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In my Ravetree in-depth review, I’m sharing the results of my analysis and evaluation from hands-on testing and experimentation. Before we dive in, if you’re just starting your search for the best project management tools, you should first check out my picks for the best project management software. Ravetree is one of the top-rated project management tools out there, but to figure out if it's a good match for you, it's important to understand the software’s benefits and drawbacks.

My in-depth Ravetree review will take you through everything you need to know to make a more informed decision—pros and cons, features and functionality, pricing, and more—to help you to better understand its capabilities and suitability for your needs.

Ravetree review, a screenshot of its Kanban dashboard
I like how Ravetree's Kanban board, pictured here, showcases the design team's tasks sorted into backlog, in progress, and completed columns.

Ravetree Product Overview

Ravetree is a comprehensive project management tool designed to streamline workflow and resource planning for businesses and organizations. It caters primarily to project-driven companies looking for an integrated solution to manage projects, resources, and clients in one place. The tool offers the advantage of enhanced organization and efficiency, significantly reducing the complexity of managing multiple projects. It addresses key pain points such as disjointed communication, inefficient resource allocation, and lack of real-time project visibility. Among its standout features are robust project planning capabilities, detailed analytics, and strong client management functions.


  • Robust Reporting: Ravetree excels in offering detailed, customizable reports that enable better decision-making and project oversight.
  • Time Tracking: Efficient time tracking features allow for precise monitoring of project hours and resource allocation.
  • Client Portals: The inclusion of client portals facilitates smoother client communication and project transparency.


  • Learning Curve: New users may find the interface and features initially complex, leading to a steeper learning curve.
  • Limited Customization: Compared to some competitors, Ravetree offers less flexibility in terms of interface and workflow customization.
  • Integration Options: While it supports essential integrations, Ravetree lags behind in the variety and depth of third-party integrations available.

Expert Opinion

In my experience with various portfolio management tools, Ravetree presents a strong offering with its comprehensive feature set and robust reporting capabilities. Its ability to provide detailed analytics and effective time tracking stands out, enhancing project management efficiency. However, it's not without its drawbacks. The initial complexity can be a barrier for new users, and its customization options are somewhat limited compared to some competitors.

Additionally, while it offers key integrations, it doesn't quite match the breadth available in other tools. Ravetree shines in environments where detailed project oversight and client engagement are paramount. Its suitability is particularly pronounced for businesses that can navigate the initial learning curve and don't require extensive customization or a wide array of integrations. In comparing and selecting the right tool, it's crucial to weigh these aspects to determine if Ravetree aligns with your specific project management needs.

Ravetree: A Deep Dive

Standout Functionality

Ravetree differentiates itself in the portfolio management tool market with a few unique functionalities:

  1. Agile Methodology Support: Unlike many traditional tools, Ravetree provides robust support for Agile methodologies, including Scrum and Kanban boards. This feature allows for more dynamic and flexible project management, catering to teams that follow Agile practices.
  2. Work Item Requests: This feature enables external stakeholders to submit work requests directly into the system. It streamlines the process of capturing new work and ensures that all requests are centrally managed and tracked.
  3. Integrated CRM: Ravetree stands out with its integrated Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. This integration allows for seamless management of client information and interactions within the same platform used for project management.

Product Specifications

Project PlanningYes
Resource ManagementYes
Time TrackingYes
Budget ManagementYes
Risk ManagementYes
Issue TrackingYes
Collaboration ToolsYes
Agile MethodologiesYes
Scrum SupportYes
Kanban SupportYes
Gantt ChartsYes
Customizable TemplatesYes
Document ManagementYes
Workflow AutomationYes
CRM IntegrationYes
Portfolio ManagementYes
Demand ManagementYes
Project ForecastingYes
Access Controls/PermissionsYes
Data Import/ExportYes
Third-Party IntegrationsYes
Mobile AccessYes
API AccessYes

Ravetree Key Features

  1. Agile Methodology Support: Ravetree's support for Agile practices, including Scrum and Kanban, makes it a strong choice for teams following these methodologies.
  2. Time Tracking: The precise time tracking feature allows for effective monitoring of project hours and budget adherence.
  3. Integrated CRM: With CRM integration, Ravetree enables users to manage client information and interactions alongside project management.
  4. Customizable Reports: The tool offers robust and customizable reporting, crucial for in-depth project analysis and decision-making.
  5. Document Management: Efficient document management within the platform enhances the organization and accessibility of project-related documents.
  6. Workflow Automation: This feature aids in streamlining repetitive tasks and processes, boosting overall productivity.
  7. Resource Management: Ravetree's resource management capabilities ensure optimal allocation and utilization of resources.
  8. Gantt Charts: The availability of Gantt charts aids in visual project planning and tracking.
  9. Portfolio Management: Effective portfolio management allows for a holistic view of all projects and their statuses.
  10. Work Item Requests: The unique work item request feature streamlines the intake of new projects and tasks.

Ease Of Use

Ravetree offers a comprehensive set of features, which, while powerful, can contribute to a steep learning curve for new users. The interface, though well-organized, can be overwhelming due to the sheer number of functionalities available. The onboarding process is crucial in mitigating this complexity, but it requires a significant time investment to become proficient in using the tool.

Customer Support

Ravetree provides a decent level of customer support, including documentation, webinars, and live chat options. However, users might find the response times variable and sometimes longer than desirable. Additionally, while the resources available are informative, they may not always be sufficient for resolving more complex or unique issues.


Ravetree offers essential out-of-the-box integrations with popular software and tools, which enhances its functionality. The availability of an API allows for custom integrations, extending its capabilities further. However, compared to some competitors, the range of native integrations may be somewhat limited.

Ravetree Pricing

Ravetree's pricing structure is extremely flexible. It is primarily based on the number of users and whether you want to be billed yearly, quarterly, or monthly. For example, for one user, the tiers are:

  • Yearly Billing: $29USD per user per month.
  • Quarterly Billing: $34USD per user per month.
  • Monthly Billing: $39USD per user per month.

As you consider Ravetree for your team, be sure to factor in the number of seats you require and how long you plan to use the software when comparing the pricing against your budget.

Regardless of which plan you choose, however, you will receive unlimited projects, and free onboarding, training, and customer support.

Ravetree Use Cases

Who Would Be A Good Fit For Ravetree?

In my assessment, Ravetree is particularly well-suited for:

  • Medium to Large-sized Project-Driven Companies: These businesses benefit from Ravetree's comprehensive project management features, including detailed reporting and resource management, which are key for handling complex projects and teams.
  • Companies Utilizing Agile Methodologies: Given its robust support for Agile practices, Ravetree is ideal for firms that operate with Agile frameworks, such as software development and IT companies.
  • Industries Needing Integrated CRM Solutions: Businesses that require a seamless blend of client management and project management, such as marketing agencies and consulting firms, find Ravetree's integrated CRM feature highly valuable.

Medium to large-sized companies, especially those that require integrated project and client management tools, find Ravetree's robust feature set and Agile methodology support advantageous. The platform is popular among organizations seeking a comprehensive tool for intricate project management.

Who Would Be A Bad Fit For Ravetree?

Conversely, Ravetree might not be the ideal fit for:

  • Small Businesses and Startups: These organizations might find Ravetree's complex feature set and potential learning curve more extensive than necessary for their simpler project management needs.
  • Industries with Specialized Software Requirements: Sectors such as manufacturing or healthcare, which often need highly specialized project management tools, may not find Ravetree's generalist approach suitable.
  • Companies Seeking Extensive Customization and Integrations: Businesses that prioritize a high degree of customization and require a wide array of integrations might find Ravetree's offerings limited in these aspects.

Customers who value simplicity, require specialized software or need extensive customization and integrations are likely to find Ravetree less suitable. It may not meet the needs of smaller businesses or those operating in sectors with very specific project management requirements.

Ravetree FAQs

Here are some answers to frequently asked questions you may have about Ravetree.

Can Ravetree support Agile and Scrum methodologies?

Yes, Ravetree offers robust support for Agile and Scrum methodologies.

Does Ravetree integrate with other software tools?

Ravetree provides essential integrations and an API for custom integrations, though the range is somewhat limited.

Is Ravetree suitable for small teams?

While Ravetree can be used by small teams, it is better suited for medium to large-sized organizations.

Does Ravetree offer a mobile app?

Yes, Ravetree provides mobile access for managing projects on the go.

Are there customizable reporting options in Ravetree?

Yes, Ravetree offers customizable reporting features for detailed project analysis.

How does Ravetree handle client management?

Ravetree integrates CRM functionalities, allowing seamless management of client information alongside projects.

Can external stakeholders submit work requests in Ravetree?

Yes, Ravetree allows external stakeholders to submit work requests directly into the system.

Is there a free trial available for Ravetree?

Typically, Ravetree offers a free trial, but you should check their current offerings for the most accurate information.

Ravetree Company Overview & History

Ravetree is a company that specializes in providing a comprehensive project management tool. It's used by various companies, particularly those in software development, marketing, and consulting. Ravetree is a privately-owned company, with its headquarters located in the United States.

The company's mission is to offer a versatile and robust project management solution that integrates various aspects of project management into a single platform. Since its inception, Ravetree has achieved several milestones, including the development of unique features like integrated CRM and support for Agile methodologies, distinguishing it in the project management software market.

Ravetree Summary: The Bottom Line

In reviewing Ravetree, I find it to be an effective work management solution, uniquely blending agile project management with comprehensive features like expense tracking and streamlined notifications. It stands out in the realm of work management software, especially for project-driven organizations, offering a robust workflow management system that replaces the need for multiple spreadsheets.

Its integration of work and client management, alongside noteworthy features like customizable project templates and an efficient approval process, makes it particularly good for team members needing a cohesive project management platform.

Alternatives to Ravetree

  • Asana: Best for teams looking for a more user-friendly interface and simpler project management functionalities.
  • A great alternative for those who need highly customizable workflows and prefer a more visually oriented tool.
  • Trello: Ideal for smaller teams or projects that require a straightforward, Kanban-style task management system.


In conclusion, Ravetree is a comprehensive project management tool best suited for medium to large-sized organizations, especially those that follow Agile methodologies and require integrated CRM features. Its unique functionalities like work item requests and detailed reporting make it stand out.

However, its complexity might be overwhelming for smaller teams or those new to project management tools. For anyone considering Ravetree, I invite you to share your experiences and perspectives, as your insights can greatly benefit others in making an informed decision.

Galen Low
By Galen Low

Galen is a digital project manager with over 10 years of experience shaping and delivering human-centered digital transformation initiatives in government, healthcare, transit, and retail. He is a digital project management nerd, a cultivator of highly collaborative teams, and an impulsive sharer of knowledge. He's also the co-founder of The Digital Project Manager and host of The DPM Podcast.