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DPM Membership Overview

You’ve Found Your People.
A PM Membership Built For You.

Choose Your Adventure

Whether you’re looking for advanced training or just a community of people who “get it”, we’ve got you covered.

Learn & Grow Together
The Community Membership
per year
  • Access to our Slack community
  • Access to the 90+ templates in our library
  • Access to our back catalog of 70+ live workshops
  • Access to all DPM eBooks
  • Eligibility to join a DPM Mastermind group
Training on tap
The Career Builder Membership
per year
  • Everything from Community, plus…
  • Learn new skills and earn microcredentials with DPM Mini Courses
  • Earn PDUs by creating content or being a mentor
  • Get 20% off DPM School certificate programs

What’s In It For Me?

  • Get tips, hacks and insights that you can use in your PM practice today.
  • Our exclusive members-only Slack channel provides access to our amazing community with advice in real time, shared stories, support and fun.
  • New self-directed peer Mastermind groups allow for small breakout support that works with your calendar.
  • Customize your career pathway and progress with on-demand content from DPM experts!

We’re A Different Kind Of Community.

We’re all about nerding out on methodologies and tools, solving complex challenges together and sharing our experiences so that no one needs to feel like they’re on a PM island. Ever. Again.


Save Time With 90+ Action-Ready Templates & Samples

Glimpse into best practices and tailor your perfect project processes from our ever-growing library of project management assets shared by real digital PMs.

Master New Project Skills With Mini Courses & On-Demand Content

Learn a new skill with our catalog of on-demand workshops, AMA’s and deep dives into PM content that impacts your practice. Our mini courses prioritize actionable takeaways you can start using in your practice today.

Connect With Hundreds Of People Who “Get it”

Jump into our Slack workspace to ask questions, get answers, and share lessons learned. We’re all about improving. Together.

Boost Your Career With Masterminds

Join a close-knit group of peers that helps you work through problems, stay accountable, and give back to the profession.

Bring Thought Leadership Into Your Practice With DPM eBooks

Educate your team and elevate your practices. Build trust and understanding with your leadership team. Amplify your value.

I so enjoy the DPM Community! I've met great people who are generous with their knowledge. I love their enthusiasm, CJ brightens my day and Galen is such a positive influence. Of any of the communities I've joined I find DPM to be the best curated, most resource rich and well moderated.

Annie MacLeod
Principal at Project Management Gameboard

I joined The DPM to access templates and information to improve internal processes, but my favorite part has been the mastermind group. We have coached each other through job changes, life changes, and all sorts of work scenarios. I've been able to connect with folks I may not have met otherwise!

Jessica Rasmussen
Director of Project Management

Get Your Entire Team On Board!

Keep your team aligned and contributing at the leading edge of their craft through rewarding professional development program.