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Map out your key project info like scope and deliverables, along with useful tables to quickly breakdown your project phases and determine roles with a project initiation document.

Project Initiation Doc Template Screenshot 1
Our project initiation document template is designed specifically to give the business context and make the business case for the project so that you can get stakeholders bought in as the project gets started.

Project Initiation Document Overview

Watch our satirical, yet educational 60-second video introduction to Project Initiation Documents.


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Project Initiation Document Guide

Here’s a quick step-by-step guide to setting up your project initiation document.

  1. Understand the project scope.
  2. Validate the scope with impacted stakeholders.
  3. Assemble the required resources & gather feedback.
  4. Set realistic expectations for the project.
  5. Organize your team and tools and prepare to launch.
  6. Launch your project!

For deeper learning, check out our Ultimate Guide To Project Initiation Documents.

Author's Tip

Author’s Tip

Always remember that your project is likely not the only project that your organization and stakeholders are involved in. Use this document not only as a handy reference when kicking off your project, but also to build buy-in, good will, and excitement about your project.

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