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In this review, I’m going to share my analysis and evaluation from my hands-on experience with BigTime. But first, if you’re just beginning your search for the best time tracking tools, check out my picks for the best time tracking software. You probably already know that BigTime is among the most popular time tracking tools out there, but you need to better understand what’s good (and not so good) about it.

This in-depth BigTime review will walk you through the tool's pros and cons, features and functionality, and more to help guide you to better understand its capabilities and its suitability for your needs.

BigTime software review, a screenshot of the tool's feature
I like how BigTime software's schedule view, pictured here, offers enhanced task tracking and deadline coordination.

BigTime Product Overview

BigTime is a cloud-based professional services automation software that offers comprehensive time tracking and project management solutions, primarily targeting management consultants, accounting firms, and engineering companies. Its users benefit from streamlined expense reports, efficient data entry, and enhanced project oversight. The tool addresses pain points such as inaccurate billing, inefficient resource allocation, and complex project tracking.

Key features include customizable invoice templates, custom reporting capabilities, and a user-friendly interface available on multiple platforms including Android, iOS, and Windows. BigTime also allows users to configure workflows and set due dates, ensuring team members stay on track. The software is verified for accuracy and reliability, and it supports users with chat support for any immediate assistance needed.


  • Detailed Reporting: BigTime provides in-depth reporting capabilities, allowing users to generate detailed insights into time spent on projects. This means enhanced visibility into project performance and resource allocation.
  • Customizable Invoicing: The software offers highly customizable invoicing, enabling users to tailor invoices to meet specific client needs. This leads to more professional and client-specific billing processes.
  • User-Friendly Interface: BigTime has a user-friendly interface, making it easier for new users to navigate and use the software efficiently. This results in a shorter learning curve and quicker adoption within teams.


  • Limited Integrations: Compared to some competitors, BigTime offers fewer third-party integrations. This can limit its functionality for users relying on other business tools.
  • Higher Cost: In comparison to other time tracking software, BigTime tends to be on the higher end of the pricing spectrum. This can be a barrier for small businesses or individual contractors.
  • Complex for Small Teams: For smaller teams or projects, BigTime's extensive features can be overwhelming, making it more complex than necessary for simple time tracking needs.

Expert Opinion

In my experience, BigTime stands out in its detailed reporting and customizable invoicing, making it a strong contender in the time tracking software market. However, its higher cost and limited integrations can be drawbacks for some users. The software excels in environments where detailed project management and sophisticated invoicing are required. For large teams or firms needing comprehensive project oversight, BigTime is a robust choice.

However, for small businesses or individuals needing basic time tracking, it might offer more functionality than necessary. When selecting time tracking software, it's essential to weigh these factors, considering your specific needs and the scale of your operations. In comparison to its competitors, BigTime offers a rich set of features but may require a larger investment, both financially and in terms of learning the platform.

BigTime: A Deep Dive

Standout Functionality

  1. DCAA Compliance Support: Unlike many time tracking tools, BigTime is tailored to meet the stringent requirements of DCAA (Defense Contract Audit Agency) compliance. This makes it an ideal choice for firms working on government contracts, ensuring they adhere to specific timekeeping standards.
  2. Customizable Workflow and Approvals: BigTime offers highly customizable workflows and approval processes. Users can tailor these to fit their specific business needs, which is particularly beneficial for larger teams or complex project structures.
  3. In-Depth Resource Allocation and Forecasting: The tool provides advanced features for resource allocation and forecasting. This allows for more precise planning and management of team workloads and project timelines, a level of detail not commonly found in basic time tracking software.

Product Specifications

Manual Time EntryYes
Automated Time TrackingYes
Billable & Non-Billable HoursYes
Expense TrackingYes
Invoice CreationYes
Project BudgetingYes
Mobile AccessYes
Offline Time TrackingNo
API AccessYes
Integration with Other ToolsYes
User Access Levels/PermissionsYes
Real-Time DashboardYes
Timesheet Submission and ApprovalYes
Leave TrackingYes
GPS TrackingNo
Payroll IntegrationYes
Data ExportYes
Customizable InvoicesYes
Multi-Currency SupportYes
Idle Time DetectionNo
Screenshot CaptureNo
Time Per Project ReportingYes
DCAA Compliance FeaturesYes
Resource Allocation and ForecastingYes

BigTime Key Features

  1. Customizable Invoicing: Allows for highly tailored invoicing, ensuring compatibility with various client requirements. This feature stands out due to its flexibility and professionalism.
  2. Detailed Reporting/Analytics: Provides in-depth insights into time and resource management, aiding in better project oversight and decision-making.
  3. DCAA Compliance Features: Ensures adherence to strict government standards, making it unique for firms engaged in government contracts.
  4. Resource Allocation and Forecasting: Offers advanced planning tools, helping manage team workloads effectively, a feature not commonly seen in simpler time tracking tools.
  5. Mobile Access: Ensures time tracking and project management on the go, highlighting its adaptability for remote and field workers.
  6. API Access: Facilitates integration with other systems, enhancing its versatility and usefulness in a broader tech ecosystem.
  7. Expense Tracking: Integrates expense management into the time tracking process, providing a more holistic view of project costs.
  8. Multi-Currency Support: Ideal for global operations, this feature allows transactions in various currencies, catering to international businesses.
  9. Project Budgeting: Helps in tracking and managing project finances effectively, crucial for maintaining profitability.
  10. User Access Levels/Permissions: Offers robust control over data access and user roles, ensuring security and appropriate data handling within the team.

Ease Of Use

Evaluating BigTime, I find its interface user-friendly but with a learning curve due to its comprehensive features. The onboarding process is thorough, but the depth of functionalities might require time for new users to adapt. Navigation is logical, yet the organization within the tool can sometimes feel overwhelming, especially for smaller teams or less complex projects.

Customer Support

BigTime provides quality customer support with various channels including live chat, documentation, and webinars. Response times are generally prompt. However, some users might find the depth of resources overwhelming, and at times, direct support might not be as quick or specific as required.


BigTime offers out-of-the-box integrations with popular accounting software like QuickBooks and other project management tools. These integrations streamline the workflow between time tracking and financial management. They offer an API, allowing for custom integrations, which is a significant advantage for firms needing tailored solutions. Add-ons are available to extend the platform's capabilities, catering to specific business needs.

BigTime Pricing

Pricing upon request.

BigTime: Best Use Cases

Who Would Be A Good Fit For BigTime?

  • Professional Services Firms: Companies like accounting, engineering, IT services, and consulting firms find BigTime particularly useful due to its detailed time tracking and project management features.
  • Firms with Government Contracts: Organizations that work on government projects benefit from BigTime's DCAA compliance features, ensuring they meet specific regulatory requirements.
  • Medium to Large Teams: The software is well-suited for medium to large teams that require comprehensive project management and reporting tools.
  • Global Operations: Businesses operating internationally make good use of BigTime's multi-currency support and its ability to handle complex project billing.
  • Companies Seeking Customizable Workflows: Firms needing tailored invoicing and approval processes find BigTime's customizable features advantageous.

Who Would Be A Bad Fit For BigTime?

  • Small Businesses or Freelancers: Due to its complexity and cost, small businesses and individual freelancers might find BigTime overwhelming for their simple time tracking needs.
  • Teams Needing Basic Time Tracking: Organizations that require only basic time tracking without the need for detailed reporting or project management will likely find BigTime too extensive.
  • Businesses with Limited Budgets: Companies with tight budgets may find BigTime's pricing model and the requirement for a minimum number of seats challenging.
  • Firms Needing Extensive Third-Party Integrations: Companies heavily reliant on a wide range of third-party integrations might find BigTime's limited integration capabilities a drawback.

BigTime Time Tracking FAQs

Here are some answers to frequently asked questions you may have about BigTime.

Is BigTime suitable for small businesses?

BigTime can be used by small businesses, especially those in professional services, but it may offer more features than needed for very small teams or simple projects.

Does BigTime integrate with accounting software?

Yes, BigTime integrates with popular accounting software like QuickBooks, streamlining financial management alongside time tracking.

Can BigTime be accessed on mobile devices?

Yes, BigTime offers a mobile app that allows time tracking and project management on the go, suitable for remote or field workers.

Is BigTime compliant with DCAA regulations?

Yes, BigTime provides features that support DCAA compliance, making it a suitable choice for firms working on government contracts.

Does BigTime offer customizable invoicing?

Yes, one of BigTime’s standout features is its highly customizable invoicing, which allows users to tailor invoices to specific client needs.

What type of customer support does BigTime offer?

BigTime offers various support channels including live chat, email support, documentation, and webinars.

Can BigTime handle multi-currency transactions?

Yes, BigTime supports multi-currency transactions, which is beneficial for businesses operating internationally.

Are there different pricing tiers available for BigTime?

Yes, BigTime offers different pricing tiers, including Express, Pro, and Premier, each offering different levels of features and capabilities.

BigTime Company Overview & History

BigTime Software, Inc., headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, is a leading provider of time tracking and project management solutions, catering primarily to professional service firms in industries such as accounting, engineering, and consulting. As a private company, it focuses on creating software that offers detailed reporting, DCAA compliance, and customizable invoicing, targeting medium to large-sized businesses.

While BigTime keeps its ownership details private, the company is known for its commitment to enhancing productivity and simplifying project management for its clients. Over the years, BigTime has established itself as a key player in the industry by continuously evolving its products to meet the dynamic needs of professional services firms.

BigTime Summary: The Bottom Line

In my assessment, BigTime stands out in the realm of time tracking and project management software, especially for professional services firms. Its unique edge lies in its DCAA compliance support, a feature not commonly found in other similar tools. This makes BigTime an ideal choice for firms handling government contracts, that need to adhere to specific timekeeping standards.

Additionally, the software's capability to offer customizable workflows and approvals sets it apart, providing flexibility for businesses with complex project management needs. Another significant strength is its in-depth resource allocation and forecasting, allowing for more precise project planning and team management.

These features, coupled with its detailed reporting and robust invoicing system, make BigTime a noteworthy option for medium to large-sized businesses seeking comprehensive project management solutions.

Alternatives to BigTime

  • Toggl Track: Often compared with BigTime for its user-friendly interface, Toggl Track is better suited for freelancers and small teams who need a simple, intuitive time tracking solution without the complexity of extensive project management features.
  • Harvest: Harvest is frequently mentioned alongside BigTime for its ease of use and powerful reporting tools. It stands out for businesses that prioritize smooth integration with other productivity tools, making it ideal for teams looking for a more interconnected workflow.
  • Time Doctor: Time Doctor is another alternative, known for its robust employee monitoring features. It is often preferred by companies that require detailed insights into employee productivity and time management, especially in remote working environments.


BigTime is an excellent choice for professional services firms and larger teams, offering unique features like DCAA compliance and customizable invoicing. While ideal for complex project management, smaller teams might find simpler alternatives like Toggl Track, Harvest, or Time Doctor more fitting.

I encourage those considering BigTime to weigh their specific needs against its offerings, and invite anyone with experience using BigTime or its alternatives to share their thoughts in the comments. Your insights could greatly assist others in making their decision.

Galen Low
By Galen Low

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