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I so enjoy the DPM Community! I've met great people who are generous with their knowledge. I love their enthusiasm, CJ brightens my day and Galen is such a positive influence. Of any of the communities I've joined I find DPM to be the best curated, most resource rich and well moderated.

Annie MacLeod
Principal at Project Management Gameboard

There are several templates that have been very beneficial. I tweaked them for my own needs, but to have that framework already there for you has been a HUGE benefit to help me speed up and get some smooth processes in place.

Annabeth Wilson
Project Manager at InBound Design Studio

I joined The DPM to access templates and information to improve internal processes, but my favorite part has been the mastermind group. We have coached each other through job changes, life changes, and all sorts of work scenarios. I've been able to connect with folks I may not have met otherwise!

Jessica Rasmussen
Director of Project Management


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