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13/11/2019 in DPM Podcast

DPM Podcast: Onboarding The Right Way (With Sarah Hoban)

Project/program manager & strategy consultant Sarah Hoban discusses how we, as project managers, can onboard…
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07/11/2019 in DPM Podcast

DPM Podcast: How To Get Website Content From Clients (with James Rose from Content Snare)

A must-listen episode for anyone in account or project management who finds themselves stuck in…
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06/11/2019 in Agile, Tools Agile, Videocasts, Videos

Video: Which Agile Project Management Tools Should I Use?

I’d venture to say that all teams working to a form of agile project management…
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05/11/2019 in Risk Management

How Corporate Website Projects Go Wrong: A Cheat Sheet for Project Managers

Every website redesign and rebuild is a new process. For many corporations, creating a new…
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04/11/2019 in Leadership & Team Management, PM Best Practices, PM Hacks & Productivity, Tools, Topics

Digital Agency Growth Secrets From A Digital PM

Our digital agency, Nzime, has been around for decades, and we’ve learned some digital agency…
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04/11/2019 in Topics

Top 10 BPMS (Business Process Management Systems) In 2019

This article will help you quickly compare and evaluate the best business process management systems…
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01/11/2019 in Remote PM, Topics

How-to: Stay sane as a remote project manager

If you work as a remote project manager, this one's for you! Earlier this year,…
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30/10/2019 in Tools

The Best BPM Tools & Process Analysis Tools To Try in 2020

You're asking, "Are there any better alternatives for Microsoft Project out there?" Yes! We've reviewed…
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30/10/2019 in Tools, Tools Planning, Tools PM

What Is Gantter? Overview of Gantter For Google Drive, GSuite and Cloud

What Is Gantter for Google Drive, GSuite and Cloud? Gantter is a Gantt chart based…
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28/10/2019 in Manager jobs, Members Only, Project Manager Jobs, Promoted, Topics, Webinars

Workshop: Get Promoted And Grow In Your Project Manager Career

PM—and especially digital PM—is still a young industry. It's hard to know what to aim…
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