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In my Zoho Projects in-depth review, I’m sharing the results of my analysis and evaluation from hands-on testing and experimentation. Before we dive in, if you’re just starting your search for the best project management tools, you should first check out my picks for the best project management software. Zoho Projects is one of the top-rated project management tools out there, but to figure out if it's a good match for you, it's important to understand the software’s benefits and drawbacks.

My in-depth Zoho Projects review will take you through everything you need to know to make a more informed decision—pros and cons, features and functionality, pricing, and more—to help you to better understand its capabilities and suitability for your needs.

Zoho Projects software review, a screenshot of the tool's dashboard
I like how Zoho Project's comprehensive dashboard, pictured here, provides an at-a-glance project overview that highlights project timelines, client reports, task management, and personal workload metrics.

Zoho Projects Product Overview

Zoho Projects is a cloud-based project management software that provides a suite of tools, including project templates, task lists, and timesheets, tailored to meet the needs of small businesses and freelancers. Targeting team members who require efficient collaboration, the software integrates with Google Apps and offers messaging for smooth teamwork. It stands out as one of the best project management software options due to its friendly user interface, resource utilization features, and ability to handle new project and unlimited projects.

Key benefits include setting due dates, tracking tool efficiencies, and managing task dependencies. Zoho Projects addresses common challenges such as coordinating team efforts, maximizing storage space, and ensuring accurate time tracking with timers. The software's paid plans offer additional capabilities like advanced permissions and iOS compatibility, making it a versatile choice for diverse project management needs.


  • Task Management: Zoho Projects excels in detailed task management, allowing users to break down projects into manageable tasks and subtasks. This feature ensures clarity and better organization of project objectives.
  • Time Tracking: The time tracking functionality is a strong point, offering precise tracking of time spent on tasks. This aids in productivity analysis and better project time management.
  • Integration Capabilities: Zoho Projects stands out for its ability to integrate with other Zoho apps and third-party tools, enhancing workflow continuity and data synchronization.


  • Learning Curve: New users might find the software slightly complex, resulting in a steeper learning curve compared to some simpler project management tools.
  • Limited Customization: The customization options in Zoho Projects are not as extensive as some competitors, which can be a drawback for teams needing highly tailored solutions.
  • Mobile Experience: The mobile app version of Zoho Projects lacks some of the functionalities available on the desktop version, which might affect on-the-go project management.

Expert Opinion

In my experience, Zoho Projects presents itself as a robust project management tool with strong features like detailed task management and effective time tracking. While its pricing and functionality are competitive, it does face challenges in user onboarding due to its complexity. The interface, though comprehensive, may not be as intuitive for beginners compared to more streamlined alternatives.

However, its integration capabilities with other Zoho apps and third-party tools are commendable, making it a good fit for environments already using Zoho products or those requiring extensive integrations. It outperforms in task breakdown and tracking but can underperform in user-friendliness and customization options. Zoho Projects is best suited for small to medium-sized businesses looking for a detailed, feature-rich project management solution.

Zoho Projects: The Bottom Line

What sets Zoho Projects apart in the crowded field of project management software is its detailed approach to task management and its strong integration capabilities. Unlike some alternatives that offer more general tools, Zoho Projects provides users with the ability to dive deep into task specifics, which is particularly useful for complex projects.

Additionally, its easy integration with other Zoho applications and numerous third-party tools makes it a versatile choice for those who rely on a range of software solutions. Its noteworthy features like the comprehensive Gantt charts, detailed reporting, and effective time tracking make it a strong contender in the field, especially for teams that prioritize detailed project planning and tracking over simplicity.

Zoho Projects Deep Dive

Product Specifications

  1. Task Management - Yes
  2. Gantt Charts - Yes
  3. Time Tracking - Yes
  4. Project Planning - Yes
  5. Resource Management - Yes
  6. Team Collaboration Tools - Yes
  7. File Sharing - Yes
  8. Reporting/Analytics - Yes
  9. Kanban Boards - Yes
  10. Milestone Tracking - Yes
  11. Issue Tracking - Yes
  12. Risk Management - No
  13. Budget Management - Yes
  14. Client Portal - Yes
  15. Customizable Templates - Yes
  16. Workflow Automation - Yes
  17. Calendar View - Yes
  18. Mobile Access - Yes
  19. Document Management - Yes
  20. Email Integration - Yes
  21. Third-party Integrations - Yes
  22. User Access Controls - Yes
  23. Real-time Chat - Yes
  24. Notifications and Alerts - Yes
  25. API Access - Yes

Zoho Projects Feature Overview

  1. Task Management: Zoho Projects allows detailed task creation, assignment, and tracking. Its standout feature is the ability to create complex task hierarchies, enhancing project organization.
  2. Gantt Charts: The Gantt chart functionality in Zoho Projects is interactive, allowing users to easily adjust timelines and dependencies. This dynamic approach sets it apart from more static Gantt charts in other tools.
  3. Time Tracking: Time tracking is both precise and integrated within tasks, making it easy to monitor and analyze team productivity.
  4. Kanban Boards: The Kanban view in Zoho Projects is customizable, providing a visual workflow that can be tailored to different team needs.
  5. Milestone Tracking: This feature helps break down projects into smaller, manageable parts with specific targets, making large projects more digestible.
  6. Issue Tracking: Useful for teams dealing with bug tracking or continuous improvement, this feature distinguishes itself with its depth in categorization and prioritization.
  7. Client Portal: The client portal provides an avenue for client engagement and feedback, a feature not commonly as robust in other project management tools.
  8. Workflow Automation: Automating repetitive tasks is a key feature, with a range of triggers and actions available to streamline processes.
  9. Mobile Access: The mobile app ensures project management on the go, though with some limitations compared to the desktop version.
  10. API Access: The availability of API access allows for extensive customization and integration with other systems, making Zoho Projects highly adaptable.

Standout Functionality

  1. Complex Task Hierarchies: Unlike many project management tools that offer basic task organization, Zoho Projects allows for intricate task breakdown, making it ideal for complex projects.
  2. Interactive Gantt Charts: The Gantt chart tool is not only visually appealing but also interactive, allowing for easy adjustments, a feature that is quite advanced compared to many other tools.
  3. Robust Client Portal: The client portal in Zoho Projects is more comprehensive than many competitors, facilitating better client engagement and feedback within the project management process.


Zoho Projects integrates natively with other Zoho apps like Zoho CRM, Zoho Invoice, and Zoho Desk, enabling smooth workflow across various aspects of business operations. It also offers integration with third-party tools like Google Drive, Slack, Microsoft Teams, and GitHub, which enhances its utility in diverse work environments.

The API access provided allows for custom integrations, enabling businesses to tailor the platform to their specific needs. Additionally, there are various add-ons available to extend Zoho Projects' capabilities, such as time-tracking widgets and advanced analytics tools.

Zoho Projects Pricing

  • Free Plan: Includes basic task management and collaboration tools, suitable for small teams or start-ups.
  • Premium Plan ($5/user/month): This pricing plan includes enhanced project tracking and planning tools, making it suitable for growing teams.
  • Enterprise Plan ($10/user/month): Offers advanced features like custom fields, global Gantt chart, and increased automation, ideal for large organizations.

Ease of Use

Navigating Zoho Projects, I find the interface comprehensive yet slightly complex, particularly for new users. The array of features, while beneficial, can be overwhelming initially. The onboarding process involves a learning curve, as understanding the full functionality of the tool takes time. The mobile app, while convenient, lacks some features available on the desktop version, which can be a challenge for those managing projects predominantly on mobile devices.

Customer Support

Zoho Projects provides reliable customer support with various channels including email, live chat, and phone support. The response times are generally prompt. They also offer an extensive knowledge base, documentation, and webinars for self-help. However, some users might find the level of detailed support lacking for more complex or technical queries, especially when dealing with advanced features or custom integrations.

Zoho Projects Use Case

Who Would Be A Good Fit For Zoho Projects?

Zoho Projects is ideal for small to medium-sized businesses that require detailed project management features. It works well in environments where task breakdown and in-depth project tracking are essential. The tool is particularly useful for teams in industries like IT, marketing, consulting, and construction, where project complexity and client interaction are high.

Teams that benefit the most are those that value comprehensive project planning tools like Gantt charts, detailed task management, and robust time tracking. The integration capabilities make it a favorite among users who already rely on other Zoho applications or need to sync with various third-party tools.

Who Would Be A Bad Fit For Zoho Projects?

Teams or individuals looking for a very simple, straightforward project management tool might find Zoho Projects overwhelming due to its detailed and feature-rich interface. Large enterprises with highly specialized project management needs might find the customization options insufficient.

Industries that require minimal project planning or where projects are extremely short-term and simple might not fully utilize the extensive features offered by Zoho Projects. It is less suitable for those who primarily manage projects on mobile, as the mobile app lacks some desktop functionalities.

Zoho Projects FAQs

Can Zoho Projects integrate with other tools?

Yes, it integrates with various Zoho apps and third-party tools like Google Drive, Slack, and Microsoft Teams.

Is there a free version of Zoho Projects available?

Yes, Zoho Projects offers a free tier with basic task management and collaboration tools.

Can I track time spent on individual tasks in Zoho Projects?

Yes, Zoho Projects has a time-tracking feature for monitoring time spent on tasks.

Are Gantt charts available in Zoho Projects?

Yes, Zoho Projects includes interactive Gantt charts for project planning.

Does Zoho Projects offer mobile app support?

Yes, there is a mobile app, but it has some limitations compared to the desktop version.

Can I manage multiple projects simultaneously in Zoho Projects?

Yes, it allows the management of multiple projects with various tools for tracking and organization.

Are Zoho Projects suitable for large enterprises?

While it can be used by larger teams, it is best suited for small to medium-sized businesses.

Does Zoho Projects provide API access?

Yes, API access is available for custom integrations.

Alternatives to Zoho Projects

  • Basecamp: Basecamp is ideal for those who prefer a straightforward, all-in-one approach to project management, focusing on simplicity and clear communication.
  • Smartsheet: Smartsheet is recommended for teams that need a blend of project management and spreadsheet-like functionalities, offering a unique approach to task and data management.
  • Wrike: Consider Wrike if your team needs a balance between traditional project management features and customizable workflow options, suitable for both creative and technical projects.

Zoho Projects Company Overview & History

Zoho Projects is a part of Zoho Corporation, a multinational company that offers a wide range of software products and services. The tool is commonly used by companies across various industries such as IT, marketing, and construction. Zoho Corporation is a privately held company, not owned by any major corporate entity. Its headquarters are located in Chennai, India, with a significant presence in the United States and other countries.

While the company doesn't spotlight individual employees or board members, it's known for its strong team of developers and customer support staff. Zoho's mission is to provide affordable, accessible software solutions to businesses of all sizes. The company has seen notable growth and expansion since its inception, with Zoho Projects becoming a key product in its suite of business applications.


Zoho Projects excels as a detailed project management tool, ideal for small to medium-sized businesses. It offers comprehensive features like advanced task management, Gantt charts, and time tracking, making it suitable for complex projects and high client interaction.

However, its complexity may not suit those looking for simplicity. It's a strong option for teams needing a feature-rich, affordable solution and willing to tackle a learning curve. Feel free to share your experiences or questions about Zoho Projects for further insight.

Galen Low
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