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Reviews Review 2022: Top Features, Expert Opinion, + Demo Video
Screenshot Of Monday In Depth Review

Leverage crystal-clear visuals to outline processes and timeframes for your team.

Summary is a task management tool with a smart, easy-to-use interface comprised of workspaces, teams, boards, items, and subitems. Flexible columns accommodate different data types: status, text, people, timeline, dates, tags, numbers, and so on.

Once you have entered your data, you can easily transform it into different views with a simple point-and-click. Team members can choose how they work best—Gantt charts, Kanban boards, timelines, calendars—while tapping into identical data updated in real-time.’s colorful platform and vast tutorial library makes it a great tool for beginners and experts alike. has a freemium plan for a maximum of 2 users.

Price: $11/user/month
Trial: 14-day free trial


  • Colorful and easy-to-user interface
  • Simple drag-and-drop timeline and charting mechanics
  • Collaboration tools that mimic social media (likes, @-mentions, GIFs, emojis)
  • Simple to use, guided automations included with higher level plans
  • Long list of supported integrations
  • Ample online training and self-help resources


  • Best features are limited to their Standard and Pro plans
  • Recurring/repeating tasks are billed as an automation, limiting them to higher plans
  • Gantt charts and timelines limited to higher plans
  • Comparably convoluted pricing structure

Expert Opinion is a project and task management platform that specializes in a clean, easy-to-use interface with plenty of hand-holding tutorials for deeper systems like integrations, plug-ins, and workflow automations.

Newbies to the app will have plenty of training material and built-in hints to get the gist of things quickly while more advanced users will appreciate how easy it is to tackle harder digital workspace functions from column equations to complex filtering. is not for those looking for a free or freemium project management app, though. The Free and Basic plans are quite shallow, so you must be willing to dish out for a higher priced subscription in order to take advantage of their best features. Comparatively, is not the cheapest option on the market but their ease of use really can’t be beat. It may not be appropriate for freelancers or small businesses who are looking for a lower barrier to entry cost. has relatively favorable reviews across the web with an average rating of 4.6/5 on Capterra and 4.63/5 on Software Reviews at the time of writing this. Users praise the modern-looking UI and quick-to-build project boards as a big plus.

Non-technical teams (marketing, sales, publishing/editorial) are ideal candidates for this tool; it looks great and successfully dumbs-down tasks that could otherwise be IT-heavy, like automating tasks and emails.

All-in-all, is a great choice for creative-minded professionals working in mid-sized to large groups with a moderate to high budget for software and apps.

Best Use Cases

Project Management

Use task management and timelines for a simple project management solution.


Use to build sophisticated, customizable dashboards that measure your campaign results.

CRM and Sales

Use for contact management, lead capturing, and customizable forms for customer support queries

Remote Work boasts features for remote collaboration and teamwork such as socially engaging messaging systems and a built-in inbox.

Agile Software Development offers solutions for iteration planning, product roadmaps, and bug tracking.


Use to jumpstart creative projects with templates for video products, editorial content, and marketing.


Use’s Gantt charts and timelines to give users a big picture view of any construction project.


Use’s table view to plan new hire onboarding, professional development, and employee evaluations.

IT’s real-time dashboards can track open tickets, IT orders, client payments, and agent time logs. Features Demo Video

Final Verdict

So long as you opt for a higher level plan, boasts an impressive list of features, including task management solutions, third party integrations, and workflow automations. It’s aesthetically pleasing and the built-in wizards and tips makes it simple to onboard new users. I wouldn’t recommend it if you are looking for a free project management tool, though, as the entry level plans are rather empty.

Features: What I Like About

Here are some of the best features has to offer.

Project Data Visualizations & Dashboards

Track whatever data is most relevant to your main KPIs and transform them into pleasing visual graphics.

Screenshot Monday In Depth Review - Data Visualizations & Dashboards

The Customize View menu lets you transform your data visualizations between graphs, charts, and timelines with a few clicks. has many ways to view the same information using different visualizations and dashboards. The more advanced plan will even let you pull multiple boards into a single dashboard. But even the most basic plans let you pick between many board views, like tables, timelines, Gantt charts, calendars, charts (bar and pie graphs, for example), Kanban boards, forms, and workloads.

Once you create a board, does all the heavy lifting transferring your data inputs into different forms. Each team member can use the view they like best to view identical project information.

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Project Automations

Automate common or recurring tasks with a series of when/if/then statements built right into the app for ease of use.

Screenshot of Monday In Depth - Automations Center

Automate task creation, notifications, status changes, and other recurring workflow items with point-and-click simplicity. offers an extremely user-friendly approach to workflow automation, providing several automation “recipes” with common triggers and actions baked right in. Automation recipes are sorted by type, making it super easy to find what you are looking for: send notifications, recurring items, assigning due dates, moving items upon a condition, building out subitems, and dependency triggers.

You can also build custom automations from scratch. The automation customization page walks you through the processes step-by-step using conversational language buttons, so truly anyone can use it. Automations needn’t stop at one function, either, as a simple “and” command can link subsequent or simultaneous actions.

Deep and Extensive Integrations

Connect with apps you are already using to expand functionality and include things like a file library or email campaigns.

Screenshot Of Monday In Depth - Integrations

Integrate with hundreds of other apps like Asana, Basecamp, Jira, Todoist, Trello, Zoom, Slack, and many more. integrates with hundreds of third-party apps either natively or through a paid plan with Zapier. You can connect with common project management tools like Asana, Basecamp, Jira, Microsoft Teams, Todoist, and Trello. Additionally, they connect with everything you need for a unified communication strategy and workflow: Gmail, Google Drive, Facebook, Slack, Mailchimp, Dropbox, Excel, Outlook, and Zoom.

Integration is really simple, too. Just find the Integration Center icon in the menu and you can explore by recommended apps or app type. Their Automations Center can connect with integrated apps, meaning that an action in can trigger a message in Slack or Gmail, and so on.

Customer Support

Leverage an expansive pre-built knowledge base to answer most FAQs and know that 24/7 email support is always an option.

Screenshot Of Monday In Depth - Help Center

Easily access online guides, video tutorials, live webinars, a community forum, or direct email customer support.’s support team is available 24/7 and you can access them through a simple contact form on their website. However, most of your queries won’t need to go that far as they offer a robust library of self-help and training tools at your disposal.

For example, you can access their YouTube channel for a basic overview or join one of their live webinars as they arise (you can find upcoming ones in the webinar hub). You also have access to their FAQ, a community forum, feature requests, and themed walkthroughs (creating your first project, admin and billing, using the mobile apps, and so on).

Apps Marketplace

Free and paid apps customize your experience with, adding features that you need and ignoring those that you don’t.

Screenshot Of Monday In Depth - Apps Marketplace

The apps marketplace lets you expand’s capabilities using add-on tools developed specifically for the platform.

The Monday apps marketplace gives you the freedom to expand the capabilities of your work OS using custom views, widgets, integrations, and automations. They have free, freemium, and paid add-ons that you can choose from to expand your calculation handling, form building, eQuotes, BI reports, and more.

The apps marketplace includes third-party integrations with tools like MailChimp, Facebook, and Hubspot, but it also has original, built-for-Monday expansions that are unique to the system. Monday also offers API documentation for software developers looking to build their own integrative tools. Screenshots

Screenshot Of Monday In Depth - template center

Open the Template Center to access quick-start project files that are thematically relevant to your content.

Screenshot Of Monday In Depth - Daily Team Tasks

Organize and visualize your team tasks in columns, cards, calendars, or timelines as you see fit.

Screenshot Of Monday In Depth - Company Workplace

Build your own dashboard by selecting widgets (timeline, battery, numbers) and drag-and-dropping them on the page.

Screenshot Of Monday In Depth - inbox

Your inbox brings together every instance where you have been tagged for a full overview of your to-dos.

Monday In Depth - my week screenshot

The My Week tab shows you every item that you have coming due and you can scroll into the future to see what’s next.

Monday In Depth - screenshot of search feature

The Search Everything feature is a smart search tool that can quickly parse all of your data and documents on the site.

Monday In Depth - screenshot of notifications feature

The Notification icon lets you easily see every item in which you were mentioned or to which you were assigned.

Monday In Depth - dashboard screenshot

Your Workspace is a general overview of your projects, boards, workspace members, and permission statuses.

Monday In Depth - screenshot of task conversations

Hop into Task conversations to chat with your team, write updates, add files, set notifications, and scan the activity log.

Monday In Depth - automation setup screenshot

Automate workflows and processes using simple point-and-click commands with conversational language that your whole team can understand.

Monday In Depth - screenshot of task automation toggle screen

Toggle automations on or off, delete automations, or create new automations in your Board Automations tab.

Monday In Depth - Screenshot of activities center

Open the Activities Log from the top right-hand corner menu to get a brief overview of everything that has been happening.

Monday In Depth - screenshot of invite new members

Invite new members using a link or their email or even import from your Gmail and Outlook contact lists. Pricing Pricing Screenshot offers a range of pricing options to fit user needs.

Individual Plan

The individual plan is’s freemium offering for up to 2 seats. Users have access to unlimited boards, over 200 basic project templates, and 20 column types to get started. You’ll have access to the iOS and Android apps. This plan is best for freelancers and individuals looking to stay organized on a daily basis.

Basic Plan

The basic plan is for small teams who are just getting started and are looking for some project management support. It comes with everything the individual plan offers plus unlimited items, 5 GB of storage, and the creation of a dashboard based on one of your boards. The best feature is that you get unlimited free viewers for guests and stakeholders.

Standard Plan

The standard plan is great for SMBs who need access to complex calendar data and charts. The standard plan comes with everything in the first two subscription tiers as well as timeline and Gantt views, calendar views, collaborative guest access, 250 automations per month, integrations at 250 actions per month, and a dashboard that combines up to 5 of your project boards. This is the plan I most recommend.

Pro Plan

The pro plan has everything listed in the first three subscription tiers as well as private boards, chart views, time tracking, a formula column, 25,000 automations per month, 25,000 integrations per month, and a dashboard that combines up to 20 boards. Larger, more dynamic teams will appreciate the extras the pro plan has to offer. Time tracking, in particular, is a bonus here.

Enterprise Plan

If what you need isn’t covered in the predetermined plans, then you can contact for a custom estimate on an enterprise plan. This comes with enterprise-scale automations and integrations, enterprise-grade security and governance, advanced analytics and reporting, multi-level permissions, tailored onboarding, and a dashboard that combines up to 50 project boards. You will also have access to their premium customer support network.

Support & Deployment


The support team is available 24/7 with a priority queue for Enterprise Plan clients. You can reach the Monday team using a contact form by providing your email and a summary of your issue. doesn’t offer a phone line or direct email address, though.

Training offers a wealth of training opportunities in the form of video tutorials, product demos, live webinars, their blog and podcast, the community forums, and through customer support directly. Wizards and hints are built right into the platform when you first start it up, too.


Thanks to their free plan and free trials, Monday can be up and running for you in a matter of the few minutes it takes to sign up for an account. From there, built-in walkthroughs and video tutorials will get you started. Expect a few dedicated hours to build your first fully-fledged project. Best Reviews is absolutely amazing! It’s extremely intuitive and simple to get up and get using! The different ways that you can setup your Project Boards make it extremely flexible and powerful. I’ve used other Project Management Software programs, and there isn’t anything out there that compares

Jeff E. on Capterra

Where do I start? This software is very affordable, and really helps with small business management. I work in transportation and customs brokerage, and since we implemented as our customer facing communication device, we have seen a huge reduction in confusion, less emails being lost, and more customer satisfaction.

Kim D. on Capterra

The visual style of the product is structured enough to encourage continuity between boards but flexible enough to let my team use it however it works best for them. I am able to organize tasks by whatever metric I choose and quickly prioritize and keep my team updated on what I’m working on. I currently find this most helpful for scheduling social media content. I manage 56 facebook pages for my company.

Bethany R. on G2

It is easy to pick-up how to use new functions to reduce the time required for project work. Our weekly meetings always include a review of our project boards and progress. This helps us discuss roadblocks among the team to come up with options for resolution. We just hired a new Project Manager and he will take over managing all our team projects on for all our Customer projects. is great for orienting a Project manager on all the workload Customer projects.

Glenn B. on G2

We work in Multi-Family flooring and have many different departments. We use for each department and as individuals. It helps to toggle between departments and within departments for task management. These departments include: Customer Service, Sales, Inventory, Finance, and Operations. Before using we relied heavily on email and chat threads which were not always reliable and did not give full transparency. Additionally, we were utilizing a ton of spreadsheets to track information and it was not being updated consistently which left us unable to pull data or measure metrics accurately.

Stephanie Pollak on TrustRadius

We have been using it for the past year as an all encompassing task management system and I must say I am impressed with the results. is intuitive and easy to use, a few things that were a delightful surprise were the Automation and Integration features. We instantly started using Automation to help our task distribution and tracking and we saw a tangible increase in our productivity.

Nikolai Yotov on TrustRadius Customers

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