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In this review, I’m going to share my analysis and evaluation from my hands-on experience with Workmates. But first, if you’re just beginning your search for the best online collaboration software, check out my picks for the best collaboration tools. You probably already know that Workmates is among the most popular collaboration tools out there, but you need to better understand what’s good (and not so good) about it.

This in-depth Workmates review will walk you through the tool's pros and cons, features and functionality, and more to help guide you to better understand its capabilities and its suitability for your needs.

A screenshot of the home page for Workmates.
I like how Workmates' home page offers easy access to the latest news and updates.

Workmates: Product Overview

Workmates is an employee management software designed to enhance team collaboration and communication. Its primary users are businesses seeking a centralized platform for employee engagement and productivity. The tool benefits users by streamlining communication and fostering a culture of employee recognition and involvement. It tackles issues like team disconnection and poor communication with features like real-time messaging and recognition programs.


  • Real-Time Communication: Workmates excels in offering real-time messaging capabilities, ensuring instant and effective communication among team members.
  • Employee Recognition: A standout feature is its employee recognition system, which boosts morale and engagement within teams.
  • Management Dashboards: The software provides detailed management dashboards, giving leaders clear insights into team dynamics and performance.


  • Integration Limitations: Compared to other software, Workmates may fall short in its integration with external systems, potentially limiting its utility in diverse tech environments.
  • Learning Curve: New users might find the platform somewhat complex, leading to a steeper learning curve than some more intuitive alternatives.
  • Limited Customization: The customization options in Workmates are not as extensive as in some competitor platforms, which could be a drawback for businesses needing more tailored solutions.

Expert Opinion

In my review, Workmates stands out for its strong focus on real-time communication and employee recognition, crucial for fostering a collaborative and engaged workforce. However, it does have limitations in terms of integration capabilities and customization options, which may hinder its effectiveness in certain business environments. The software excels in small to medium-sized businesses where team connection and recognition are key priorities. Larger organizations or those with complex technical infrastructures might find the tool-less adaptable to their needs. When choosing employee management software, it's important to weigh these factors against the specific requirements of your team and work environment.

Workmates: A Deep Dive

Standout Functionalities

1. Comprehensive Employee Recognition: Workmates sets itself apart with an advanced employee recognition system, which is more comprehensive than typical offerings. This feature significantly boosts morale and engagement.

2. Integrated Social Network: A unique aspect is its built-in social network that enhances company culture and teamwork, promoting more open and effective communication among employees.

3. Real-Time Feedback System: Workmates offers a real-time feedback system that is distinctively interactive, fostering immediate and ongoing dialogue about work performance.

Other Key Features

1. Employee Recognition System: The system is extensive and promotes a positive work environment by acknowledging achievements, making it stand out.

2. Social Networking Capabilities: This feature encourages a collaborative company culture, distinguishing Workmates from more traditional employee management tools.

3. Real-Time Feedback: Provides immediate feedback on job performance, enhancing timely communication and performance management.

4. Time Management Tools: These tools are integrated into the platform, aiding in effective time management and workflow organization.

5. Onboarding Process: Streamlines the onboarding of new hires, making it easier and more efficient, which is especially beneficial for large teams.

6. Performance Tracking: Offers detailed tracking and analysis of employee performance, setting it apart with its depth of insight.

7. Customizable Dashboards: Dashboards can be tailored to specific needs, offering unique insights into the team and individual performance.

8. Project Management Features: Incorporates project management capabilities, aligning team tasks and goals within the platform.

9. Communication Tools: These tools facilitate seamless internal communication, enhancing teamwork and collaboration.

10. Integration with HR Systems: Enables integration with existing HR systems for streamlined management processes.

Product Specifications

Employee RecognitionYes
Social NetworkingYes
Real-Time FeedbackYes
Time ManagementYes
Onboarding ToolsYes
Performance TrackingYes
Customizable DashboardsYes
Project ManagementYes
Communication ToolsYes
HR System IntegrationYes
Mobile AccessibilityYes
Workflow AutomationYes
Reporting ToolsYes
API AccessLimited
Data SecurityYes
Multi-Language SupportNo
Document ManagementYes
Task ManagementYes
Email IntegrationYes
Calendar IntegrationYes
User Access LevelsYes
Attendance TrackingYes
Expense TrackingNo
Employee SchedulingYes

Ease Of Use

One of Workmates’ features is its intuitive interface, making it generally user-friendly, particularly in aspects like communication and recognition. However, the full range of features, especially around performance tracking and reporting, might require a learning period for new users or those less tech-savvy.

Customer Support

Customer support for Workmates is robust, with a range of resources including documentation and webinars. Response times are generally acceptable, though some users may experience delays or desire more personalized assistance in complex scenarios.

Software Integrations

Workmates offers native integrations with key software and tools, enhancing its functionality. While it may not have as extensive a range of integrations as some competitors, it covers essential functionalities. Its API features, though limited, allow for some degree of customization.

Workmates Pricing

The pricing plans for Workmates is available upon request.

Workmates: Best Use Cases

Who would be a good fit for Workmates?

Workmates is ideal for medium to large businesses focusing on enhancing company culture, teamwork, and employee engagement. Its best-suited environments are those that value real-time communication and comprehensive performance management.

Who would be a bad fit for Workmates?

Small businesses or those seeking a more straightforward employee management tool without the need for extensive social networking or in-depth performance analytics might find Workmates too complex. It might also not be the best fit for companies needing extensive custom integrations or operating in very specialized industries.

Workmates FAQs

Here are some answers to frequently asked questions you may have about Workmates:

Is Workmates suitable for a startup environment?

Yes, Workmates can be a good fit for startups, particularly those that value strong company culture and employee engagement. Its social networking and team collaboration features are advantageous in the dynamic startup setting.

Does Workmates include social media-like features?

Yes, Workmates incorporates social media-like features such as a news feed, which enhances internal communication and fosters a sense of community within the organization.

How does Workmates support work-life balance?

Workmates offers time management and performance tracking tools, contributing to better work-life balance by helping manage workloads effectively and ensuring employees are not overburdened.

Can the Workmates platform be customized for a company's specific needs?

Yes, Workmates provides customizable dashboards and features that can be adapted to meet the unique requirements and culture of any company.

Is Workmates easy to use for new employees?

Yes, Workmates is designed with a user-friendly interface, simplifying the onboarding process for new employees and helping them integrate seamlessly into the company’s workflow and culture.

Does Workmates have an Android app?

Yes, Workmates offers an Android app, enabling users to stay connected and engaged with their team and tasks while on the move.

Is the Workmates platform available in multiple languages, including English?

Yes, Workmates is available in English, though its multi-language support may be limited to select languages.

Does Workmates provide tools to track and manage employee performance?

Yes, Workmates includes comprehensive tools for tracking and managing employee performance and facilitating the evaluation and development of team members.

Workmates Company Overview & History

Workmates, a provider of employee management software, primarily caters to medium to large-sized companies looking to enhance internal communication and employee engagement. It operates as a private entity, with ownership details that are not publicly disclosed. The company's headquarters is located in the United States. While there are no specific notable employees or board members publicly recognized, Workmates is known for its team's expertise in developing collaborative workplace solutions. Its mission is focused on improving company culture and fostering a connected, productive workplace. Since its inception, Workmates has marked significant milestones in software development, notably in integrating social networking features into its employee management platform.

Workmates Summary: The Bottom Line

If Workmates doesn’t seem like a great fit, or you want to check out a few more options, you should check out our pick of the best employee management software. Below is a quick overview of a few tools that people often compare with Workmates.

  • BambooHR: Preferred for its user-friendly interface and comprehensive HR functionalities, BambooHR is often chosen by companies looking for an all-in-one HR solution that simplifies employee data management and hiring processes.
  • Gusto: Gusto stands out with its robust payroll and benefits management features, making it a top choice for small to medium-sized businesses seeking an integrated approach to HR, payroll, and benefits administration.
  • Renowned for its customizability and workflow automation, is frequently favored by teams that require a highly adaptable platform to manage various aspects of employee and project management.


In conclusion, Workmates emerges as a strong contender in the employee management software arena, particularly praised for its unique social networking features and comprehensive employee recognition system. While it excels in fostering company culture and internal communication, potential users should consider their specific needs, especially regarding integration capabilities and customization. I recommend consulting additional user reviews and considering the overall rating of Workmates to gain a fuller understanding of it. I also invite current and past users to share their experiences and insights in the comments.

By Galen Low

Galen is a digital project manager with over 10 years of experience shaping and delivering human-centered digital transformation initiatives in government, healthcare, transit, and retail. He is a digital project management nerd, a cultivator of highly collaborative teams, and an impulsive sharer of knowledge. He's also the co-founder of The Digital Project Manager and host of The DPM Podcast.