or your clients need them.

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