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What Is Ziflow? Overview & Tour Of Features

What Is Ziflow?

Ziflow is an enterprise-ready creative collaboration and platform for the world’s most demanding agencies and brands. It allows creative teams to upload any media type, make markups and get feedback from many collaborators and clients, manage, track, and compare versions, and get more creative work over the finish line, all in one place.

With over 1,200 file types supported (print, web, video, rich media) and capabilities like automated workflow, version management, and integrations with leading project management solutions, it’s the first choice for creative teams looking for the best review and approval solution.

Who is Ziflow for?

Ziflow is designed for agencies, brands, and creative teams of all sizes. Project managers specially are some of the most ardent users.

Project / Production Managers

With Ziflow, production and marketing project managers empower their teams to accomplish more by shortening feedback cycles, streamlining reviews, and improving the production efficiency of creative projects.

Workflow templates save time and reduce errors for all your teams, content types, or clients. They allow you to automate every stage of review and set stage progression triggers to move reviews forward. Review tracking allows you to see who has received, opened, commented, and made decisions on a proof. Automatic updates and reminders can also be set up to keep your team on track.

Ziflow makes it easy to track review progress from a custom dashboard so you always know who’s doing what next

Creative Teams and Designers

Creative, web, visual, audio, and all other designers can eliminate the headache of endless email chains, scattered feedback, and version confusion allowing them to focus more on the work they love.

Rich discussion threads bring everyone into the same review environment and collaborate with @mentions, file sharing, likes, and more. Designers can mark threads as ‘resolved’ to track what feedback has been addressed. Simplified version management and comparison allow you to track changes and ensure everyone is looking at the latest version.

What challenges does Ziflow help solve?

Break the chains of email – Most creative review processes involve digging through your inbox, messing with attachments, endless back-and-forth, and being unsure which version is the latest. Despite this, 80% of teams still rely on email as their main form of communication for proofing.

Get your team on the same page and save time by centralizing feedback on all your projects. Ziflow makes it easy to view, organize, comment on, and make decisions on comments from all team members. The simple version control also makes sure everyone is looking at the latest design while allowing them to compare it with older ones.

No More Missed Deadlines – Ineffective review and approval processes are responsible for 92% of off track projects. Teams waste hours sorting through feedback and chasing approvals.

Ziflow’s customizable workflows, review tracking, and automated workflows makes sure everyone stays on task to get projects done on time.

Ziflow Features Overview

To get an idea of how Ziflow works, here’s a tour of the main features and how they can help you streamline your review and approval process.

1. Workflow Templates

Reduce project management effort with workflow templates. Workflow templates can automate the entire proof creation and distribution process, in addition to the stages within the proof. This ensures the right team members are always involved and processes are adhered to.

Ziflow Workflow Templates Screenshot

Customizable workflow templates make it easy to keep teams on track.

2. Rich Discussion Threads

Go beyond clunky point-and-click commenting tools. Bring everyone into the same review environment and collaborate in rich discussion threads with @mentions, file sharing, and likes. Mark threads as ‘resolved’ to track what feedback has been addressed.

Teams can collaborate on updates in real-time with Ziflow’s discussion threads.

3. Simplified Version Management

Avoid version confusion and save time by keeping every version together. Create new proof versions in seconds and lock old versions to ensure everyone’s working on the latest one.

Ziflow Simplified Version Management GIF

Ziflow ensures everyone is looking at the latest version.

4. Automatically Compare Versions

With Ziflow’s AutoCompare tool, you can automatically highlight down-to-the-pixel version differences in color, images and text versions so nothing slips through the cracks.

AutoCompare makes it easy to see the changes made in video, image and text files.

5. Advanced Markup Tools

Ziflow has all the markup tools needed to collect and share effective, actionable feedback. The Proof Viewer includes tools for drawing, text annotation, and measurement.

Ziflow recognizes and allows you to select text as well as select another part of a file for comment.

Ziflow Integrations

Connect all your apps with our growing suite of one-click and low-code integrations. Leverage prebuilt workflows or customize your own to eliminate the manual work of keeping your tools in sync.

Some of Ziflow’s most popular integrations are:

  • Adobe Creative Cloud – Manage creative review and approval right from your Adobe creative tools with Ziflow plugins for InDesign, Premiere Pro, Photoshop, After Effects, and Illustrator.
  • Asana – Enrich your Asana projects with your online proofing project status updates.
  • Google Drive – Automate how you share, move and convert files based in Google Drive.
  • Trello – Keep your creative project boards up to date with the most recent changes and decisions.
  • Dropbox – Automate a wide range of creative production tasks by integrating Ziflow with your Dropbox environment.
  • JIRA – Ship new creative projects early and often.
  • Microsoft Teams – Team members everywhere can be kept up to date in real-time on the progress of your proofing projects.
  • – Keep your marketing campaigns and projects moving smoothly.
  • Clarizen One – Make proofing files a seamless process within the context of your Clarizen projects and tasks.
  • Slack – Send rapid-fire updates to team members far and wide based on your Ziflow activities.

Ziflow Pricing

Ziflow offers four basic tiers:

  • Personal: Free - For individuals getting started.
  • Starter: $18/user/month – For teams that manage a wide range of media types.
  • Business: $45/user/month – For companies that need to streamline their review workflows.
  • Enterprise: Customized pricing – For organizations that need enterprise-grade security & workflow automations.

Learn more about pricing and features available at each tier Ziflow.

By Nick Lanspa

Demand Generation Manager at Ziflow.

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