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14/06/2019 in Best Tools, Tools, Tools Marketing, Tools PM, Tools Resource Scheduling

Discover The Best Advertising Agency Software of 2019

Learn what to consider to choose the right advertising agency software, read simple summaries of…
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13/06/2019 in Case Studies

Case Study: Switching from Waterfall to Duration & Price Contracts

Executive Summary Switching your contracts from waterfall to duration and price can completely change how…
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12/06/2019 in Leadership & Team Management

130 Top Project Management Influencers of 2019

Here’s a list of the brightest minds and influential thinkers who are shaping the project…
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12/06/2019 in Best Tools, Promoted, Tools, Tools Agile

Quickly Compare The 10 Best Agile Tools For Managing Projects

Agile is everyone’s favorite project management and delivery buzzword, but what agile tools can you…
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10/06/2019 in Dear DPM, DPM Podcast, Leadership & Team Management, Videocasts

Video: How To Motivate An Overworked Team?

Learn ways to approach your team asking to deliver extra work when you know they’re…
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10/06/2019 in Tools, Tools Planning, Tools PM, Tools Resource Scheduling

What Is Hive? Detailed Hive Project Management Tool Overview

What is Hive? Read on to discover how Hive works—what problems it can help you…
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07/06/2019 in Videocasts

Video: New DPM Updates And Highlights: May 2019

Get the scoop on all the latest from The Digital Project Manager in May 2019—new…
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06/06/2019 in How-to Project Initiation

Learn How To Write S.M.A.R.T. Project Objectives (With Examples)

Here’s how the discussion about project objectives starts: Client: I want more leads and better…
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03/06/2019 in Tools, Tools Planning, Tools Resource Scheduling, Tools Time Tracking

VOGSY Software Overview – Powerful PSA and Digital Project Management with G Suite

Digital agencies and shops need greater control over time and expenses, invoicing, pricing, cash flow…
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29/05/2019 in Recorded Webinars, Webinars

Survival Strategies For Freelance Project Managers

Freelance project managers, by now you know that doing freelance PM brings forth a whole…
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