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The State of DPM in 2024

We don’t need to tell you how much change there is happening around us. It’s happening so fast that it’s next to impossible to keep up. So it’s time to take a step back, analyze our surroundings and get ourselves set up for success in 2024.

Join our DPM Experts as we dive into the trends that are taking shape in 2024 and what it means for us as PM’s. We’ll be joined by the familiar faces of Pam Butkowski, Mackenzie Dysart and Matthew Fox

During this session we’ll talk about

  • How Project Management is changing in 2024
  • How these changes impact our day to day
  • What we can do to prepare ourselves


Pam Butkowski
Senior VP, Delivery Management

Pam is the Senior VP of Delivery Management at Hero Digital. She’s spent the majority of her career in client-facing organizations leading digital project management teams at organizations including The Nerdery, Wunderman Thompson, and AIM Consulting. Pam is a self-proclaimed “process junkie” and loves solving problems through process. She’s particularly passionate about building strong PM teams and answering the age-old question about how to deliver agile projects in a client service organization.

Mackenzie Dysart
Delivery Principal

Mackenzie is a product and digital project management professional who has been a vocal advocate for accessibility and inclusive design. She has spent over a decade crossing between agency side and client side, giving her a unique perspective on what the worlds of client services and in-house digital can learn from one another. Never afraid to ask the tough questions and challenge the status quo, Mackenzie has been recognized in her industry for her effective leadership skills and her knack for collaborative problem solving. Today she wields her PMP and CSM certifications as a Product Manager at Connected.

Matthew Fox
Independent Consultant

Matthew is a project manager, trainer, and virtual producer with a strong background in public speaking and critique, skilled at delivering constructive feedback that inspires action and change. A true people person with the ability to gain consensus among multiple stakeholders to drive projects to completion and achieve company objectives. His professional background includes various positions in technology implementation, project management, facilitation, and end-user training. And has led and mentored cross-functional teams. Matthew loves to give back. He is actively involved in several volunteer organizations, including PAWS Chicago and Toastmasters.

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