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Toggl Plan Review – Simple Project Management Tool For Agile Teams

Right now, when looking for a project management tool, there are more options than ever before. Hundreds of tools, promising all the features in the world. The reality is, many of these are a pain to figure out and become too time-consuming to use. This is precisely what Toggl Plan avoids by prioritizing ease of use and a beautiful overview.

Toggl Plan provides a simple way to track all your projects, tasks, and teams using timelines and Kanban boards. It gives you the best possible overview of the project roadmaps, who’s working on what, when important milestones are approaching, and more.

Origin Story

Toggl Plan got its foundation in 2011 as an in-house project of the time tracking tool Toggl. The team was sick of planning their tasks in spreadsheets and traditional Gantt charts. They needed a more flexible and less accident-prone solution so the team was convinced they needed to build their own solution. In 2017, the side-hustle planning tool separated as an independent business entity and achieved profitability in its first year.   While Toggl Plan originated from Estonia, a small tech-savvy country in northern Europe, the company has been fully remote for 5 years with its team spread across 10+ countries.

Who Uses Toggl Plan?

Toggl Plan users come from all kinds of different industries and team sizes, thanks to its ease of use, and quick onboarding (even for non-tech-savvy people). That being said, the most common types of users include creative, marketing, development & other tech teams, and agencies. Along with construction companies, and similar businesses that require a simple planning solution.

Toggle Plan Vacation Schedule Screeshot
Toggl Plan can also be used to keep an eye on the team’s vacation schedule.

Accident-Prone Spreadsheets

Many Toggl Plan users have a similar story as the founders of the tool itself– they are sick of spreadsheets. Not everyone is Excel-savvy, making spreadsheets prone to mistakes. They’re also a pain to update and depending on the processes in use, it might require lots of back and forth to make sure everyone has the latest info. Toggl Plan, on the other hand, is easy and intuitive. It doesn’t require knowledge of formulas or conditional formatting and it’s easy to get started with.

Whiteboards Can’t Travel

While whiteboards are handy in the office, they don’t travel well. Just in the past few months, an estimated 16 million U.S. knowledge workers started working remotely due to Covid-19, according to the research conducted by Slack. And even if you’re not a remote company, sometimes people need to work and access information from a client’s meeting or elsewhere. Being an online tool, Toggl Plan always has the latest information available, wherever you are, as long as you have internet access.

When Monday, Asana & Others Get Overwhelming

There’s a reason why Monday and Asana have so many users – they’re good comprehensive tools with tons of features and functionality. But there are also plenty of people who migrate to Toggl Plan from these more cumbersome products.  These people usually feel overwhelmed with the tools and the time required to maintain them. All they really need is a clear list of tasks and a schedule of jobs to be done. Toggl Plan offers just that with a clean interface and a simple drag-and-drop capability. If you need something like which positions itself as a ‘work OS’, then Toggl Plan isn’t right for you. But if your goal is to get a great overview of your work and keep track of projects, then your team (and your wallet) will thank you for choosing Toggl Plan.

Toggl Plan’s Features

Toggl Plan’s key features can best be explained by its three different overviews that provide flexibility in project planning and team management.

Manage Workloads With Team View

Team View puts assigned and scheduled tasks on a timeline, organized by the people in the team. With color-coordination of projects, it provides a clear overview of what every team member is working on and when. Users can also choose to have Done tasks fade on the timeline, making it even easier to track progress and overdue tasks.

Toggle Plan Manage Workloads Screenshot
Get an overview of who is doing what and when with team timelines.

Team View is often used by managers looking to see who is working on what or employees checking their daily assignments. It’s a great place for an overview of who is on vacation, over or under-booked. Teams often use Team View for weekly standup meetings.

Schedule Projects With Plan Timeline

Plan Timeline organizes scheduled project tasks on a timeline. Here, a single project can be broken down and organized by segments. Segments can be used for breaking down a larger project to smaller chunks (Project: rebranding, Segments: new concept, public web, launch campaign) or to distinguish tasks per department (Project: rebranding, Segments: development, product, marketing). Segments can also be neglected altogether.

Toggle Plan Plan Timelines Screenshot
Manage projects efficiently with plan timelines.

The classical use-case of a Plan Timeline is scheduling a project from start to end, making sure tasks are planned in a logical order. It is the best place for checking the roadmap and progress. Similarly, to Team View, done tasks can be faded.

Manage Tasks With Plan Boards

Plan Boards organize project tasks on a familiar Kanban board format where each column combines tasks based on their progress. There are four default statuses/columns – no status, in progress, blocked, and done – but these can be customized.

Toggl Plan Boards Sprint Planning Screenshot
Sprint planning on Toggl Plan boards.

Scrum boards are often loved by developer teams who are accustomed to working on Kanban boards and prefer to list tasks based on priorities, not scheduled dates. It is a great place for sprint planning, todo lists or ideation notes.

Improve Collaboration and Information Flow

Everything you do in Toggl Plan happens around organizing the tasks you enter into the tool. A bunch can be done within a single task, in order to keep key information in one place. In addition to everything mentioned above, there’s also a possibility to add a checklist, attach files and leave comments and mentions under the task. 

Other simple customizations available include project segments, tags, and a basic time tracking option with daily estimates and start/end times.

Toggle Plan Task Popup Screenshot
Collect relevant information in the task popup.

Finally, some other mention-worthy features include:

  • Milestones – key deadlines, such as client delivery date, that can be emphasized across all timelines.
  • Easy sharing – working with an external partner? Share the project schedule with a simple link.
  • Public holidays according to the country your team member is in, visible on Team View.
  • A Chrome extension that makes it easy to add tasks to Toggl Plan from any website you might be currently working in.
  • Dark mode, keyboard shortcuts, drag and drop, and more.
Toggl Plan Chrome Extension Screenshot
Add tasks from other tools with the chrome extension.

One of the biggest updates in progress for Toggl Plan is bringing the mobile app up to date with the myriad of product updates that have taken place in the past year and improving the mobile experience overall.

Toggl Plan’s Pricing

With the pay-per-user system, Toggl Plan’s pricing is clear and simple.

  • There is a free plan for solo users covering basic scheduling needs.
  • For teams or those in need of advanced features the price is $8 per person for annual or $9 for monthly billing. The Team plan unlocks the following features:
    • - Unlimited Team timelines
    • - Unlimited Plan boards
    • - Annual view on timelines
    • - Timeline sharing via link
    • - In-app notifications
    • - Public holidays
    • - Recurring tasks
    • - Assigning tasks to more than one user at a time
    • - File upload up to 100MB
    • - Custom colors for color-coordinating Plans, Milestones and Tasks
    • - Bookmarking favorite projects for easy access
    • - Toggl Track integration
  • For teams in need of extra control over their data and privacy, there’s the Business plan, priced at $13.5 per person for annual or $15 for monthly billing. The Business plan unlocks the following features:

    • - Possibility to add guest users with access to limited Plans and Teams
    • - Data export
    • - SSO (single sign-on) upon request
    • - Priority support

When creating an account, you can choose whether to opt for the free solo option or initiate a 2-week trial for the Team or Business plan. No credit card information is needed and if none is added, the account will simply be downgraded to a free plan after the end of the trial period.

Final words

Toggl Plan is a lightweight, easy to set up and maintain planning tool. It focuses on ease of use and providing the best visual overview of the work to be done, in real-time. Despite the simplicity, it provides enough flexibility to accommodate a variety of working methods from weekly standup meetings to project sprints to road mapping.

Toggl Plan takes the stress out of project planning and people management and helps teams work smarter together. Try it yourself, and see if it’s a good fit for you and your team: sign up now!

By Kati Kuustik

Kati Kuustik is a marketing and analytics specialist at Toggl Plan. She occasionally enjoys sharing her love of the Toggl Plan tool in writing.

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