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20/09/2019 in Topics, Webinars

Workshop: User Story Mapping for Project Managers

We'll start by talking about what user stories are and what sets a great user…
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19/09/2019 in Communication, Leadership & Team Management, Management Styles

5 Management Styles Every PM Should Know

As Digital Project Managers, we aren’t often “people managers”—while we aren’t directly responsible for the…
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17/09/2019 in Dear DPM, DPM Podcast, Videocasts

Video: Issue Management – How to Manage Project Delays

Your deadline has gone whooshing by, and now you’re facing something far more deadly: a…
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17/09/2019 in Tools, Tools Resource Scheduling, Tools Time Tracking, Topics

Want Microsoft Project for Mac? Here Are Your Options

You want Microsoft Project for Mac. I get it. Microsoft Project is one of the…
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12/09/2019 in Tools, Tools Agile, Tools PM

What Is ZenHub? Detailed ZenHub Overview & Explanation Of ZenHub Features

Read on to discover how ZenHub works—what problems it can help you solve and who…
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11/09/2019 in Best Tools, Tools

The Best Digital Asset Management Software in 2019

A list of the best flowchart software and diagramming tools, along with FAQ and an…
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09/09/2019 in PM Methodologies, Topics

9 Of The Most Popular Project Management Methodologies Made Simple

Get an overview of 9 of the most popular project management methodologies and understand how…
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05/09/2019 in General, Topics

How To Stay Organized As A Digital Project Manager

Many project managers know how to stay organized in their physical space (you totally know…
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04/09/2019 in Best Tools, Tools, Tools Planning

Discover The Best Gantt Chart Maker For Your Projects in 2019

This Gantt chart software review answers FAQs about Gantt charts and helps you quickly find…
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04/09/2019 in Agile, How-to Guides, How-to Managing And Controling, Leadership & Team Management, Topics

The Hard Truth About Scalability: What To Know Before Scaling Up

Brace yourself, because I’m about to tell you the hard truth about scalability. We’ll start…
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