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3 Ways A Work OS Can Make You A PM Superhero

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You know the drill. You’re updating your plans and timelines, and yet you’ve got a nagging blank spot from a team that hasn’t provided a status update. You’re stuck – and can’t move forward until you know what’s happening.

So the phone calls, emails, and sync meetings begin to try to track down the information you need for your own planning. And lest we forget – this is happening across timezones, locations, and cultures.

Once you’ve updated your plans, the process starts again – with a different team.

Such is one of the less exciting aspects of being a project manager. But what if you could eliminate some of that work to help you do your job faster and more accurately?

That’s where a work operating system (work OS) comes in.

A work operating system is a digital workspace for all work, where teams plan, track and deliver projects, processes, and workflows.

And it can supercharge your project management powers.

The Gift Of Gab: Improving Collaborative Communication

It’s no secret – communication is key to project success. But if you’re navigating among chat applications, emails, conference calls, and sync meetings, it’s easy for everyone on the team to lose track of decisions and next steps for specific pieces of your projects.

A work OS, however, helps everyone on the team stay on the same page. It houses communication specifically within the context of a work item. Think of this as communication narrowed to discussing updates and changes within the context of a specific sub-task. Everything is documented, so all team members can easily discuss work items in real-time, see the context of the conversation and understand what decisions have been made – so your team members can remove “what did we decide in our previous meeting?” from their lexicon.

With a work OS, you don’t need lots of channels to get your teams communicating efficiently. The work OS does that for you. It’s as if you, as a Project Manager, suddenly have the ability to make sure that all teams speak the same language – you’ve got the Gift of Gab, in seconds!

X-Ray Vision: Progress Tracking With Complete Data – At A Glance

Status updates are crucial when you’re managing projects. From understanding where a project stands to make sure other pieces of your puzzle aren’t disrupted by delays or advances, understanding project progression is one of the key responsibilities of any project manager.

Often, however, this is incredibly complicated, with each team working with their own tools that are disconnected from other teams.

When you use a Work OS, team members have all the data they need on a board or chart visible to all team members. Team members can upload files and connect the board to other tools they may be using via integrations, so everything is in one place. And a Work OS, therefore, holds all data from all projects and tools in a single platform, so you can make the right decisions for your team.

That makes your job as a project manager easier – just take a quick glance at the board, and understand a project’s progression in seconds. All the data you need to make decisions is centralized in one easily accessible place. No more chasing down status updates. No need for checking 10 different tools or waiting for teams to update you. Think of it like having X-Ray vision for your project at your fingertips!

Walk Through Walls With Project Transparency

As a project manager, you’re working on complex projects, and your teams are running at a fast pace to get their work done. This work is usually done when you’re not in the room – and teams are often working on multiple initiatives separate from each other.

Now imagine you had the ability to see what every team was working on – at all times. It would be like you could walk through walls, offices, and buildings to work with every team. Your teams would also gain this superpower: they’d be able to see what all other team members are working on, in seconds.

Imagine: all teams can see what the others are doing. And in response, they can adjust their own work. If they see one team member is adjusting timelines, workflows or processes, they can adapt rapidly in response. With a Work OS, you can do just that.

Use A Work OS As Your Secret Weapon

Being a project manager often means having a lot of responsibilities at once to make sure that things stay on track. A work OS supercharges you do your job better – by giving you and your teams a digital workspace to collaborate, track progress and stay on the same page together.

Monika Russell

Monika Russell

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