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52 min AMA

Immersing PM’s in Immersive Technology

Thursday, September 22nd

What is the difference between the metaverse, AR, VR, mixed reality, web 2.0, and web 3.0? How will our products change? How will our jobs change? What does it take to create immersive experiences? How do teams go from 2D to 3D designs?

As project managers working in the digital space, we need to stay up to speed within a fast-moving landscape of emerging tech and digital trends. And, honestly, it’s a lot to keep up with.

That’s why we’ve invited Abbas Jeraj (Product Designer at Accenture Song) to come give us an injection of knowledge to help us digital PMs navigate immersive technology so that we can lead our project teams effectively alongside the ever-evolving future of digital.

What you’ll learn

  • What key emerging technologies are entering the fray today
  • How these technologies might change your industry and your job
  • What you can do as a DPM to prepare and equip your teams to embrace these technologies
  • What issues and risks you should be wary of when working with these technologies
  • How to learn more about these technologies and incorporate them into your business

What you’ll be set for

  • Navigating conversations with stakeholders and leadership teams about immersive technology
  • Inspiring your project teams to be innovative in their approach to your projects
  • Creating a regimen for yourself to stay up to speed on new developments in digital technology

Let’s get immersed!


Abbas Jeraj
Product Designer

I am a former Canadian expat who lived in Lusaka, Zambia and a Wilfrid Laurier University Bachelor of Business Administration graduate with a focus on Sustainability and Marketing. My experiences include co-founding a promotional printing business that represented Canada at the SAGE Global Youth Entrepreneurship Competition where my team placed third internationally among youth from over 20 different countries. As an experienced marketer and UX designer working with global brands such as Windows and Xbox, I have gained tremendous experience in the Canadian retail environment. With a passion for technology and helping others, I aspire to create meaningful impact; utilizing technology to empower people across the world.