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The DPM’s Slack Channel Directory

 Channel directory

  • #account-management: For those who straddle both the PM/AM life, or have Q’s on AM process and beyond!
  • #ai-for-dpms: How are you leveraging AI to better serve your clients, increase efficiency, reduce workload, etc.? Look - we're going to be robots someday anyway, I say if you can't beat'em, leverage'em until they inevitably take over.
  • #dpm-announcements: What's happening at the DPM - check out the latest articles, podcasts, video and more to be released.
  • #dpm-feature-requests: WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME?! No, really.. tell me! Have an idea for a feature, article, event, podcast, jelly bean flavour that I absolutely have to try? I want to hear it!
  • #emea: For all of our EMEA based folks to gather!
  • #freelancing: Are you a freelance DPM? Interested in getting into that space? Feel free to ask your questions here! We have a slew of experienced freelance DPM's here and ready to help.
  • #general: Expect a mishmash of PM content. Not sure where to post it? Toss it here, if you feel we need to create a space to discuss something specific, message me!
  • #in-person-events: This channel can be used to create in-person meetup groups. If you want to start a regular meeting in your city, or if you're travelling and want to meet others while you're away, this is the place you can organize your plans!
  • #jobs: Actively or passively looking for a new role? Join the DPM Talent Collective and let your dream job find you!
  • #masterminds: The place to connect if you are looking to lead or join a group of peers to meet on a regular basis. Learn more about Mastermind groups here
  • #member-intros: I want to get to know you. Tell me anything about yourself! Where are you from? What made you join the community? What are you good at? What are you bad at? What's your top priority today? What's your mantra? Why are hot dogs sandwiches?
  • #ops: Operations round table - share your SOPs, best practices, templates that you love and post Q’s for your fellow Ops peeps!
  • #puntastic: Your single source of wonderful puns
  • #show-me-animals: Show off your furry friends! Everyone needs more aminals (sic) in their lives, so please... don't hold back!
  • #start-here: Welcome to The DPM community! This is the place to get started and find community resources.
  • #techchat: Place for all things tech in PM, fave tools, using AI, tech hacks and tips!
  • #templates: Need a template? Want to share your own? This is the place. You can also check out The DPM's extensive list of 90+ templates
  • #tunes: What are you listening to? What's stuck in your head? What song gets you in the zone? Share your tunes here! 
  • #vent: Let's hear it. What did Karen do today?
  • #winsday: Everyone loves a win. Everyone loves celebrating wins. Let's celebrate together by sharing big or small wins here  And don't forget, every day is Winsday when you're a DPM.