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60 Best Project Management Software in 2022

If you landed here, you’re most likely on the hunt for project management software, and the promise of 60 great options piqued your curiosity so much you just had to look. We know that deciding amongst 60 tools is an impossible mission for any human, but we did the tough work for you so you can get a sense of which one may be the right fit for your needs.

We also have a more in-depth review of the 15 best project management software in 2022 if you’d prefer a narrower field of contenders. And if you don't like reading, here is an interactive tool search for you to tell us what you're looking for. We will give you personalized recommendations, and also connect you directly with the tools to fast track demos and trials.

Of course, if you want to keep scrolling, no one is stopping you! There’s almost certainly a tool for everyone on this list. Good luck, detective 🕵️

Best Project Management Software List

Here’s the list of the best tools that I’ll cover in this article.

Tool Free Option Price

Customizable, cloud-based project management software that has over 400 integrations and enterprise-level security.

14-day free trial

From $9.80/user/month Visit Website

A robust and popular project management platform that can be customized for almost any workflow.

14-day free trial

From $10/user/month Visit Website

Project management and team collaboration software with a velocity tracking tool that's well-suited for agile software development projects.

14-day free trial

From $12/user/month Visit Website
Hub Planner

Powerful project management platform with an advanced resource scheduling tool for organization-wide resource allocation.

30-day free trial

From $7/resource/month (billed annually) Visit Website

European Project Management tool with a drag-and-drop calendar view so you can set task deadlines with ease.

14 days free trial

Free up to 3 users + starts at 33.3 euros/user/month Visit Website

A project management app designed for your team to love and quickly learn. Track your projects, get reports and chat in 'rooms' to align work.

14 days free trial

From $29/user/month Visit Website
Microsoft Project

Most popular project management platform with a licencing option for offline work.

30-day free trial

From $10/user/month Visit Website

Planning, resource scheduling, file proofing, time tracking, and invoicing in one.

Free plan available

From $4.95/user/month Visit Website
ProProfs Project

Platform focused on helping you keep track of your team's tasks and to-do lists, and at a low price point.

15 days free trial

Starts at $2/user/month Visit Website

Free collaboration platform to handle tasks, timelines, and workflows with a mobile app for on the go work.

Not available

Free to use Visit Website

Collaborative modular SaaS platform for project management with diverse products and bundle pricing options.

Not available

Free for 1 user + starts at $9/user/month Visit Website

Project management tool, bug tracker, and version control system all rolled into one.

30 days free trial

From $30/month Visit Website

Work management software for agencies, consultancies, and professional services firms.

14 days free trial

From $28/user/month Visit Website

Kanban-style project collaboration tool that is great for project workflows with defined stages and handled best through cards.

Free plan is available (limited to 10 boards)

From $6/user/month Visit Website

PM software with billing capabilities, a mobile version of the platform, and ulimited tasks, project, and storage in all plans.

14 days free trial

Free version + pro starts at $1.49/user/month Visit Website

Work management software that lets you collaborate on projects, track time, manage expenses and invoice your customers in one place.

Not available

Free version + starts at $11.95/mo (extra users are $7/usr/mo) Visit Website

Task management and team communication in one place to help your team be more productive.

Not available

From $10.99/user/month Visit Website

Award-winning work management software for hybrid teams and with 1000+ integrations to business and project management apps.

30-day trial

From $16/user/month Visit Website
Toggl Plan

Work management platform for creative agencies, consultancies, and implementation small teams.

14 days free trial

From $8/user/month Visit Website

Web-based project management tool for agile teams of all sizes.Scrum and Kanban compatible.

7 days free trial as well as a 30-day refund policy upon purchase

From $96 as a one-time fee for 10 users Visit Website

Scientific research and academia research oriented project management tool in accordance with GLP, CFR21 part 11 etc.

14 days free trial

Available upon request Visit Website

Easy to learn project management software with time, invoicing, and resource management.

14-day free trial

From $6.25/user/month (free up to 3 users) Visit Website

Asana integrated gantt chart software that manages your project timeline and team workload.

7-day free trial available

$5/user/month Visit Website

PM software with proofing capabilities, workflow management, task management, and fixed pricing plans.

14 days free trial

Starts at $45/month Visit Website
Replicon Time Bill

Time tracking software that can help you streamline client billing, resource allocation, workloads, and more.

14 days free trial

Starts at $18/user/month Visit Website

Agile project management and product roadmapping solution built on top of GitHub.

14 days free trial

Free for 1 user + starts at $8.33/user/month Visit Website

Team collaboration software that handles projects, from simple to-do list to running sprints according to scrum methodology.

30 days free trial

Free up to 10 users + starts at $5.99/user/month Visit Website

Project management, time tracking and cost management platform with enterprise capabilities and on-premise installation options.

15 days free trial

Starts at 75 euros/month Visit Website
Hubstaff Tasks

Agile based project management software with weekly sprint planning and management capabilities.

14 days free trial

Free for 1 user + starts at $5.83/user/month Visit Website

Toolkit for projects, teams and company-wide communication. Built with remote teams in mind.

30-day free trial

From $11/user/month (billed annually) Visit Website

German project management software offering automations and Slack & Teams integrations to enhance communication.

14 days free trial + 30 day money back guarantee

From $11.76/user/month Visit Website
Adobe Workfront

Web-based enterprise work management and project management software; part of the Adobe Experience Cloud portfolio.

Not available

Available upon request Visit Website

Project management and agile software development platform with time tracking capabilities.

7 days free trial

Free up to 5 users + starts at $11/user/month Visit Website

Project planning and workflow platform that helps you assign staff, track time or reschedule projects, quote and invoice your clients.

14-day free trial

From $20/user/month Visit Website

French collaboration platform hosted in a SecNumCloud (pending) infrastructure.

14 days free trial

Starts at 4.20 euros/user/month Visit Website

Time tracking and project management platform that analyzes the non-productive hours of your team through real-time monitoring.

7 days free trial

Starts at $5/user/month Visit Website

Project management tool with mobile time tracking functionality and capable of processing invoices.

14-day free trial

From $13.95/user/month Visit Website
Comindware Project

Project planning solution with timeline snapshot so you can track how your project has been changing over time.

Not available

Available upon request Visit Website

Project management software which supports traditional (WBS), Agile and Hybrid project management methodologies.

Not available

Free up to 3 users + starts at $6.50/user/month Visit Website

Agile and Project Portfolio Management software that combines top-down portfolio decision-making with bottom-up project execution.

Not available

Available upon request Visit Website
Office Timeline Online

Microsoft Powerpoint add-in timeline and Gantt chart builder so you can visually impress in your next presentation.

Not available

Free plugin + $99 one year licence Visit Website

Web-based project management app with integrated time management, a new (beta) visual interface, and mobile collaboration capabilities.

Not available

Free up to 3 users + starts at $24/user/month Visit Website
WP Project Manager

Project Management Plugin for WordPress with the capacity to invoice your clients and process payments through premium modules.

Not available

Starts at $79/year Visit Website

Out-of-the-box tool with pre-configured, industry specific business processes.

Not available

Available upon request Visit Website

Time tracking and task management for small teams with a mobile app to work on the go.

30 day free trial

From $2.5/project/month Visit Website

Task management platform designed to turn your to-do list into a clear work plan without effort.

30 days free trial

Starts at $15/month Visit Website

Open source project management software combining classic, agile and hybrid project management in a secure environment.

14 days free trial

Free version + starts at $7.25/user/month Visit Website

Citrix freemium cloud-based project management and collaboration service with 99.99% uptime and a fully exposed front-end API.

Free plan for up to five employees

From $7.20 per user/month Visit Website

Award-winning work management solution with multi-tiered file approval workflows, time, and expense tracking.

7 days free trial

From $29/user/month Visit Website

Enterprise agile program management platform with test, requirements, risk and resource management features, bug tracking and release planning.

Not available

Starts at $56/user/month Visit Website

Project management & Collaboration tool with billable hours tracker to get clarity on your resource allocation & utilization.

14 days free trial

Free up to 3 users + starts at $8/month Visit Website

Collaborative whiteboard platform that enables teams to brainstorm, plan & manage agile workflows.

Free plan

From $8/user/month Visit Website

Hyper customization that will help substitute some of your project management and productivity tools. In their words... one app to replace them all

Free plan available

$9/user/month Visit Website

Collaborative task and project management app with mobile and desktop capabilities

30-day free trial

From $9/user/month Visit Website

Work management software for marketing, agency & professional services teams

Not available

Available upon request Visit Website
Zoho Projects

Low price point pm software with a user friendly interface and mobile version of their tool.

10-day free trial

From $5/user/month Visit Website
Planview Clarizen

Customizable, cloud-based project management software that has over 400 integrations and enterprise-level security.

Free trials and demos are available

Pricing is highly customized and available upon request Visit Website

Project management software that follows the PMBOK guidelines

14 days free trial

Free up to 2 users + starts at $4/user/month Visit Website

Project portfolio management and collaboration solution for teams of all sizes.

30 days free trial

From $22.50/user/month Visit Website

Strategic planning software that has an entirely automated process. From email notifications to report compilation.

Not available

Starts at $70/user/month Visit Website

What were my selection criteria?

What did I look for when I selected the best project management software for this list?

  • Project management tools

    that have task management, Gantt charts, kanban, and list views.
  • Secondary tools

    Tools that help project managers with other activities required in their projects such as workload management, time tracking or resource allocation. These tools, if not a module in a project management platform, are normally integrated with other pm tools.
  • Pricing

    I wanted to include everything and anything. From the tools that have an elevated price and are intended for enterprises, to the free and low-cost tools that may have free plans and a few paid tiers.
  • Outstanding features

    I looked at each tool and tried to capture in a sentence what it’s all about. Hopefully to help you decide on which one would be a good fit for your organization, your team, or your kind of projects.

Project management software main features

  • Task management

    Being able to list tasks, move, edit, and delete them are some of the basic components for organizing your team’s work. Task management is the basic feature in any project management tool.
  • Time tracking

    The ability to keep track of the time spent by your team members in different tasks. This will be important especially for those projects where we need to report to the client the number of hours worked per WBS, or activity so they can match it to our project estimate.
  • Timeline

    A visual representation of the task sequence as it will happen during our project. Usually shown in a Gantt chart.
  • Workflows

    Series of steps required to complete a job. PM software usually has features developed to help with our workflows such as task scheduling, notifications, and automations to make the software do some of the heavy lifting.
  • Proofing

    Feature that allows different team members and sometimes the client to interact with each other. The purpose of proofing is to streamline approvals and move faster through the project.

Not a fan of big project management software lists?

Here are a few of our other lists (10 to 15 tools each) in case you got a little bit overwhelmed or would like to select tools for a specific use case.

Read more about the different use cases of project management software here.

What do you think about this list?

There are so many tools in the market that it’s difficult to keep track of them. This will be an ever-growing list, but make sure you let us know of the tools you use that we should include! The whole point of the DPM is to improve our knowledge through our community.

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By Hermann Fink

Hi! I'm Hermann Fink Fuentes, a technology enthusiast and chronic researcher. I've been in project management for over a decade, both as a technical lead for global corporations like Hewlett Packard, and as an entrepreneur. I'm constantly looking for tools that can help improve productivity, boost efficiency, consume as little budget as possible, and help shorten project completion timelines. Join me as I search for the perfect tool and share some content along the journey!

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