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To get ahead in your DPM career.

What’s DPM Membership?

DPM Membership is a monthly subscription designed to help people who manage projects or lead teams in the digital world get ahead in their careers. We’ve partnered with digital PM industry leaders to provide a fresh, ongoing supply of training and resources to boost your skills, train with industry leaders, and tame the chaos of your digital projects!

Who Is Membership For?

The words “project” and “manager” don’t have to be in your job title at all—Membership offers training and resources for anyone who manages projects in the digital industry, including people with job titles like:

  • Project Coordinator
  • Project Director
  • Digital Producer
  • Account Manager
  • Agency Owner
  • Office Manager
  • Strategist
  • Editor
  • Digital Marketer
  • Web Developer
  • Head of PM
  • IT Lead
  • Operations and PM Manager
  • Production Manager
  • Chief Marketing Officer
  • Associate Producer
  • Customer Success Specialist

What’s included?


Get connected, receive feedback, mentorship, and accountability through our exclusive, semi-structured peer-to-peer mentorship groups. Network with
similarly situated project managers and address challenges together during monthly calls.

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digital project management workshops and webinars

Monthly Workshops (Live & On-Demand)

Each month, a DPM expert walks you through key parts of the role with a live workshop, with handouts to help you apply the lessons in your projects. Attend live to ask questions, or watch recorded workshops any time. 


50+ Editable Templates & Samples

Save time with an expert-curated collection of PM templates, along with filled-in examples that makes it easier to understand exactly how to use them. Find SoW templates, briefs, meeting agendas, and more. 

digital project management templates - membership
Office Hours Screenshot

Monthly Office Hours

Get fixes for your challenges in monthly live office hours. This is a supportive, grassroots-style environment where you can bring questions about the workshop, projects, or even your new haircut—ask anything, and weigh in on the latest from the DPM world.


Slack Team With 3000+ Industry Peers

Network, ask questions, get answers, find and post DPM jobs, and share insight to solve your project challenges.  There are 3000+ DPM pros in the exclusive Members Slack team—you’ll find plenty of support and fresh ideas here!

digital project management ebooks

Downloadable E-Books

Get instant access to a library of e-books that you can download anytime to dive into more detailed how-to for key parts of the DPM role. Find guides on How to Estimate Costs and How to Write a Statement of Work, among others. 


Discounts On Courses, Coaching & Tools

Score exclusive Members-only discounts. Get exclusive deals on various project management tools and software, as well as  $100 off The DPM School (an online course to learn proven techniques for managing projects) and 15% off DPM coaching (1:1 expert coaching to refine your approach to your projects and career).

Get Expert-Crafted Content And Community Support.



Upgrade, downgrade, or cancel anytime.


0USD / month

Access to Slack group
50+ Templates & Samples
Workshops (live and on-demand)
Office Hours
$100 discount on DPM courses
Discount on DPM coaching
DPM Masterminds



15USD / month

Access to Slack group
50+ Templates & Samples
Workshops (live and on-demand)
Office Hours
$100 discount on DPM courses
Discount on DPM coaching
DPM Masterminds



How is this different from the PMI or other professional memberships?

DPM Membership is not a simple badge or professional association to fill up your bio—it’s an interactive community that delivers a curated supply of highly applicable resources on a regular basis. We follow a simple monthly routine of workshops and office hours to support you in your role without overwhelming you, along with instant access to a library of templates and ebooks you can refer back to anytime.

The focus of DPM Membership is to show, not tell—we want to provide you with immediate takeaways that legitimately help you run more successful projects and teams.

What's included?

Starter Membership includes access to our exclusive DPM Members Slack group—pitch your questions, get answers, and stay in the loop with updates on PM-related discussion, ideas, articles, podcasts, events, and jobs.

Pro Membership includes access to the exclusive Slack DPM Members Slack group, in addition to instant access to the downloadable PM template and ebook libraries, monthly workshops you can attend live or watch on-demand, and monthly office hours where you can work with experts to hone your skills.

I'm already on the Slack team. Do I have to become a Starter Member to stay?

If you’re already in our DPM Slack team, you already enjoy the benefits of our Starter Membership, which unlocks access to Slack.

Are there group discounts?

Not at the moment, no.

How often do I get fresh content?

Every month, you’ll get:

  • the Members Monthly, a newsletter with a summary of the previous month and updates on upcoming content.
  • a live workshop (different topic every month)
  • handouts from the workshop
  • a live office hour to get mentored by DPM experts

And you’ll have ongoing access to:

  • customizable PM templates and filled-in samples that help you understand how the templates are used with real projects*
  • downloadable ebooks*
  • on-demand videos of previous workshops you can watch anytime
  • the DPM Slack team
  • exclusive discounts on the DPM School, DPM Coaching, and various project management tools

*New templates and ebooks are always in the works, being added and upgraded on an ongoing basis.

What are the templates?

Here’s a list templates which you can download and edit anytime.  They are mostly .docx and xlsx files, with a few .mpp files as well. You’ll also get access to filled-out examples that accompany the customizable template—these examples can help you understand what to write in each section when you use them in your projects.

  • Internal Kick-off Meeting Agenda
  • Client Kick-off Meeting Agenda
  • Project Brief
  • RACI
  • Estimate (Simple)
  • Estimate (Complex)
  • Website Redesign Project Timeline
  • Landing Page Project Timeline (Agile)
  • Landing Page Project Timeline (Waterfall)
  • Statement of Work (SoW)
  • Sprint Planning Agenda
  • Communications Plan
  • RAID (Risks Assumptions Issues Dependencies) Log
  • Meeting Agenda
  • Contact Report
  • Action Brief
  • Craft Brief
  • Creative Brief
  • Change Request
  • Status Report
  • Project Checklist
  • Investment Authorization
  • QA Checklist
  • Lessons Learned
  • Job Descriptions
  • Project Folders
  • Project Handover
  • Agency Performance Review
  • Process Overview
  • AM/PM Roles & Responsibilities
  • NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement) One-Way Supplier UK
  • Client Confidentiality Agreement
  • MSA (Master Services Agreement)

What are the workshops?

Workshops are part of the Pro Member plan and are 1-hour, interactive online video conferences hosted once a month. Each month, we’ll have a core focus for our Pro Members and an expert will lead a live, online workshop that you can join via a video conferencing platform.

Workshops include detailed how-to that teach you how to do a specific part of the DPM role. For example:

  • Requirements Gathering & Documentation Workshop
  • How To Build A More Data-Driven Agency
  • How To Lead An Effective Project Kickoff 

Each workshop includes handouts you can use to quickly apply the lessons to your real projects.

You can ask questions and get answers if you attend the workshops live, but you can also watch workshops on-demand whenever you like. Feel free to bring your questions to Member office hours as well.

Where is the Membership content?

Membership resources like templates, ebooks, and recorded workshops live on The Digital Project Manager site. You’ll find them on the Member’s dashboard, along with displays of the latest and upcoming content. Live workshops and office hours are hosted on 3rd party video conferencing app, but you’ll be able to sign up for them through the Member’s dashboard as well.

And how will I find out about fresh content?

Pro Members receive a Members Monthly newsletter each month announcing upcoming workshops, office hours, and any new templates or ebooks. Starter Members will get most of their updates via Slack.

What forms of payment do you accept?

You can pay with any major credit card (Mastercard Visa, Discover, AmEx), and you can cancel anytime.

Can I cancel?

No problem. Cancel, resume, upgrade, and downgrade your membership at any time. When you upgrade to Pro, you’ll get immediate access to your new resources. When you downgrade to Starter, you’ll retain access to your Membership content until the end of the month in which you downgraded.

Do you give refunds?

No—the ongoing monthly payments are non-refundable. However, you can cancel anytime.

Any Questions?

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